Friday, 19 September 2014

Saeed ghani Mughziat hair oil

September 19, 2014 6

Out of a very long list I hear people complain about every day  from power outages to the new designer collection  is hairfall

Yup I am finally talking about the distress of seeing your beautiful strands on the floor

So  when I went through the same experience I went to see the dermatologist and well she prescribed me some vitamin supplements    etc

But as its not advisable to continue taking vitamin supplements for more than a month I opted for a more desi totka , oil


And here comes the magical discovery of saeed ghani’s mughziat hair oil


Price : 240 Pkr

I purchased mine from saeed ghanis outlet


Quantity : 100 ml


About the product:

It’s a mixture of extracts of various herbs , its red in color and has a fragrance of tulsi herb (basil) or betel leaves (that’s how it smelled like to me)


My thoughts

I have been massaging this on my scalp for about a month so far I can see new hair growing from my scalp as for the hairfall , it hasn’t stopped completely but has decreased a little bit 

I was afraid that this might change my haircolor but it didn’t


The oil is easy to wash out with shampoo in first wash

Leaves your hair soft and shiny. It has actually improved the texture of my hair.

I usually apply oil to my hair for a whole day and wash it

The next day( usually Sundays reserved for this)


I would really recommend this product since its very affordable and made of natural products


You can check it out at Saeed ghani’s outlet in your city or from website here

Monday, 15 September 2014

Joy skin fruits fairness facewash

September 15, 2014 1

I spotted this face wash at the cash and carry and felt the urge to try it I am currently using saeed ghani’s aloe face wash as i like using natural products, my skin reacts quite badly to soap causes breakouts

Lemon is quite popular for its lightening properties also it contains vitamin C  which ensures supple skin

 My skin in actually fair so I really don’t need the fairness effect but I thought this might just reduce the few acne blemishes I have

Quantity: 50 ml

Price: 110  Pkr

Manufactured in India


It’s a squeeze tube just like any other face wash tube, has a clear lid 

My thoughts

a light lemon-y green colored   which has a creamy texture, lathers slightly, has a nice citrus scent I found it very pleasing but disappears after a few minutes,

It’s a very mild face wash suitable to use several times a day. Makes the skin feel tight and reduces oil secretion from the sebaceous gland, it lightened my blemishes to some extent I can say (been using it for three weeks actually) But is not a good cleanser because it didn’t remove my makeup much, the saeed ghani’s face wash however does an excellent job in removing makeup

You might like it:

If you like to wash your face several times as its mild

You like citrus scent

You like a face wash which brightens your skin

You might not like:

If you like face wash which give good lather

it acts as a cleanser too

My ratting:

I rate this product 3.5 out of 5

which facewash do you use? i would like to know :)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Mua lipstick trio in temptress

September 05, 2014 0

Its finally autumn , time to revamp your makeup
So I like to wear more of berry shades in winter and autumn, the color sets with the cold melancholic mood perfectly

Mua lipstick trio in temptress has three perfect shades to rock your autumn and winter

Price: pkr 450
For some reason the company didn’t mention the quantity of the product

This lipstick trio looks very similar to borjouis lipstick trio the packaging is very similar (‘must be a dupe)

 I was a tad bit disappointed with the size of the palette I wasn’t  expecting it to be that small
But once I swatched the product I realized that this palette was going to last me a long time


It’s a round palette and has three round circular pans filled with lipstich, the lid is clear and flimsyit came with an applicator which I don’t use
Prefer to use my index finger for application

About the product:
The lipsticks have a balm like waxy texture which stays on the lips for 6 hours, the wax gives prevents it from transferring on cups, also it wax is water proof so the lipsticks remains in place even if you drink water etc
All three shades are very pigmented and  can be worn as tinted lipbalm for a hint of color  or a heavier application can give a full lipstick effect

It has three colors

Starting clockwise
The first lipstick is a neutral red color. this is my favorite in the trio I just dab a little of it on my lips and voila I am good to go

The second lipstick is a deep berry shade, the color similar to intense kisses lip gloss in pucker up, a very festive color

The third lipstick is a berry red color with gold sparkles in it, this perfect to wear on a  party 

Since this palette leans more to the bulky side so it might not be easy to carry it with you in your clutch

 I rate this product 

4 out of 5

Mua products are available at in Pakistan

you can check it here 

Have you tried the mua lipstick trio? What do you think of it?


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