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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Beauty Bloggers Award

October 28, 2015 5


its getting chilly finally not the morning but the evenings are getting cold for sure. I just happened to purchase a very cute grey sweater/jumper  for myself and I just wait to wear it

My good friend from Shumail’s beauty and style blog nominated me for the  beauty bloggers award and I was so thrilled to receive this award thank you so much shumail khan

here are some rules

* Thank and follow the blog that has nominated you.
* Display the award on your blog.
* Answer 10 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
* Nominate bloggers for the award and link them.
* Create ten questions for the bloggers that you have nominated.
Here are my answers to the questions :

1.How did you get into blogging?

when I got admission in college I had to move to hostel(dorm room)  It was a very traumatic experience for me, to pull myself out of depression I started blogging . Shopping, swatching and experimenting  with makeup temporarily made me forget my worries

2. What is your personal sense of style?
I am a very laid back person (read lazy) so I stick to wearing comfy clothes, flat shoes and minimal jewelry
3.What is your staple makeup item that you can't live without?
Hmm that’s a tough one I don’t wear much makeup on daily basis but I thing my staple makeup item has to be a tinted lipbalm or a nude lipstick

4.Which is your biggest crush regarding makeup related items?
My crush has to be Mascara. I am just mesmerized how beautiful and gorgeous it makes my eyelashes look

5. Are you a brand conscious person?
No I am more of a quality/chemical conscious person. I pay more attention to the ingredients of the makeup rather than which brand it is manufactured from

6. Any craze other than makeup and fashion?

I am an avid book reader, by books I mean classic novels its no fun to read textbooks all the time

7. If you were given a chance to shop from your favorite store/place, any where in the world , where would you like to go and which brands will you buy?
I were given the opportunity to shop anywhere in the world I would definitely go to south korea and I would buy makeup and skincare from etude house, skin food, innisfree, tony moly, too cool for school and the list goes on I just cant wait to try Korean makeup brands

8. What is your biggest wish/dream (other than makeup/blogging)?
 If i told you my wish then it wont come trueJ

9. Are you a short tempered or a cool dude and how do you manage with negative people/ criticism in your life?
I have become quite short tempered recently so I just usually become quite ballistic and sarcastic I happen to hear negative remark or I have to deal with negative people

10.What suggestions would you like to give regarding blogging?
Umm I guess a blog should have good quality pictures in it and to get good pictures of swatches day light is your best friend 

My questions

1.    Which 1 blogpost did you most enjoyed writing?
2.    Which makeup brand do you think is over-rated and which makeup brand is under-rated and why?
3.    Have you ever finished any lipstick or hit pan on any blush?
4.    One makeup product you regret buying?
5.    How many lip products do you currently own?
6.     Your favourite youtube vlogger?
7.    Did you ever have anger management issue?
8.    Will you dye your hair platinum blonde if given the opportunity?
9.    When did you first start wearing makeup( age)?
10.                       One beauty blogger whose stash you would like to raid ?

 bloggers i nominate

thanks for reading 




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