Monday, 28 March 2016

mua blush Bon Bon

March 28, 2016 15

this is going to be the shortest blog post i have ever written, the reason being that i am out of city for a while and i wrote and scheduled my posts in advance, so i wrote what i could in the little time i had and let the pictures do the talking 

i already own a few MUA blushes, Marshmallow being the most favorite out of them all(you can read the review here)

Bon Bon is another matte blush in my makeup collection 

Quantity: 2.4gm

Price: 210 pkr

available at website in pakistan and MUA store online 


rectangular pan with a very flimsy outer lid 

About the product:

matte in texture, very pigmented and a  beautiful orange-y pink color, for some odd reason it looks apricot in the picture

have you tried any blush by MUA??

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

March 19, 2016 11

This post is going to be a little  bit different from what I usually write  so this not  fashion makeup or beauty related

Now if you are 20+ of age, you must have started involving yourself more in kitchen work or might have cooked a dish or too in my case burned them (lol). My cooking instincts and skills still in their dormant stage so its going to take some years for the master chef to shine through

Cooking obviously require cutting chopping basically involvement of a sharp object and this mean sometimes hurting yourself with a knife ( I have been involved in a lot of knife related kitchen injuries)

But with the evolvement of technology a very useful tool/kitchen has been introduced in the market


 a tool which made of plastic , posses stainless blades  that can just cut away all your fruit and vegetables’ in a jiffy and the best part no cuts  or injury
Moreover its has a very space friendly design and has a transparent container which an be used to store away your cut fruits or vegetable. The gadget is easy to clean and has a large choice of blades so you can have your vegetable diced to various sizes and designs, hello homemade fancy salads !!!

It has a tool for mincing, slicing cubing, grating etc altogether 5 extensions which can be used to cut food in 11 different ways amazing right .
You can cut a whole vegetable or a fruit like apple with this tool so it saves time too

Genius Nicer Dicer plus,why I would recommend it !!!


Easy to clean as it has removable parts
Saves time 
Assists to make various dishes and salads
Perfect for everyday kitchen use
Most importantly reduced chances of getting injury due to its safe to use design



This kitchen tool is now available sold by modashop at at just PKR 1250 only and the best part they offer free delivery on purchases of genius nicer dicer plus.

FUNFACT: sells a lot of stuff at very affordable prices from jewelery watches to clothes they have everything covered 

 Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Video

Incase you are still unsure about how the tool can be used or how it looks like
Here is a video for you to know more

Happy shopping
 until next post 


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mua Intenses Kisses Lipgloss in lips are sealed

March 15, 2016 14

i previously owned one of Mua lipgloss from the intense kisses range in the shade pucker up (read review here) but it became all gross and smelled awful so i chucked it out ,

recently when looking up at swatches online i realized how beautiful this color looked so i ordered it immediately

Quantity: 5.1ml

Price 360 pkr




transparent square plastic tube with a doe foot applicator and a glitter kiss on the lid 

about the product:


it has good pigmentation for a lipgloss, the color is a very pretty pink perfect for spring or summer. feels very  hydrating on the lips. it has a faint sweet scent to it but no taste  

i am going to buy a couple of more shades from the range since they the pigmentation is so good for the price 

available at 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Latest Trend in Fashion Jewellery & Watches for Women

March 06, 2016 12

Trends for women’s jewellery and watches has changed dramatically for the year of 2016. Time to pack away all the jewellery and accessories of the last year and make room for new items to take their place. Looking at the all the latest fashion weeks and trends featured in popular magazines it seems like stud earrings are going to be very popular this year so are the thick strapped chunky watches. So update your collection ladies !!!!


For ages women have been adorning themselves with jewellery made out of wood, various precious metals like gold and silver and precious stones and still do now, though gold still remains the favorite most preferred choice of jewellery, due to increased price of gold, ladies have started to buy artificial jewellery as they  are equally beautiful, less pricey and are more creatively designed. 

Women jewellery nowadays are available online at a very affordable price tag, these online stores have a  vast variety of studs, ,bracelets and necklaces for ladies to choose from 

I personally feel that a women outfit is incomplete unless a classic time piece (watch) is added to it. There was a time when the only wrist watches available came in very boring designs and mundane black and brown color but now the design and trends for watches have progressed to a new level of coolness, cute floral straps, chunky and punk designs and cool intricate patterns,not to mention the color choice has become vast too, now you can buy a watch in every color to co-ordinate with your dress or buy one which suits your personality or goes with your mood

Too lazy to walk to the store??? Well now you can buy women watch at the comfort of your home via  online shopping. Most of online stores show very detailed and clear pictures of their watches and the features are explained in detail too so experience is similar to that of shopping from shop only you don’t have to burn your fuel or walk to the store just add your dream watch to the cart and with a click of mouse, the watch is delivered to your address (you have to pay for it obviously, LOL)

Do you shop via online store often???


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