Friday, 27 November 2015

Klenspop circle lens in Review choco brown

November 27, 2015 0

Hello lovelies hows winter going??

Today I am reviewing a pair of very natural circle lens by Review choco in shade brown these lens were sent to me buy klenspop for review. Thank you klenspop for being so generous

The lens came packed in a very secure box carefully bubble wrapped
Klenspop also provided me a tracking code 


Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25,
-0.75, -5.25, -5.75
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

These lens are very cute and look natural on me unfortunately one of the lens had a little tear and I was unsure if I should wear it so i contacted the klenspop and told them about the situation and they were kind enough to send them again  
no online store ever claims responsibility for their damaged products so i was pretty impressed when klenspop were so professional dealing with complain 

these have been my go to lens recently because they are so natural and blend with my eye color perfectly 

if you are a bit shy trying out vibrant lens this is for you, they look super super natural even i couldnt tell the difference .

you can purchase these lens for 15$ at the klenspop website  

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Life update : my makeup inventory and project pan

November 21, 2015 0

Hello so this is my first ever life update post I thought I should share what going on in my life lately
I have decided to join the project pan in the beginning of October this year, I have a lot of makeup products that are just lying in the drawer getting closer to their expiration date so to get the best out of each penny I have spent on these products I decided to use them up
I went through all of my makeup and separated some makeup which I know I wont be using, this  mainly constituted of red and bold lipsticks that my mom wont allow me to wear .I gave  5 lipstick and three lip pencils to the lady who comes to clean the room. Also my little sister was looking at my makeup collection with awe stuck expression so I gave her the deluxe Maybelline pressed powder and a nude lipgloss by makeup revolution
After all that I made a list of my makeup inventory

Face Powder: 3
Lipsticks:  11 +chubby lipsticks: 2, liquid lipstick:  1, lip palette: 1
Blush: 3 powder, 1 cream
Eyeshadow palettes: 3
Lip gloss: 5
Mascara:  3
Eye pencils:  6
Lip pencils: 3
Mono eyeshadow: 2
Concealer: 3
Eye-primer: 1
Face primer: 1
Foundation: 2
Eyeliner: 4
Lip balm: 2

For the project pan I have decided to hit pan on 7 beauty/ skin care products by the end of December

Here are the products I will try to finish 

The first one is the I heart obsession palette in “pure cult” by makeup revolution. Now this palette is a dupe of UD naked 3 palette it has an array of rose toned eyeshadow. I personally feel that this palette is not for everyone as some of the rose mauve-y shades can give more of a bruised appearance to the eye 

My goal is to hit pan on 4 shades on this palette 

Second is a lipgloss by essence I bought this in December last year it has sweet taste and imparts a slight reddish tint on the lips. Its not that moisturizing but I wouldn’t mind reapplying this as it has a sweet brownie scent. The black mark shows that how little of it is left in the tube.
It wont take long to finish this lipgloss

I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase the Baby lips lipbalm by Maybelline because I thought it is stupid to dish out 400 rs for a tinted lipbalm so I saw some DIY tutorials on Pintrest and made myself a tinted lipbalm using red lipstick. you can see how much I loved this because this is almost used up 

  i  have been using concealer  a lot lately i almost finished my becute concealer so i decided to switch to liquid concealer as its easier to blend in winter, i have used about half of it hopefully it will be finished by the end of december

Next is a blush I purchased from a local shop three years ago. it’s a very muted pink color, chalky texture and pigmentation is terrible. I can see the rings of the pan showing up on this blush. I don’t think I will be able to finish this up since I hate this blush, so my goal is to use it till the silver of the pan is visible 

Just to make the project enjoyable I decided to add pro iconic lipstick in looking ahead by makeup revolution (a recent purchase). I use this lipstick everyday so I think I might finish it by end of December.

Lastly I have the freeman Dead Sea minerals mask. I bought it 2 years ago. This mask is perfect for oily skin as it absorbs all the oil and makes the pores clean. I enjoyed using this mask but now, I want to finish it and try a different mask from the range perhaps the charcoal one. I did purchase freeman peel of cucumber mask but sadly it didn’t work out with my oily skin.

That’s all. I will update you guys about the progress soon 

here i have shared an online store from where you can purchase  onlineBeauty & Cosmetics



Friday, 13 November 2015

My nude/ brown lipstick collection

November 13, 2015 4

Its been almost a year and half since I started using makeup, so during my journey I tried out a lot of lipstick experimented with a lot of textures like shimmery, creamy matte etc liked some hated some, and regretted wasting my money on some particularly on a reason that those shades didn’t look good on me

So today I present the brown/nude shade of lipsticks I love (my lips are pigmented so a lip color which looks neutral/nude on me may or may not look same on you )

this is the first nude pink lipstick i purchased its a very muted tea pink color. perfect to be paired with a smokey eye and also worn on day to day basis 

this lipstick is very similar to the medora one the only difference is that this lipstick has more of a creamy texture 

it is a very nude brown lipstick my lips but better color the texture is drying but a bit of lipbalm can fix the problem 

this is also my lips but better color, the texture is very hydrating on the lips only negative thing about this lipstick is the staying time 

a very brown lipstick perfect for fall creamy and hydrating a very recent purchase 

for a more detailed review click on the lipstick names to read more 

so thats all for my collection 

you can shop makeup here 

 Makeup Online Shopping

let me know in the comments if there is any nude lipstick i should try !!!


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