Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Give volume to your hair without hairspray

Due to extensive hair fall my hair look limp and sit flat on my scalp so to make them look thicker and give them more body I tried this simple trick to bring them back to life

You will need

A spray bottle
Hair dryer
Hair gel
And a comb

I usually do this after i get out of shower. I towel dry my hair first to remove maximum moisture

Then I take a small teaspoon and scoop the hair gel out of the jar

Fill the spray  bottle with 2/3rd of glass of water and add the gel in it 

I shake the bottle so that the gel dissolves in the water and then 
I spray this concoction in my hair and comb it
  to distribute the product evenly so that my hair don’t clump 

And then the final step ladies I blow dry my hair 

Viola my hair look shiny, bouncy and appear thicker

Do you try any product to give volume to your hair??