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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Revlon colorsilk hairdye in shade deep burgundy

August 10, 2016 1

i dyed my hair for the first time this year, i was unsure which brand to try so after alot of reseach andr reading a lot of reviews i decided to purchase Revlon color silk hair dye in two different shades,

 50 Light ash brown
and  34 Deep Burgundy

 read on to know more about my experience

the box come with a developer bottle which has nozzle, another bottle which contains dye , a sheet of instructions, a pair of gloves and a sachet of conditioner 

the instructions are very easy to follow

hair should be clean but not freshly washed
they should be dry not wet
no hair product or conditions should be in the hair

According to the instructions i mixed the contents in the ratio 1:1 in a plastic bowl and applied to my hair using a brush
according to the instructions dye should be left on for 25-30 minutes but i left it on my head for about 40 minutes

then i washed my hair thoroughly with a little amount of shampoo until water ran clear
then i applied the conditioner provided in the box and let me just say it this condition is amazing, it made my hair so shiny and soft

firstly i dyed my hair with light ash brown shade to lighten my hair color . i have fine dark brown hair so this dye turned my hair light brown, saved me from the damaging effects using bleach on my hair

P.s: sorry i cant find the picture of my light brown hair

after a break of 3 months i dyed my hair again this time using the deep burgundy shade .
sadly it didnt turned out to be the shade i wanted which was a deep purple reddish hue as featured on the model on the box but some how i like this shade too

i took these photographs in daylight

red dye tend to wash  off quite fast and bleed a lot too, my hair dont look like this any more because they color has lightened  a lot

have you ever dyed your hair, would you recommend me any hair dye?


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