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Latest Collection of Men's Winter Fashion

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I up till now believed that men lead a very easy life and had very limited variety of clothes design to choose from. A  tie with dull boring patterns for work, plain shirts and pair of  pants which came in three or four colors, and ofcourse tuxedos for special occasions but I was quite surprised by the results which appeared on my screen when I googled 'men fashion'

I am a little hesitant to tell you all that some of fashion articles were so alien to me.
Since winter is upon us i have decided to share a few fashion pointers  for all those guys who go through my blog and even girls too as some of these clothes are unisex on my opinion and can be worn by both men and women

Varsity jackets or Baseball jackets as many like to call them have been trending lately. These comfy article of clothes can be styled so many ways that its mind boggling.perfect to keep you warm from the wind and cold.

Gone are the days when baseball jackets were adorned by athletes or hipsters now a days it can be worn by both men and women alike of all ages

Many celebrities have been spotted donning a baseball jacket with a pair of sweat pants and sneakers
Baseball jacket price in pakistan is approximately about Pkr 999 at many online stores so go grab one jacket for yourself and look cool and stylish this winter

It wouldn't be wrong to say that hoodies and jackets are sisters in the fashion world, their popularity and design is pretty much same except for the fact that hoodie has a hood attached to it (hence the name) while a jacket does not

I have seen so many cute and cool hoodies at online stores these days that I feel like nothing is going to be more fun than Hoodies Online Shopping. So many colors so many designs , decisions decisions!!!

Levis is one of the pioneer of men fashion they make great jeans,well stitched shirts and of course sweaters. One particular type of sweater which caught my attention is the sleeveless kind. Nothing looks more chic than a bright colored sleeveless sweater over a crisp shirt . Sleeveless sweaters not only provide warmth in winter but also don't hinder the movement of arms and shoulder. Wear them on a slightly cold day over a shirt or wear it under a coat on a super chilly day the choice is yours

Levi's Sleeveless Sweaters are high quality, v necked sweaters which promise to give a classy appearance on every occasion

Always skipped the Full Sleeves T-Shirts at the store because its too hot to wear them in summer? well guess what winter is the best time to shine in those full sleeved t shirts.with just as many options in terms of color design and print as the half sleeved t shirt these are a great option to battle cold and look trendy at the same time

 there is no hard and fast rule that Mens clothes can only be worn by men only . Due to high level of ease and comfort which men apparel promise a lot of women are gravitating towards men's wear take hoodies and baseball jacket for example who hasn't seen Rihanna don them?

too shy to walk to a clothing store? choose online shopping instead. just surf away and find the clothes you like, choose your size add them to your cart and in  a few days receive them safely packed at your doorstep

I will be leaving now so that i can go and nag my brother to buy himself some of cool winter clothes I shared today who knows he might ditch that boring grey sweater he wore last year and purchase a cool baseball jacket or a bright sweater

Thursday, 27 October 2016

mustela Pr review

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Mustela a French skincare brand which caters to the skin care needs of a new born, babies and mommies was recently launched in Pakistan and in now available at elected stores in major cities of pakistan

Mustela Pakistan was kind enough to send my some samples to try and review
Since there isn't any toddler in my house I decided to try the products on my self,my logic if they are good enough for a baby they are good enough for me

 PhysiObebe no rinse Cleansing water

This smells like jasmine which I sweet. I liked the whole concept of cleansing skin without water. I tried to clean of makeup with this on a cotton pad and it did a good Job of removing my foundation and lipstick but not to good at removing mascara

 My skin felt soft and cleansed after using this . Personally I think its more suitable for cleansing skin when you don't want to dry out your skin by using harsh face wash or soap.

Stelatopia cream

Next is the ever popular stelatopia cream. Now I have been familiar with this cream for a long time. It has a very emollient texture and is perfect to treat dry skin. This is so moisturizing. The texture is light in weight and absorbs pretty fast. Does not leave an oily film on the face. The best part its hypoallergic and non scented

Hydra bebe 

This cream is light in weight but smells strongly of jasmine which can be a little over powering at times. In terms of moisturizing its pretty good the only drawback is its strong scent

Creme change vitamin barrier cream 

This cream reminds me sunscreen on first use and on checking its ingredients I did notice zinc oxide as one of its the compound. Zinc is effective in repairing skin, protecting and acting as a barrier. I used this cream as primer under my base and it worked so good with my foundation .

i requested the mustela pakistan to send me the price of their products so i could share it wih you guys !!

 Catalogue :

Cleansing milk : Rs 800

Vitamin barrier : Rs 550 

Dermo cleansing: Rs 1275 

Baby shampoo : Rs 900

Foam shampoo: Rs 950

2 in 1 Hair and Body wash : Rs 900

Gentle soap : Rs 700

Hydrabebe body lotion: Rs 1600

Hydrabebe facial cream : Rs 975

Massage oil: Rs 1150

Stetch marks double action : Rs 2800

Stretch marks intensive action: Rs 2500

Physiobebe cleansing fluid: Rs 975

Mustela cologne: Rs 1500

Mustela sun block sfp 50 : Rs 975

Sunday, 23 October 2016

skin 18 mask Innoface modelling cup pack and Cracare 3 step face mask review

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I am back again reviewing the contents of my second reviewers package sent to me by
Before I begin I want to thank for send me these. Trust me, my mother and I had so much fun trying out these masks  this weekend

Innoface modelling cup pack in peppermint

Quanity : 15g
 I have never tried a modelling cup facemask but I am familiar with peel off mask,
This mask is a diy project kind of thing in which you are supposed to make your own mask by mixing the powder provided with water in a fixed ratio 0f 2:1. this mask converts into a chewy rubbery like texture which peels off easily

I mixed a little amount of water with powder in a saucer and applied it to my cheek only
The first thing I noticed was the smell of peppermint , ah so refreshing

This mask gives a cool tingling sensation which feels so good
I waited a few minutes for the mask to dry and then peeled it off
unlike the freeman peel off mask this didnt peel of tiny hair from my face so whole procedure was pain free

My skin felt soft after the whole procedure. didnt experience any irritation on the skin
Personally I feel that this mask has powder enough to be used two times

Cracare 3 step anti aging collagen lifting mask 

I gave this to my mother to try out since its more appropriate for her skin and age . This is a three step skin mask its has an anti aging ampoule , a sheet mask and  anti aging night cream

Firstly let me just say that how amazing and sweet does this mask smells, its part floral part herbs

Step1: Anti aging ampoule contained enough product to cover the face complete. The ampoule absorbed instantaneously, its very light in weight and did not leave a greesy film on the skin
My mother really liked the way it made her dry skin so soft and smooth

Step2: Is a sheet mask this had a lot of product in it which was dripping so my mother applied the excess product to her neck

She left the mask on her face for 30 mins and them removed the mask and gave her face a mini massage
She really like how hydrated and supple her skin was after using the mask

Step3: Anti aging night cream
My mother applied to her face before going to bed and was happy to notice that this cream completely absorbed into her skin so didn't had to worry about the cream transferring on to her pillow case

My mother woke up with very soft and bright looking skin, this mask has amazing scent part floral part herbal the scent is really soothing so altogether it was a very luxurious experience for my mother

i am truly impressed by these two masks and plan to stock up the cracare masks for my mother on this Christmas / new year sale

korean skin care is truly amazing

you can purchase these masks at

reviews of other mask coming up  soon on blog  

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Latest in Beauty Tools in Pakistan

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Binge watching YouTube beauty videos is exactly how most of my weekend is spent
I love to see all the latest makeup trends, haul videos and makeup/beauty hacks but one thing which is most disappointing is that most of cool gadgets and beauty tools featured in youtube video are hardly available in Pakistan! What a bummer

But lately while surfing internet I came a across a lot of beauty tools available in Pakistan so today I will sharing my list of latest beauty tools available in Pakistan

Hair Straightener Brush in Pakistan

 this is probably one of the most hyped about beauty tool, I remember how it made headlines across beauty/ hair blogs when it was first launched,every one wanted to own one because It looked a like a dream brush which was multitasking and made  hair look gorgeous

Well the good news is that. This styling too is available in Pakistan at a very affordable price
It comes with the feature of combing hair,give a relaxing  scalp massage and straighten out the tresses in a few minutes

Kemei Hair Removal Shaver KM-280R

Now I don't support a beard or a mustache so I cant really elaborate much on hair shaving process but if waxing your hair every week or so is too much of a painful process for you than this rechargeable electric shaver is for you . kemei hair removal shaver is the handiest thing available in Pakistan when it comes to electric shavers, sleek built design, easy to handle and removes hair to perfection

Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Set

Now I do love to drop in at a beauty salon to pamper my skin and enjoy some 'me' time while my skin is cleansed and taken care off but its not that often, so for those non beauty salon days touch beauty electrical facial cleanser is the perfect solution

With easy to use instruction this beauty tool is perfect to use everyday/ it has a vast array of different heads with brushes and sponges which can be changed to suit your skin
From heavy exfoliation to mild cleansing or a facial massage this beauty tool can help you achieve that beautiful clear and glowy skin that you see in tv commercials

Touch Beauty Electric Manicure Set

Hand and feet and the part of the body which get neglected most,  my hands are most of the time dry  with unevenly cut nails, not a pretty sight I must admit. This touch beauty electric manicure  is a very intriguing tool it can give a beauty salon like manicure within few minutes, safe and easy to use this can help you achieve the most coveted  beautiful shaped nails in no time

No need to worry about catching cellulitis or fungal infection,Just invite your friends over for a fun sleep over and treat them to a beautiful manicure or pedicure

That concludes my list of latest beauty tools available in Pakistan I hope you enjoyed reading my post

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Essence Dip Eyeliner

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i dont wear eyeliner on day to day  basis i sometimes use a brown pencil to add dimension to my eyes but on special occasion i do like to wear a winged eyeliner.

essence makes some great eyeliners, this one is a new launch its called the dip eyeliner ,and it has felt tip for an applicator which is so much better than a brush in my opinion

Price : 390 Pkr

Quantity : 4ml

Packaging : 

small cute tube with a gray cap and a felt tip applicator which is non scratchy and easy to use.

About the product:

 its a quick drying liquid eyeliner  which drys to a some what matte finish , the felt tip is very gentle on the eyelids does not scratch or drag the eyelids , lts very pigmented and can also be applied over glitter or metallic eye shadow easily 

the bottle has a rubber stopper which prevents the  eyeliner from drying which a plus point because my mascara and eyeliner tend to dry way earlier than their expiry date

the only problem with this eyeliner is that its hard to dry a thin line with the felt tip.

this formula does not flakes off or smudges thought out the day and its  very easy to remove , just soap and water would do the job perfectly

overall i really like this formula and once i run out of this i am going to repurchase

Thursday, 6 October 2016

skin 18 reviewer package : an overview

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today i am sharing a quick review on products i received in my mail  by skin 18  an online skincare store which sells genuine korean skincare  products at very affordable prices .the shipping is very secure and quick and the customer care service is very good too

my parcel came a little squished but nothing was damaged inside thankfully, they double wrapped all the masks in a box so all the masks were safe

inside the box i received 7  products in total , which constituted of an assortment of facemask, modelling cup maks and nose strips

they even sent a thank you note for the freebies :)

these are the masks i received 

 Luke Essence Mask hyaluron

 Cracare 3 step Mask anti aging

 Mirum Fresh Fruit Real Nature Mask green tea

  Inoface Modeling cup mask in peppermint 

  Luke Eye Patch for wrinkle

  Luke Nose Patch mugwort

  PUREDERM Wash Off Mask in grapes

thats all 

i will be sharing a very detailed post  and my experience regarding all these masks  very soon so tuned for that 

until next  post  


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Winter wardrobe essentials

October 02, 2016 1

I am glad winter is almost here , now I don’t have to worry about makeup melting off my face or those sneaky mosquitoes  lurking in the park when I go for a walk. I have decided to compile a few essentials for winter wardrobe so that when the season is on full swing, you girls are prepared to face the biting cold
Winter clothes tend to make a person look a bit lumpy but here are some item of clothes that can keep you warm and still may you look fashionable at the same time

Who says hoodies are only for “Y” chromosome??  I know they can give somewhat boyish appearance but if paired with the right accessories you can add the touch of femininity to these comfy clothes. 

Wear hoodies on a lazy weekend or to college, going out to the market just throw these on with a pair of jeans and you are good to go 

hoodies these days come with and without zipper so pick the one which is more convenient .Just mix and match different color hoodies with a plain top and skinny jeans to change up your look,

a lot of online shops like have very comfy and good quality hoodies having very affordable prices so if you are on a budget do check their website out  

i am certain each and everyone of you girl own at least on shrug because they are one of the wardrobe staples,  shrugs are one the versatile items of clothes that can be worn over a t shirt, sleeveless top and even shalwar kameez. they come in three designs namely  tie of shrugs which can be tied into a knot, the shawl shrugs which can be wrapped around the torso for the warm and comfy feel and the cropped shrugs which are worn open 

shrugs these days can be found having various texture which can be worn all year round ranging from silk to cotton, for winters choose one having fleece or knit wool texture to keep you both stylish and warm in winters has beautiful shrugs for women at very good prices which don't break the bank and keep you looking trendy too

winters apparel is incomplete without  coats, layer these over your dress, top or desi outfit to keep the cold away, when choosing a coat pay special attention on the fitting because a  coat which large for your size can break up your whole look and wearing a coat that short for for your body can put strain on your shoulder and hinder your activity 

chose a coat with large buttons for the brazen look or pick one which has a checkered pattern or a cute collar . just pick a coat which suits your style and make a fashion statement 

this winter coat at has a design which flatters all body shapes

 for those of you who feel more comfortable wearing western apparel Full sleeved t-shirts are a essential for winter , you obviously dont want your arm to fall off from frostbite wearing half sleeve T-shirts. ha just kidding . during winter i usually snuggle in a warm quilt wearing t shirt and watch my favorite t.v show . nothing feels more good that a pair of sweat pants and a full sleeved t shirt with a warm cup of malt drink and a latest magazine.

t shirts have a lot of choice to pick from from; interesting drawings, cute doodles, your favorite cartoon or season  or a plain mono chrome t shirt. besides when on a budget these are not overly expensive 

i do most of my beauty and fashion shopping online as this is a very convenient method for me. there is a lot of variety on online shops . moreover i can scroll away to to my hearts content. the whole process is  hassle free . i don't have to worry about time and i can search for ideas online to pair up my clothing's so that i get good use of what i purchase, lets be real girls we all have a lot of clothes in our wardrobe which have been catching dust for years because we either dont like the design or dont know how to pair them up . 

you can shop Winter clothes online at they have a very huge catalogue having very affordable price tags

until next post 

au revoir 


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