Thursday, 20 February 2014

Another jewelery haul

February 20, 2014 3

Vinatge fashion accesorries- pakistan 

picture taken from her camera

For the past few weeks i have been on a tight budget but  a few days back i got a sale alert from a facebook jewelery store  and all the  deals were so tempting that i couldnt help it, after all who can say no to 50% off on all items so before my brain could process my actions and stop me i was placing an order at the store

i  finalized my order on 15th and recieved my parcel on 18th

this is how it looked like(i just hid the personal info for privacy )

all the stuff was wrapped in a bubble wrap so that the things remained secure and  undamaged

all the things were in good condition they were not rusted or damaged or faulty

my favourite of them were the earrings ofcourse

these peacock earrings are heartbreakingly beautiful. they look right with every dress and compliment my face shape too.the have rhinetone emebebded . a perfect chandelier earrings

price pkr 330

after discout pkr 165

another one i got are the owl studds with blue rhinestone for eyes


fun and sassy 

price pkr 150
after discount 75

a vintage bracelet . this was actualy a tad bit larger for me but then bracelets can be fixed. i have  very thin wrists :(
price 350 pkr
after discount 175 pkr

and lastly a fimo nail stick  shaped like a frog and  a nail tape in emerald green

price pkr 50
after discount pkr 25

price pkr 60
after discount pkr 30

and delivery charges pkr 150

total bill pkr 620

every thing is so affordale. i would recommend you all to go and check her page and as its sale season and she has some really amazing stuff instock

here is the link if you are interested

till next post


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

FA deodrant and antiperspirant

February 19, 2014 0

when it comes to personal hygeine and smelling good deodrants can be your best friends, they mask all the body odor nicely and give a refreshing feel too. THIS ALSO BOOSTS YOUR CONFIDENCE :)

as student i prefer deodrants over body sprays because they last long. the scents are not too over powering  

i  bought two deodrants . now you most certainly might be wondering why did a bought a deodrants which says for men. the thing is i was in such a hurry so i just grbbed it from the shelf and added it to my cart and when i was home unloading all the stuff i just saw the mistake i have made. i asked my brother if he would like to wear it but he said no so i though why not give it a shot :)

about the packaging:

clear glass bottles which have a roll on property and a nice cap. the fluid inside is not sticky. it looks oily in the bottle but one applied to the skin it quickly dries up the company claims that these deodrant will last 48 hours but in my opinion it lasts 6 hours average


 pkr 120 for exotic gargen and 150 pkr for energy zone deodrant

quantity 50 ml


alcohol denat aluminum chlorohydrate, ceteareth 30,cetareth 12, parfum,hydroxyethylcellulose, citronellol, tocoppheryl acetate, limonene, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, citral, benzyl alcohol, linalool, phenoxy ethanol, CL 47005,Cl17200

fa exotic garden deodrant

this name fits it perfectly it has a very nice fruity smell and is quite feminine too.its skin friendly and doesnot leaves a stain on the clothes so its a plus point. the scent stays on for five hours which is pretty good in my opinion. 

fa men deodrant energy zone deodrant

as the name suggests this is good for sporty people or people who engage in lot of exercise etc. its a deodrant and antiperspirant too. this one actually lasts longer than the fa exotic garden deodrant i.e like 7 hours and it does prevents perspiration. this one is a bit stickier and leaves a white stain on the clothes

these deodrant are great for college and can be worn to work too. the bottles are good enough to be carried in your purse or college bag. definately a must have

you might like it

if you dont want to invest too much on deodrant                                                                                    

you want a work friendly scent
a scent which last during college or work time 

i seriously cant find any thing negative except that the energy zone deodrant leaves a stain on dark shirts but the white stain in washable so no worries :)

my rating: 5 out of 5

Thursday, 13 February 2014


February 13, 2014 0

I am not a mascara person because I have super sensitive eyelashes, any attempt of curling or making them appear beautiful results in eyelash fall (if it makes any sense).this  is actually the first mascara which has not harmed my eyelashes in any way or irritate my eyes

PRICE: pkr 450( i got it at a discount so it cost me 425)

SHADE: blackest  black

QUANTITY: 10 ml/.34 oz

What  Maybeline claims about it:

Great big brush plus volume- building formula gives great big lashes
Volume builds with each coat, no clumps no glods
Ophthalmologist tested. Contact lens safe

I got this from D-Watson  Islamabad

PACKAGING: this is the best  part. The packaging is so adorable it’s a very eye catching pink bottle with a pretty green cap. This looks so pretty standing upright on my dresser. so cute

big brush

My thoughts:

I really love this mascara. The formula is not runny but creamy and dries off fast on my eyelashes. it does not has any scent to it and is very black. It makes my eyelashes appear long and gives volume to it(not too much volume). Its perfect for every day look as it does not gives a dramatized look to the lashes. its also easily removable.water proof formulas are such a pain when it comes to remove them from the eyes. I just wash it off with soap and water, but don’t be alarmed because it does not flake off at all. The brush was big(fat) as claimed by Maybelline. I had a little trouble with it in the beginning but if you are good at applying mascara then it won’t be hard for you. The bristles on the brush prevent clumping and separate each lash so they look natural not like spider legs J.

how it looks on my eyelashes

Overall I am quite satisfied with the product and will repurchase it in future
Staying power: I wore this for 8 hours and trust me it was still there (cool right).

You might like it:

If you have sensitive eyes
You want a lengthening mascara
You need a mascara for every day look
You like having makeup products with cute packaging

You might not like it:

If you are looking for a water proof mascara
You are looking for a product which gives lots of volume

there have been a lot of fake maybeline products out there so i posted this pic so that you know you are purchasing the original product

I rate this product :4.5 out of 5

you can purchase this mascara from stores which stock maybeline or here

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Lipstick review ( part 1)

February 01, 2014 4

Medora is one of the most used cosmetic brands in Pakistan. Almost every Pakistani female is familiar with it. It used to rule the makeup shelves when most of the Pakistani female population was unaware of brands like revelon,rimmel, etc
For the past few years Medora has some what become extinct from the makeup counter so when I spotted these in a local cosmetic shop I bought a few colors for my self immediately

PRICE:110 pkr

Packaging: it’s a golden tube with a grey cover and lid. (Not so cheap looking)

Lipsticks are available in various finishes like matte, shimmer, semi matte and I believe frost too they come in various shades too seriously when I looked at the testers I had trouble deciding which shade to pick.they have alight scent which was nt unpleasant in my opinion. these lipsticks come with both a name and a number (a word of advice if you want to buy similar shades like these then tell the sales person the no of the lipstick rather than name because most of them cant read)

Quantity: about 3.9g (it was not written on the package but I compared it with my other lipstick bullet)

Today I am reviewing three of the lipsticks two of them are matte while one  has finely crushed glitter in it



This a very deep berry color suitable for autumn and quite wearable in winter is matte and its texture is smooth. It has no shimmer or glitter particles in it



This is my favourite shade in all three lipsticks it a coraly pink nude lipsticks and gives a very natural color to the lips.i wear this shade to college. If your are a tudent or like nude pink lipsticks this one is just the right shade for you. I think this also wearable for every skin tone, this is also very creamy(my first bullet just broke off because of it). Totally love this shade



This lipstick is brown in color and has finely crushed golden glitter n.the glitter is not gritty. I usually wear this shade on top of another lipstick just to give an extra bling effect to my lips looks amazing on top of red lipstick J

from L-R  glitter 815 , flavour 216 very current 252

These lipsticks can be some times feel drying on the lips so do exfoliate your lips before wearing these.they have excellent pigmentation (all of them) they stayed for like six hours on my lips and after that still left a light stain on my lips. Easily available, very affordable. Have a very vast range of shades to choose from

I will rate these 4.5 out of 5


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