Thursday, 26 May 2016

Latest Ladies Watches Collection 2016

May 26, 2016 2

Salam my dear readers ! how are you guys doing its almost the end of may which means that both the holy month of Ramadan and summer vacations are upon us yay 

i have already planned a bunch of activities for my summer, i am stay at home kind of person my summer to do list includes painting, reading novels and learning Korean language and of course my favorite binge watching Korean drama's, man they are so good cant recommend them enough 

  speaking of vacations reminds me how incredibly fast the time is running one thing that we all are always out of is time and money lol which brings us to the today's topic i.e watches 

Ladies Watches

watches are accessories that speak class and luxury they define a person, their taste in fashion and reflect a part of their personality. gone are the days when they were heavy chunky watches now ladies can choose from a vast selection of designs ranging from bracelet style to bangle shaped watches with pretty floral designs. and the brand range has expanded to from Micheal korrs to Guess and ever popular swiss watch brand rado 

Girls Watches

you dont have to a middle aged aunty, teenage girls have a separate assortment of designs and cool watches  to wear to school or a party, pity i have crossed my teen years, bummer 

beaded strapped watches, barbie/anime themed watches and bright neon watches are some of the types you can choose from .

do you get bored of wearing a same watch everyday or you are like me and like to color co ordinate your accessories with your clothes? well interchangeable watches are the answer to all your fashion dilemma and problems. this watch set some with a variety of straps which can be changed easily to suit your dress . moreover you can also change the bezel, the idea in my opinion is quite innovative 

interested to purchase a new watch. online shopping is an option,  in my opinion MODASHOP has fair amount of designs and colors of watches from which you can choose from 

i hope you find your signature watch 

bye girls 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

klenspop ELLEN 3COLOR GRAY circle lens review

May 24, 2016 3

hello readers how are doing?

i am back with a circle lens review after a really long time, these lens were sent to me klenspop  for the purpose of review
thank you klenspop for being so generous

when i opened my parcel here is how it the contents looked after i removed the very secure layer of bubble wrap

i really love the bright kpop inspired comic art box in which the vials where enclosed so cute and adorable



Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25, -0.75 
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

 the lens are made up of soft hydro gel material so the lens are very gentle on eyes also the diameter of these lens felt very comfortable on the eyes not to big  nor too small just the perfect lenght to make your eyes appear large and beautiful

these are grey circle lens with a diffused black halo ring on the perimeters in the center there is a yellow/gold sun like pattern and specks of black dots  which adds dimension to the eyes so that they dont look flat and dull

the color of the lens showed up quite beautifully on my dark brown  eyes , these lens are definitely not subtle they add a very striking and bright dimension to eyes ,
the best part is that they are perfect to wear both at day and night time

to elaborate my point
here are some pictures in various light settings ;

i tooks these pictures with and without flash in daytime both indoors and outdoors

priced at 18 $ a pair these lens are the perfect choice if you are looking for circle lens to make a statement

you can purchase these lens here
thats all

until next post



Sunday, 22 May 2016

Essence 50's girls reloaded eyeshadow brush

May 22, 2016 3

hello i am back with another review and this time its an eyeshadow brush.  to  be very honest with you guys i usually apply eyeshadow to my eyes with the help of the sponge tip applicator that comes in the palette ( which most of you throw away)

i think sponge applicators are versatile product and most of chinese and korean makeup artists use it
its all about makeup applying skills!! right ??

but i was curious to know if using an eyeshadow brush would change or ease my makeup application ??

so i purchased this brush

its from the Essence 50's GIRLS Reloaded addition. i believe its discontinued now. but dont worry guys essence comes up with very cute line of makeup brush after a few months so you can probably purchase something close to this from a different edition

PRICE: around 390 PKR

it came in a slim zip lock pouch which is to keep your brush safe and clean
the brush is a combination of nude and metallic blue ferrule as you can see also its dual ended

this side of the brush is fluffy and is great for blending out eyeshadow. you cant pack eyeshadow to the lids with this as its not firm but if you are going for a subtle application this is perfect

the bristles are very soft and dont shed at all

the seconf end of the brush is thin and little bit flimsy. honestly in the beginning i didnt knew what to do with this side of the brush but now i use it to apply eyeshadow on my lower lid below the lash line as its thin so reaches the area underneath the lashes well

this brush did not leak color on washing or shed hairs, it didnt changed its shape. the bristles are soft just like they were before washing

i think for the price this brush is good. if your a beginner or  new to makeup i definitely recommend
essence eyeshadow brushed

i hope you  guys enjoyed this post


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

UK Based Brand MissFactor Launches in Pakistan

May 18, 2016 2

[Karachi: 3rd May, 2016]MissFactor,a UK based fashion brand, has recently launched in Pakistan with the opening of its first store in Bukhari Commercial Area inKarachi.

About MissFactor:
MissFactor is a UK basedfashion brand led by two female entrepreneurs Sadaf and Hina. Itintroduces hundreds of styles across women's western wearstraight from Europe (UK, France and Italy).The collection consists of British cuts with an infusion of Italian designs.

MissFactoris a young fashion brand with a blend of British cuts and Italian sensibilities withvarious styles ofwomen’s western wear from Europe. All products are designed and tailored by the team of designers based in UK. Some of its products include dresses, tops, knitwear, coats, trousers and scarves.

“Our collection has always been popular in UK because of its unique style and quality of material.We, at MissFactoraim to bring new and original fashion to our customerswith great designs.” said Ms. SadafFurqan, Co-Founder, MissFactor.

The collection consists of beautiful palette of colors matching the latest trends and designs of the season. Itcovers all the trends and looks one might need. From daily wear to formals and party wear, MissFactorensures that the customers walk away with the perfect outfit according to their occasion.

“We are excited to launch our first store in Pakistan.We pride ourselves on being the perfect store to pick up everything one needs.” added Dr. Hina Tahseen Abbas, Co-Founder, MissFactor

MissFactor’s latest collection is available at its outlet located at Khayaban-e-Bukhari or can be viewed online on their Facebook page.

Best Perfumes All the Time

May 18, 2016 2

Well hello again,

i am back again with another topic to discuss on my blog and this times its perfume i have noticed that i dont write much about fragrances on m y blog so here it an over view and guide to perfumes

lets get started

other than masking body odor, fragrances tell a lot about others mood and personality. they can give a sensual appeal, flirty vibe or a very refreshing and calming effect on the mind

now there is special fragrances for each gender feminine perfumes are floral and fruity while masculine are spicy and musky i am not saying that there is some set in the stone rule for fragrances and perfumes but generally this is how most perfumes are formulated and categorized


i will be very honest with you guys i love wearing perfumes that are designed for men. musky cinnamon scent is a go to fragrance for me. side not a lot of my fathers colognes and perfumes are on my dresser !! BURBERRY?? 

men luckily have a huge variety of perfumes and fragrances to choose from, roller ball perfumes, cologne, body sprays etc they have a very strong long lasting scent  ranging from various spices like cinnamon  to minty citrus-y and musky . particularly of the fact that men are involved in more physically tiring activity hence more sweating and body odor

Best thing about women perfumes is the cute, very thoughtfully designed bottles, have you seen any thing classy and cute as Diasy buy Marc Jacobs? no right !

Women's perfume  scents range from floral, slightly citrus-y , fruity candy like and a hit of spice or herbs they are not as strong as men perfumes, i usually gravitate towards fruity scents when shopping for perfumes 

perfumes smell different on every one. they basically react to your body chemistry and temperature this way some notes in the perfumes are more prominent while some just get suppressed, a cool customized signature scent for everyone

sometimes its very hard to find specific or newly launched in perfumes as it takes a long time to reach Pakistan so the best option for that problem is online shopping, most of the time local shops have over priced perfumes in that case just surf for your desire perfume online at a reasonable  and order away, viola easy as eating cakes , but be warned sometimes you can get conned into buying fake distill water perfumes , so do your research in advance and order away 

what is your signature perfume??

Saturday, 14 May 2016

essence xxxl longlasting lipgloss matte in soft nude

May 14, 2016 3

Essence has been coming up with a lot new interesting makeup products launched recently, the one which intrigued me most was this matte lipgloss
the whole concept is very interesting besides the color range is small yet versatile from nude to bold an innocent dusty pink, a shade to cater every ones individual personality 

Quanity:4.5 ml

Price about 400- 420 PKR

About the packaging 

stabdart plastic lipgloss tube with a long applicator, very secure cap a thin sponge flexible applicator
sorry i dont know if the applicator has a special name to it

My thoughts:

first of all its smells amazing. pretty much all the essence lip products have a candy like scent, this one smells like caramel. its very moisturizing and has a smooth moose like texture not runny or gloopy at all. in the beging the lips look shiny but after about 5-10 minutes they the gloss drys to semi matte finish
the lasting power is pretty disaaponiting. it hardly survives on my lips for 2 hrs. and when eating or drinking it disppears immediately. i dont know if its the same with the rest of the shades or this shade particularly

i would describe this as a nude brown color, very beautiful goes well with the essence lip liner in the shade" in the nude"

this lipstick can sometimes accentuate fine lines and dry spots on the lips so exfoliate before applying it

in terms of staying power its a bummer but when applied on top of a lipliner it does lasts a bit longer
the color is beautiful so i personally though that reapplication through out the day can be over looked

would you like to try this product out ?

Sunday, 8 May 2016

oriflame volume built mascara

May 08, 2016 16

if i ever get stranded on a lonely island and i am allowed to take only one makeup article with me it, without any second thought mascara is going to be might ultimate choice!!! why you ask me?
well i just love fluttery eyelashes and love how just a coat of mascara gives dimension and mysterios look to the eyes

About the brand

Oriflame is an international brand from Sweden their product range includes hair, skin and personal care, color cosmetics, fragrances

i purchased this mascara to try out the brand as i have heard a lot about them and seen a lot of positive reviews, this brand has been available in Pakistan for quite some time do the brand is very reliable 

Quantity : 11ml 

Price : about 350 PKR aprox




its a long purple tube with the details of the product written with pink. the cap secures quite well so no fear of mascara drying up  

it has a regular bristle brush not too fat or too thin

My thoughts:

this mascara is best suited for an everyday look, they dont make your lashes look too glamorous

in terms of volume i didnt noticed much difference on my lashes but it does lengthens up my lashes well
the formula is on the wet side. its not waterproof by any means so if you are looking for a waterproof formula then this is a big no for you. i didnt notice any clumping of my lashes the brush seperates the lashes which is a plus point , no flaking either .

i really like wearing this mascara to college as it gives subtle definition to my eyes without going over board i like to wear natural and light makeup to college. it stay on for long, does not irritate the eyes and the brush size reduces chances of messy application unlike the essence mascara which have fat brushes

 Availability :

available at and  oriflame agents on facebook
for the price i think one should buy this mascara

which mascara do you use for everyday makeup routine???

until next post


Monday, 2 May 2016

life update post no #3

May 02, 2016 7


i am back with another life update post, i love doing these kind of posts, give me a chance to write about something other than makeup reviews

i have been trying my best to keep up with my new year resolutions this year. and one of the resolution was to curb my makeup buying habit, so far i have only bought a mascara but who knows i might go into an online shopping frenzy again

i did placed an order at but this time instead of shopping for makeup and well clothes i bought my self headphones a cute badminton racket mp3 player and a micro SD card to go with it

also i am very happy to announce that i have finally hit pan on my maybelline compact powder after a use of 2 years .i also managed to finish a lipgloss which is a big achievement since  i hate liglosses this one is by makeup revolution and its a pretty cute nude pink color. you can read review here
i have also used half of my makeup revolution lipstick in atomic red, essence sheer and shine lipstick in bff and MUA power pout in rendezvous

i also did a mini haul and purchased these M.A.C rip off brushes from a local cosmetic store
so far they haven't shed and are very soft . funny part i dont have a highlighter to use with my fan brush so next makeup product in my wishlist is definitely a highlighter . any suggestions girls???
i also purchased a midi ring and a flower shaped studs and a beauty blender dupe for 200 rs, super cheap right !!

i got rivaj pore strip on a whim lets see how it performs

here is attempt at making paratha :(
and fried egg for breakfast though i might as well share that with you guys

that's all for now , until next post update



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