Monday, 27 February 2017

Pakistani Summer Lawn Fever 2017

February 27, 2017 1

While some of you might still be holding on to the  sweaters and blankets pretending that you can  feel the winters cold breath  freezing your very core,the truth is that flowers are finally waking up after a long sleep and as soon as springs makes a customary hasty appearance  summer is going to follow up soon.

With summer comes mangoes(yellow and juicy) and bulk load of lawn collections. Floral,geometrical, digital you name it, they have it.Pakistani fashion Designers are already prepping up with their lawn collections and soon there is going to a huge mess of lawn collections all thrown in at the same time,  I will try to channel your thoughts and give you an insight on a couple of brands having an impressive  portfolio and a promising catalogue of lawn dresses. 

Sana Safinaz Lawn

Conceived  by Sana and safinaz the two gorgeous geniuses working behind this brand to give out stellar lawn collections each year. Apart from specializing in bridal wear and formal dresses Sana Safinaz are also well known for their seasonal lawn collections. Their collections mostly constitutes of a fusion of muted and bright colors which are feminine and suitable for college girls and working women.

Khaadi Lawn

Popular for promoting heritage and culture through textile khaadi lawn showcases folk culture by infusing them in their lawn collection.  The prints are inspired by folk art and have garnered attention of both young and old.they have also introduced pre stitched ready to wear dresses to reduce the hassle of selecting various fabrics and design for a dress. Your heart must be thanking khaadi for taking off the big load of stress that we all get from our tailors.

Junaid Jamshed Lawn

After the tragic death of Junaid Jamshed, J .(dot) has become even more popular among the masses. This year the lawn collection is spectacular as always. The beautiful color play and contrast of chiffon dupattas paired  with the lawn dresses is what makes this brand stand out from the rest. This year they have upped their lawn collection by adding buttons,laces and different motifs as embellishments. The collection is carefully designed for the women of all ages. There is a color and design for every age group. Also they are priced relatively more economically than many other mainstream pakistani fashion brands.

Though lawn  has been a fabric of choice for both poor and elites for around 100 years or more. it has become quite fashionable in Pakistan for the last 7 years. Blame the crazy hot weather or the savvy fashion designers for this. Ours is a cut throat society so to survive the race one has to come up with new and resplendent designs every year. Also keeping in mind that about more of than half of the population is a victim  of inflation, its not flexible for every onto to afford over priced, designer lawn collection. some online shops have very beautiful  LAWN COLLECTION 2017  at very affordable prices. lets hope that lawn this year is a treat for the eyes, flattering on the body and less heavy on the pockets.i really recommend checking out online stores for easy and quick access to the Lawn collection.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Freeman Facial Clay Mask Avacado and Oatmeal

February 25, 2017 0

Mud/clay masks are a must have when you have oily skin. I used my Freeman dead sea mineral mask to an extent that I began to hate the very sight of it.  Though I have the charcoal and black sugar mask in my wish list I bought this one because the store was out of stock of charcoal mask


 Big squeezable plastic tube which has a lot of product
 the cap is secure and has a medium sized opening to get the product out.

About the product. This has such a nice scent. It so soothing. This mask has a faint mint green color . I usually apply this to my face with my fingers and then wait for it to dry completely. In winters it takes about 30-40 minutes to dry down while in summers it takes about 20-25 minutes. Once its completely dry and my face feels stiff I wash this mask off with water. This avocado and oatmeal mask comes off easily without much effort.

Afterwards I pat my skin dry. What I have noticed after using this mask is that it makes my skin slightly brighter and matte. I controls oil production on my face. Also makes the pores on my nose and cheek a little bit less noticeable. It also makes my pimple to dry up and that way they heal faster and don't leave a scar.
I use this mask twice a week in summer and once every 15 days in winter . This mask is best suited for people having oily or combination skin

Friday, 17 February 2017

Artimatic false eyelashes

February 17, 2017 2

Hello lovelies if I am ever asked a question that which part of my face I like the best it has to be eyelashes without a doubt. I just love thick luscious lashes, but sometimes due to over- curling or applying water proof mascara can result in damage of eyelashes ( they start falling out) . false lashes are the best solution when you need a little more oomph or glamour to your eye

Choosing eyelashes can be a task. You would be very surprised to hear that each eyelashes is meant for a certain type of eye shape. I actually learned this truth the hard way (bought a very thick pair of lashes which made my eyes look so small)

Its hard to come by a good pair of false eyelashes when you are on a budget. Luckily I managed to find these Artmatic eyelashes at a local cosmetic shop and they are the Bomb. They are housed in a cardboard box and attached to a pink plastic, these eyes lase s retail somewhat between the price tag of Pkr 70- 100

They apply well to the eyes. the band is not to thick. The hair blends well with the real eyelashes. moreover they can worn several times each. I even washed these false eyelashes and wore them again and they looked just like they did when I first bought them

I have seen them in a lot of design I choose these two pair on which looks like wispies and the other which has a mixture of short and long synthetic hair

I apply these lashes onto my eyes with the artimatic eyelash glue which in my opinion is not bad. I haven’t tried any other eyelash glue brand so can’t compare but my false lashes did held on for 5 hrs. until I removed them myself, to cover up the lash band I use a black liquid eyeliner on top to blend the lashes

Lastly a little advice on choosing false lashes. In my opinion corner eyelashes look good on everyone, you can just cut up a regular pair of false eyelashes and use them as corner eyelashes. They do help to make your eyes appear larger and more lifted/feline like
For a natural every day wear or if you are first starting out with eyelashes a blend of short and long hair eyelashes is a good choice

So that’s all for my today's post let me know what would you guys like to see me review next ?

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why you shouldn't buy the hyped up Silli-sponge or is it the silly sponge?

February 12, 2017 0

Lets be honest most of the us girls and women use the one dollar sponge that come in a compact or in a pack of two to apply foundation,  I still remember the horrible latex smells of the first makeup sponge that I purchased. Yucky

Apart from the strong smell that these sponges emit. These sponge drink up a lot of foundation i.e they absorb a lot of foundation so a lot of product goes to waste
I know beauty blender claims to absorb less foundation but steep price tag cannot be ignored
To solve this solution many cosmetic companies introduced foundation brushes to minimize the wastage.

People have different skin types and skin texture so not all makeup tool gives the desired effect on every individual.  Some makeup artists use stippling brush for foundation application while other use buffing brush for the flawless finish

While buffing brushes absorb less foundation they can be a little too harsh on dry and sensitive skin as the buffing motion can result in mild exfoliation and irritation

An array of stupid( read: Life threatening) and extremely bizarre ways have been trending on the Instagram lately where many makeup artist have been showcasing some really weird ways to contour, apply foundation etc a makeup brand recently jumped on the crazy bandwagon and came up with these unique makeup sponges called silli sponge (read:silly sponge) made out of silicone

Now the idea and concept is laudable but from what I have seen and observed this sponge does not applies the foundation like other makeup tools it just slathers on a thick layer on to the skin ( I bet you can achieve the same result by using a latex glove) besides I have seen the makeup artists to alternate between  a brush and Sponge to buff the foundation which totally kills the point of using silli sponge. Why not use a buffing brush or beauty blender from the start so that you don't have to switch to various tools .

In my opinion it would be best to resist the hype and save those bucks to treat your self to a new shirt,lipstick or a meal

Disclaimer: All the pictures in this blog  post are taken from Google images. credit goes to their respective owners 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

ST.Ives Blachead Clearing Green Tea scrub

February 07, 2017 0

Ever since I have started using makeup I have been quite afraid to try out a scrub firstly because the sinister looking scrub particles scared me to death and secondly I though my skin was fine without it. Now I have oily/combination skin  but since last year it has-been acting all weird. I have been experiencing a lot flaky spots around my nose and chin.

A colleague of mine suggested scrubbing my face once a week but I just brushed off her advice until recently I tried out a DIY green tea face scrub at home and that's exactly when I realized what I have been missing in my skincare routine. Now this scrub is very pocket friendly and natural but honestly very messy. Every time I Scrubbed my face I was left with tea stains on my sink/wash basin. Being the ever lazy person that I am I decided to look for an alternative and to my outmost delight I found one that is affordable


Price:340 pkr


This scrub is housed in a matte squeezable tube. There is a transparent cap on one end which is secure so fear of spillage while traveling

My thoughts: 

 This scrub by St ives is light green scrub which has a very fresh and clean fragrance (it definitely does not smells like tea). There are very small round granules for exfoliation. Little amount of the scrub is needed for the whole face. It  gently cleanses the skin as well as exfoliates it.

This product claims to clear up blackheads but so far I haven't witnessed any progress clear up my blackheads. My skin feels dry and stretched after using this but a little moisturizer on top restores the moisture back into the skin

This is a good product price wise as well as performance wise. Moreover it has generous amount of product which is going to last a very long time. In comparison to sugar and walnut shells scrub this is very gentle plus the salicylic acid in this scrub is perfect for acne prone skin
I would suggest you all to give this scrub a shot

Monday, 6 February 2017

PSL 2017 Second Edition

February 06, 2017 0

Salam to all,
 most of the time  when it comes to politics , fashion social and moral values we hold our own opinion superior than someone else, which results in a heated conversation , a fight and ends with hurt sentiments.but  nothing connects the Pakistani's better than a  cup of chai, and a  cricket match ( preferably between India and Pakistan ).

 Its cricket season already and many of you might have taped the scheduled the of the PSL 2017 to your wall already if you haven't then your brother might have trust me. for those of you who have been under the the rock all this time and don't know what PSL stands for. here is the quick breakdown PSL stands for "Pakistan Super league" a professional T20 cricket league constituting of  5 teams established by the PCB (Pakistan cricket board).

The PSL 2 will kick start on February the 9 this year , total 24 matches palyed over a pan of 21 days with the final match on the 7th of March 2017. each match will take place in the  double round robin format  so each team will get a chance to play 8 matches .

the tournament took place in United Arab Emirates last year and will be held again at the same venue.

 the teams playing in this tournament are the same as they were last year representing the five major cities of Pakistan. four representing the provinces and one representing  the capital city Islamabad  

the teams are as follow 
Islamabad United
Karachi Kings
Lahore Qalandars
Peshawar Zalmi
Quetta Gladiators
2016 PSL concluded with Islamabad United winning the match by 6 wickets. 

  now on to a brief description of each team 

Islamabad united  

this is an Islamabad based cricket team lead by our very own Pakistani  batsman Misbah ul haq and coached by Australian player Dean Jones.   Leonine Global Investments owns the right to this team 

the teams logo is that of a lion hued in the shade of red orange and light brown. although the team started of with a terrible performance they made a quick come back and managed to win the tournament  last year. this year the teams retained 17 of its last year players and added three new faces to complete the squad of 20 men 

show your support to the team by purchasing the Islamabad United PSL Team T-Shirt

Karachi Kings 

representing the provincial capital of sindh. Karachi king has a logo of a lion too which the words Karachi kinds emblazoned below it. the team supports a jersey of blue and gold. Kumar Sangakkara is the captain of the team while its coached under the guidance of  Azhar mehmood. ARY Digital own the legal rights of this team 

you can purchase the Karachi Kings PSL Team T-Shirt online now at a price tag of 599 pkr only 

Lahore Qalandars:

 highlighting the sufi culture of lahore. this team is captained by  Brendon McCullum and coached by Paddy Upton. this is the 2nd most expensive team owned by an international company "Qatar lubricants "

the logo selected for lahore Qalandars is very unique it features a whirling sufi, three stumps and a cricket ball. red and black are  the jersey colors for the team.

Rooting for the lahori team ? buy the Lahore Qalandars PSL Team T-Shirt so you can wear it during the match.

Peshawar Zalmi

ah the team who had everyones hopes up from the very start. Peshawar zalimi current captain is Darren sammy and its coached by Pakistani cricket player Mohammad Akram. team is owned by Haier Pakistan 

the teams logo and name has a very interesting background, you see "zalmi" is a pashto word meaning youth. the logo has a traditional peshawari turban and three stumps for a logo , while the jerseys for this team are in the color of a very bright and cheerful yellow paired with blue.

hyped up for the upcoming T20 match buy the Peshawar Zalmi PSL Team T-Shirt before they run out of stock 

Quetta Gladiators

 the whole franchise is complete by addition of the fifth team Quetta Gladiators representing the province of Balochistan. Coached by Pakistani crickter moin khan and captained by the very popular Sarfraz ahmad this team is owned by Omar associates 

keeping up with tribal warlord spirit, Galea an acient roman war helmet worn by gladiators is the logo of the team , i really liked how two bats are positioned in the logo to resemble swords. the team supports purple and gold both colors of royalty.

  Quetta Gladiators PSL Team T-Shirt are available online for purchase order now 

 since i am from Islamabad i will be supporting my own city . so i know which particular T-shirt out of all   PSL Team T-Shirts 2017 should i own. 
which team will you guys be supporting and most importantly who do you think will win this time around let me know in the comments section below. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Essence Bloggers Beauty Secret

February 05, 2017 0

Essence recently launched the new Trend edition in Pakistan called Bloggers Beauty Secret
and i am over the moon because all the palettes are drool worthy
the launching event took place in Lahore as i am from Islamabad i wasn't invited to the event. Ah the Lucky Lahori bloggers (sighs). A lot of makeup brands have been Collaborating with You-tubers and Vloggers and Bloggers around the world recently and lots of interesting limited editions of makeup products have been launched which have been bestsellers no doubt , I am eyeing the ColorPop cosmetics and Becca cosmetics right now.

here is what Essence has to say about the new palettes

Essence worked with four of the girls to develop the new trend edition “bloggers’ beauty secrets”. Diana zur Löwen from dfashion created a true all-rounder with her “touch up to go!” palette while Palmira from beautypalmira focuses on the eyes with her “vintage rose” palette. with “shape & shadows”, Mary Oliver from strikeapose presents a contouring palette for the eyes and brows in keeping with the latest trend, and Serena Verbon from beautylab ensures a wow-complexion and fabulous eye make-up for the summer with her “the glow must go on” palette. on top, the bloggers have revealed their favorite beauty tips, but shhhhh, they must remain top secret.
a perfect match: bloggers and essence! 

 Essence vintage Rose palette:

 As the name suggests this palette contains an assortment of rose hued eye-shadows, there is an even balance of neutral and dark eye-shadows in this palette. i like the highlighter and eyeliner included in this palette. more over a duo applicator is also included in the cardboard palette which makes it perfect for travel. the metallic rose gold nail polish with this palette is a stunning shade created by Palmira

Essence Touch up to go Palette 

 for those beauties who want all the basic makeup products in a single palette this is the best deal. it contains too blush to suit a variety of skin range. three eye-shadows to create an every day look and a lipbalm for a natural glossy finish to the lips. the nude pink nail enamel paired with this palette goes perfectly with the fresh natural makeup theme of this palette

Essence Shape and Shadows Palette

thick and fleek have been trending for the last one year. thank Cara for this. this palette is designed for all those girls who want heir eyebrows to look on fleek all the time. the four Eyebrow powder included in this palette are great to create eyebrows ranging from subtle to full on dramatic
the nude brown nail polish is the best out of all the four in this edition in my opinion

Essence The Glow must Go on Palette

the three beautiful bronzers included in this palette are perfect for summer. to emphasize the nose bridge and cheek bones the highlighter included in this palette is best bet. moreover it also comes with a brush. the pastel blue nail polish gives off spring and summer vibes

All the palettes retail in this edition retail for Pkr 920/ each while the nail polish are sold individually for the price of Pkr 335 each .

these palettes can be purchased from the Essence Pakistan Facebook page online (click here) or from (click here )

Disclaimer: all the pictures featured in this post are not my own. images taken from google images. credit goes to their respective owners

Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Favorite Makeup and Skincare Products of Year 2016

February 02, 2017 0

I know i am quite late to post my last year favourites but as they say better late than never so without further explanation here it is "My year 2016 favorite products"
Drumroll ☺


I am currently rotating two foundations in my makeup routine but the one which I particularly Enjoyed using was  this past year was holika holika sweet cotton bb cream. Its light in weight, smells like cotton candy and has very natural finish


: MUA blush in Marshmallow  My fondness for this blush remains strong and I haven't found any blush which can replace this gem

Makeup Revolution matte effect concealer: this yellow based concealer is creamy and does not accentuates dry under eye area


 Clazona matte Lipgloss
The local dupe of colorpop matte liquid lipsticks. Amazing lasting power and great pigmentation

Mua lip trio in temptress : I really like the balm like texture of the lipsticks and how one could create a sheer to very defined pout with these. Definitely one of most used makeup product of 2016

Eye shadow: the mos beautiful earth toned eyeshadow palette by MUA in shade Heaven and Earth

 Essence dip eyeliner  is by far the best liquid liner I have ever used. The felt dip is so soft and sturdy to line up the eyes. Its not waterproof but I like the formula

Essence Get Big Lashes

Gives the best volume  and length ever to the lashes I haven't found any other last which could perform as great as this mascara

Eyebrows :
 Sweet touch eyeliner pencil. This is long lasting pencil eyeliner which I use to fill in my eye brows. It does the job well and gives subtle definition to my eyes 👀

MUA pro base eye primer

and  Maybelline colossal kajal in turquoise 

for days when you want a little drama, this twist up eyeliner is the best option.

Face wash:

Duvi Stockholm green tea face wash 

I really enjoyed using this face wash all year long. It smells so good, lather well and cleansed skin without over drying it

 Sheet mask cracare best ever 

Of all the Korean sheet masks I used last year. This one without any doubt was the best. I moisturized my face well, didn't break out my skin. Brightened my complexion and smell nice too

Freeman oatmeal mask : To battle off my oily skin I used this mud mask. It performs quite well and reduces my pores appearance
 also kept the oil production under control too

 Face moisturizer :

 Oriflame tea tree

Having an over active skin which keeps on producing frightful amount of oil I rarely use moisturizer as it means clogged pores and comedones but this moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving any. Sticky or oily residue behind

Circle lens :
Diamond green lens

Very vibrant. The design is beautiful and very comfortable to wear.
So these are all the products I enjoyed using last year
 lets see which new products will make it to the favorites list this year

Allah Hafiz


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