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Thursday, 20 March 2014

becute and medora lipsticks

until recently becute has somehow made its way to the ladies handbags
due to its super creamy texture and affordability.
 today i am reviewing two lippies by becute and one by medora
all three listicks are matte in nature


becute lipsticks pkr 150

medora lipsticks pkr 110

quantity  3.8 g, 3.9 g and 4.2 gram respectively


one of the becute lipsticks comes in a sea green packaging with a clear plastic bottom which can be pulled off while the other one comes in a solid red plastic cover

medora lipstick

shade fiesta 201

this is a very pretty deep pink lipstick it looks best on fair and olive skin tones ,
pigmentation of this product is superb this lasts  6hr on the lips and leaves a pink 
tint behind

L-R becute shade112, becute shade439 medora fiesty shade201

becute lipstick

shade 112

 this lipstick is a light pink color suitable for everyday makeup look .
the texture is creamy, and lasts on my lips for 4 hours. has a faint scent

becute lipstick 

shade  439

confession this is actually my first ever red lipstick  its a bit late as the bold 
red look was last year's trend. (this year its tangerine ) my mother ws not happy
when i purchased it she totally disapproved of this color
this color is a nuetral red so looks best on every skin tone
and makes my teeth look white too :)

this lipstick has  a little scent which becomes subtle after few minutes

medora shade 201 becute shade 439 becute shade 112

you might like this

if you are on a budget

you want some thibg thats locally availabble

you are looking for a lippie which lasts longerthan average 3hrs

you might not like it

if you dont like scented cosmetics

my ratings

4.5 out of 5