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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Cre8skin Salmon Oil Mask

February 07, 2018 0
 Cre8skin recently added some new products to its skincare range  today I am reviewing Cre8skin Salmon Oil Mask, they have a cream with similar name which I really enjoyed using. You can read my review on it here
These sheetmasks are sold in a pack of 5, the foil packaging has a  matte black outer cover, and feels quite expensive and visually pleasing to the eyes.

There are illustrations and instructions on how to correctly use the mask stated on the packaging, even though they are stated in Korean you can easily translate it with the help of Google Translate
Inside the sheet is made out of thick
 cotton like material. The sheet feels so soft on the skin soft. What impressed me most was the essence It feels so gloopy, slimy and thick ( reminds me of a certain cocoon balls containing cream) but absorbs unbelievably well into the skin. The color of the essence is off white and initially feels sticky
This masks contains two very interesting ingredient's  salmon oil + salmon egg extracts thankfully does not smells fishy at all ( has a bit of a strong fragrance to be honest) this sheet masks claims to whitening skin, provide  anti-wrinkle care and moisturize skin.
My thoughts
I loved the fit of the mask, It adjusted easily on my face and I didn't have to fold up an sheet. The masks though thick didn't feel suffocating on the skin. This sheetmask came drenched in essence. There was a lot of leftover essence in the packet. I wore this for a good 1 hour and even after that duration the mask was moist. The essence quickly dried down to a complete matte finish. My skin felt so soft, smooth and bouncy. The brightening effect was quite visible too. The essence though thick didn't clog up my pores or cause breakouts
I am thoroughly impressed with this mask and would definitely repurchase it im future. This masks is suitable for all skin types.

Monday, 7 August 2017

[Review] Cre8skin Salmon oil cream

August 07, 2017 2

Ever since I have dipped my toes into Korean makeup and skincare i have been enjoying some really unique ingredients ad the benefits that come with it like, snail secretion, bee venom, donkey milk

The cream that I am review today has a unique ingredient too and its salmon oil
Do you know that salmon oil is rich In omega 3 fatty acids, and anti oxidants like vitamin A and Vitamin E so that means it Slows down aging , cell damage , prevent wrinkles and moisturizes

Packaging: This comes in a cylindrical tin/ can and inside this a very chic looking gold container is placed which contains the cream and a transparent spatula.

Quantity: 80ml

As you can see how fancy the packaging is
I don't like fish, I just cant stand the smell of it so I was kind of afraid when I received this cream . I was sceptic if I would be able to stand the smell of fish on my face but to my utter surprise this smells so fresh and nice nothing close to a fish . Hehe
 the texture is very light in weight and easily absorbs into the skin without leaving sticky residue behind. I think this is suitable for all skin types as I applied this to my oily skin and my skin didn't break out.

I cant comment much on wrinkle reducing properties as one has to use this consistently for longer duration to see the effect but this cream definitely brightens the skin makes it plump and hydrated plus the scent is so soothing. I think I am going to swap my tea tree cream with the cre8skin salmon oil cream for now as I quite like the performance of this cream
I personally would recommend wearing this at night time so that one can get the maximum benefits over night and wake up with healthy glowy and plump looking skin in the morning


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