Friday, 19 September 2014

Saeed ghani Mughziat hair oil

Out of a very long list I hear people complain about every day  from power outages to the new designer collection  is hairfall

Yup I am finally talking about the distress of seeing your beautiful strands on the floor

So  when I went through the same experience I went to see the dermatologist and well she prescribed me some vitamin supplements    etc

But as its not advisable to continue taking vitamin supplements for more than a month I opted for a more desi totka , oil


And here comes the magical discovery of saeed ghani’s mughziat hair oil


Price : 240 Pkr

I purchased mine from saeed ghanis outlet


Quantity : 100 ml


About the product:

It’s a mixture of extracts of various herbs , its red in color and has a fragrance of tulsi herb (basil) or betel leaves (that’s how it smelled like to me)


My thoughts

I have been massaging this on my scalp for about a month so far I can see new hair growing from my scalp as for the hairfall , it hasn’t stopped completely but has decreased a little bit 

I was afraid that this might change my haircolor but it didn’t


The oil is easy to wash out with shampoo in first wash

Leaves your hair soft and shiny. It has actually improved the texture of my hair.

I usually apply oil to my hair for a whole day and wash it

The next day( usually Sundays reserved for this)


I would really recommend this product since its very affordable and made of natural products


You can check it out at Saeed ghani’s outlet in your city or from website here


  1. Lovely review =)
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  2. Nice review. It's great that it's natural products!

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  3. thanks i will visit ur blog too :)

  4. I've been trying this for over a month now, yet to find any significant improvement. I'm glad it worked for you. xx

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams Diary



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