Friday, 31 March 2017

BioDerma Pakistan Isloo Bloggers Meetup: A review

March 31, 2017 5

i have been blogging consistently  since 2014 but for some reasons i haven't meet any of the isloo bloggers during all this time , thanks to FourthArc and Bioderma Pakistan i got the chance to meet fellow bloggers and socialize with them as we shared our opinions on a common interest i.e makeup

Team BioDerma and fourthArc sent me a cute invitation to the event ( see how generous they are with the samples and the round makeup removing cotton pads ).

side note: i came all the way from abbottabad to attend this event.

the event kicked off at 5:00 pm ,  Tuscany courtyard Islamabad. when i came at the venue i was directed to the top floor where i was greeted by the sight of cute pink and white balloons  and of course  the seated bloggers. i must say that  arrangement and the decor was cute and feminine,  since this was my first time meeting everyone i was a bit shy and hesitant to strike a conversation with the other bloggers, but as the evening progressed i mustered up my courage and talked with a couple of bloggers, and believe me it was fun .

the organizer Mr omer hafiz from fourtharc gave a small introductory speech about the brand Bioderma, the  product range , and how the product is officially distributed at 82 countries around the world.

we were then briefed about the star product the 'Bioderma Sensibio H20 by mr siqqidue who held a interactive session with the bloggers, where he asked about the expectations one would have when using a makeup remover/cleanser. i tried to take part in it but sadly my tiny voice was lost somewhere between the sea of the other voices.

the bloggers then were asked to try out the amazing qualities of bioderma mi-cellar water themselves by wiping off the lipstick on the back off the hand.i was truly amazed how easily and effortlessly it removed the liquid lipstick from the back of the hand, moreover my skin felt smooth, soft and hydrated in a  non greasy way.

after the presentation we were served with delicious food . here take a look. (i am not much of eater so i just settled with a grilled sandwich /and a chocolate brownie i shared with sana makeupaholic)

what was special about this session was that team bioderma held a lucky draw, where one lucky participant got products worth 5000 pkr , cool right?!? and guess which lucky girl  got to take all the goodies  home?? khadija !!! from creative mind khadija blog . i was so lucky so sit with her and talk with her. i must say that khadija looks so so much younger then her age and she is such a humble down to earth person .  i look forward to meet you again khadija. Btw that's Ms Beenish marketing Manager of BioDerma Pakistan

i also had a very tiny conversation with  bioderma spoke person Justine who is actually french and works at the bioderma U.a.e headquarters . who  knew french can be so friendly, bubbly and out outgoing. and we took a selfie too. (sorry it came out so blurred )

the event wrapped up with a photography and video review session.  which i was a bit shy to participate in ( socially awkward person here!)

team bioderma were very generous and gave the bloggers a goodie bag which included a bottle of bioderma micellar water and samples of their other products from the range. and a very chic pen too

thank you once again FourthArc and team bioderma for inviting me over. i learned a lot from this event. gained some experience . made new friends and socialized with a lot of people.
 I must add that the event was extremely well managed and a very fun and educational experiance for me. Best wishes to team Bioderma Pakistan and Fourtharc.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Diy Oatmeal and Aloe Facemask for all skin types

March 26, 2017 2

hello girls today i will be sharing a DIY recipe of face mask i use frequently. all the products are easily available and not price so its very budget friendly. Moreover its good for all skin types. it has both exfoliating, brightening and healing properties. so lets get into the tutorial shall we?


1. oatmeal  (daliya? porridge)
2. fresh aloe leaves
3 half a lemon


take a small bowl or disposable cup/plate and add desired amount of oatmeal in it. i took about 4 tablespoons of oatmeal. then i grounded it into a powder using a pestle ( i tried too but failed)

 then add take an aloe leaf and squeeze all the gel into the oatmeal and mix then squeeze the half lemon into the bowl and mix thoroughly.

the whole mask is going to look a bit mushy and resemble a porridge . apply this mask to your face using an old makeup brush or a if you happen to own a specific brush for face mask , i actually used my fingers to apply the mixture to my face.

honestly it going to look very weird and messy but trust me the results you will achieve by this mask are worth it.

i usually leave the mask on for 20 minutes and when its semi dry i rub my face with my fingers in circular motion. this way i achieve mild  exfoliation .then i wash it off with luke warm water in winters and cold water in summer


smooth bright and soft skin,
aloe is a good moisturizer moreover it has healing properties. oatmeal has the ability to moisturize skin. it reduces redness and skin irritation. also the small bits of oatmeal act as exfoliant. lemon is rich in vitamin C it boosts collagen binding and brightens the complexion

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day cream

March 22, 2017 2

Ponds is perhaps a brand as old as our grandfather or even older than that. I remember my father applying ponds cold cream( lemon scented) to my chapped hands in winters when I was in grade 1
Recently I was sent a few products in honor of ponds miracle journey ( a tribute to 100 inspiring pakistani women)

Today I will be reviewing the ponds akin renew age rewind cream. Now I am in my twenties so I think its quite early for me start on anti wrinkle creams that's why I gave this cream to my mom and  questioned her about the creams performance after a couple of weeks. So lets get into the review

Quantity:35 ml


Its a beautiful glass jar which has a shiny red cap. There is another protective plastic lid inside to retain the texture and freshness of this face cream


As it is labelled for day time use this creams has a smooth texture which absorbs right into the skin on application leaving slightly brightened up skin with a hint of shimmer ( must be the pearl powder) .it has a nice light pink color and rose scent. This cream is high on spf so it does feels slightly tacky/heavy on the skin

So far didn't witness any wrinkle reducing properties but she did found her skin noticeably hydrated and bright. My mom likes to wear this under her foundation as a primer. For a day creams this is good option as it has sunscreen in it but the whole age rewinding claim is a bit fickle

Until next post


Thursday, 16 March 2017


March 16, 2017 0

This concealer without any doubt ruled every makeup video posted on Instagram. The MUAs used this to highlight, color correct, contour, conceal dark circles and for spot treatment. The beauty /makeup bloggers around just sung praises on how amazing this product was. A lot of them featured this concealer in the monthly favorites post. For some it was a Holy Grail product. Being the over skeptic person that I am I watched all the reviews on the YouTube and read many blog posts with doubt as most of the raved products turn out to be trash at times. (a lot of popular you-tubers are paid to give a good review)

My dark circles got bad at the start of this year and my trusted makeup revolution concealer was not doing the job anymore (read review here) so I decided to purchase something new, after reading a lot of review I decided to try the la girl pro hd  concealer . I wanted to try the new concealer by essence and the Nars radiant creamy concealer dupe by Maybelline but then add this to my cart because it was on sale hehe.

Price: 450- 550 Pkr


 just a regular squeeze tube which has a brush for a applicator and a secure black cap on top. the packaging is travel friendly. I strongly suggest to close the cap immediately after to prevent the concealer from drying up

About the product:

This concealer comes in a vast variety of shades. They have concealer for the palest skin color to the tan color. They even have a pure white shade for highlighting and four shades for color correcting. I originally wanted to choose light ivory but it was out of stock so I ended up adding porcelain to my cart which is slightly lighter than my skin color.

This is a very heavy coverage concealer. It dries to an absolute matte finish so need to use powder over it to lock it in place. This didn’t crease or crumble at all. The beast part is the lasting power. Which is so good? It didn’t budge or fade away even after 8hrs , this also has my mother stamp of approval as it performed well on her mature skin.
I used this to cover up a few acne scar on my face and it just made my skin look flawless. The tube hold 8 ml of product which I think will last me for a long time because I use concealer sparingly only on areas of my face which require a bit more coverage.

The brush applicator is a little tricky to use. See sometimes a lot of product gets squeezed out of the tube which can be waste. And sometimes no product comes out when I squeeze the since its winter I can’t comment much on the consistency other than the fact that it can be a little drying , so hydrate your skin well before application, the formula is not to thick it has a water like texture which spreads easily so you have to act fast before it sets.  this concealer really lives up to all the hype.

 I Highly recommend this product

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Meet Palmat by Practk

March 08, 2017 2

 Most of us are lazy when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes regularly, I know I am. But what if I say there is a very cute innovative tool out there to make your brush cleaning experience fun and thorough will you be up for it?

I wash my makeup brushes after every two weeks or so with a gentle 👶 shampoo. i usually swirl the brush bristles on the palm of my hand so that all the dried up makeup comes of with the cleanser but sometimes when I am drying my brush with a towel I am greeted with foundation stains meaning that there is still some makeup stuck in the brush
I was recently sent palmat by practk ( sigma beauty affiliate)  a silicon brush cleaning tool to review which has design suitable to wash makeup brushes of all sizes and shape.the best thing about palmat Is that It can fit any hand size. Moreover you can wear it on either your left  or  right hand.

I really liked this cute silicon tool.firstly because the color is quite eye catching and funky(it is so pretty to look at) secondly its going to last a very long time (if used properly). And thirdly because it cleaned my makeup brushes so thoroughly that I was impressed
Palmat has these round and line like bumps which help to loosen up stubborn makeup and debris from the brushes.these raised bump are in different sizes so you can easily wash something big and fluffy like like a powder brush or something small like an Eye shadow brush

There are straps on the sides (to adjust palmat) to your hands. Or if you like you can attach it to your sink with help of vacuum cups
To test out its performance I first wet my brush under tap water then I applied. Cleanser on the palmat and gently swirled my brush on the raised knobs.immediately I saw my foundation mixed in with the lather coming out of the brush. I swirled it a couple of times of then rinsed my brush. Then squeezed excess water with the help of a towel and left it to is what  I noticed

 I didn't see any loose bristles on the palmat or coming out of the brush
No damaged or broken bristles
The brush was soft as it was before no signs of rough hair
The brush hair maintained Their shape
For 9.95$ this palmat is an amazing can know more about it here or if you want to purchase you can do so here


Friday, 3 March 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Khaadi Lawn Vol 1- 2017

March 03, 2017 0

 Khaadi, Pakistan’s premium clothing and lifestyle brand, has launched Volume 1 for Khaadi Lawn worldwide via the Khaadi retail network and their e-store. 
The new collection evokes a range of creative and eclectic designs, aiming to provide Khaadi fans with a diverse, sub-cultural collection to choose from – ensuring there will be something in store for everyone. It features designs with a fusion of ethnic, yet modern unstitched garments with inspirations ranging from Eastern Europe, Central Europe, East Asia, and South Asia. The designs depicts the colours, patterns and a general sensibility of those regions, marking the signature Khaadi look.
The brand has taken an extra step with its Volume 1 catalogue by including various stitching patterns for its consumers to work with for tailoring  other than the photo shoot. This will also ensure that it is set apart from other brands in the same market, additionally providing Khaadi-wearers with top-level tailoring and designs.
The new lawn collection will be unveiled on the 25th of February nationwide. However, as a special treat for the residents of Lahore, the collection will be exclusively previewed at the opening of Khaadi’s flagship store at the Emporium Mall on 24th February 2017

have a look at the collection here 

Khaadi first opened its doors in 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan offering customers kurtas and loose fabric made from hand-woven fabric. Shamoon Sultan, the chairman and founder, had the intent of reviving the ancient craft of the handloom and popularizing the traditional medium in a contemporary manner.
Khaadi defines its lines as Concepts and initially had Prêt (Ready-to-Wear), Unstitched (Fabric) and Man (Eastern Wear). Over the years, Khaadi has introduced a number of new Concepts including Khaas (featuring exclusive and limited-edition pieces), Kids (for 2-12 year olds), Accessories (jewelry, stoles and handbags) and Home (featuring furniture, bedding and bath items

Thursday, 2 March 2017

February Haul post 2017

March 02, 2017 0

i have been feeling depressed lately and what i have observed is that i try to reduce the stress by retail therapy. so a recent trip to super market resulted in purchasing a lot of products but i am happy that i still managed too keep my head and bought useful products that i will be using this year

i purchased the Maybelline super white fresh powder as i am tired of seeing my old pink Maybelline compact so for a change this looked like it would be easy to carry in my college purse for touch ups 

originally planned to buy the Freeman black charcoal and sugar mask but the sale girl convinced me try out this instead so glad i listed to her

also for my oily skin this fresh smelling vaseline lotion seemed like a wise choice so it ended up in my shopping cart

i have been having an few pimples popping up so i went back to my trusty acne medicated soap bar. and i found a very cute rose shaped candle on a book store so it was impossible to resist this cutie,
the deodorant and vibrant blue nail enamel were totally bought on  a whim

thats all for the month of February will i be able to control my shopping habits next month ?


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