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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Olor 24Hr protection Deodrant in Melody, Gorgeous Green and Playful Peach

July 01, 2017 3

Most of the body sprays/deodorants that i have tried in the past don't last for long on me. now i sweat like crazy so i reek of it too so my main goal is to find a perfume which can make me smell fresh all day long, these deodorant by Olor claim that they give 24hr protection which is half true

these are very economically priced, for just Pkr 215 you now purchase a can of this deodorant which is going to last for a decent amount of time. the design of these cans is so beautiful and chic. there are quite purse friendly and totally jazz up the vanity table.
the nozzle on these deodorants sprays the content evenly

Melody has a very feminine and flirty scent its not exactly floral but has a sweet edge to it that i cant put my finger on . the scent is quite pleasant and not strong or overpowering at all. this is my favorite scent out of the three deodorants. i can assure you that you can definitely wear this to work or college; the lasting power is good. this stays strong for  a solid 3hrs and then the scent fades in a manner that it is  still their only faint

the scent Gorgeous Green has a very refreshing scent like lime and mint mixed together ,its the kind of scent i am most likely going to wear to a garden party or when on ward rotations, the scent is not as strong as Melody but it is noticeable, i think the crisp notes of orange also help to keep one awake

i didnt liked this scent in the beginning it smelt like medicine to me but after taking a couple of deep whiffs i began p notice the peach and vanilla and jasmine scent in this Playful Peach deodorant. i usually avoid perfumes which have Jasmine scent to them so Jasmine makes me feel nauseous but the blend of peach vanilla and jasmine makes  a wonderful combination
there are a lot more scents in the range to choose from , i like the new packaging even more than the previous one.i recommend these deodorants to you guys as they are really worth the money.

Do you know that Norwegian Body Perfume brand ‘Olor’ is thrilled to announce the Bollywood Sensation and Supermodel Nargis Fakhri as the new face of the brand's 2017 advertising campaign.
Shot by renowned International director and DOPs, the stunning ultra-glamour TVC embrace a distinctively minimalist aesthetic while manifesting the intimate relationship between a woman and her perfume.
The supermodel was chosen as the new face of the brand because of her social relevance and fashion-forward trendsetter status. The quintessential girl-next-door, Nargis personifies confidence, empowerment, beauty and ease of women wearing Olor perfume deos.

Previously, Norwegian body perfume Olor has won emerging brand of the year award 2015-16. Brands Foundation Pakistan has awarded this to Olor in the deodorants category. The ceremony was organized in Karachi where more than 100 brands were given this prestigious award based on various factors such brand awareness, brand relevance, and usage intent amongst the masses. Olor’s win is remarkable considering that it was launched in Pakistan just 2 years ago.


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