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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Essence Bloggers Beauty Secret

February 05, 2017 0

Essence recently launched the new Trend edition in Pakistan called Bloggers Beauty Secret
and i am over the moon because all the palettes are drool worthy
the launching event took place in Lahore as i am from Islamabad i wasn't invited to the event. Ah the Lucky Lahori bloggers (sighs). A lot of makeup brands have been Collaborating with You-tubers and Vloggers and Bloggers around the world recently and lots of interesting limited editions of makeup products have been launched which have been bestsellers no doubt , I am eyeing the ColorPop cosmetics and Becca cosmetics right now.

here is what Essence has to say about the new palettes

Essence worked with four of the girls to develop the new trend edition “bloggers’ beauty secrets”. Diana zur Löwen from dfashion created a true all-rounder with her “touch up to go!” palette while Palmira from beautypalmira focuses on the eyes with her “vintage rose” palette. with “shape & shadows”, Mary Oliver from strikeapose presents a contouring palette for the eyes and brows in keeping with the latest trend, and Serena Verbon from beautylab ensures a wow-complexion and fabulous eye make-up for the summer with her “the glow must go on” palette. on top, the bloggers have revealed their favorite beauty tips, but shhhhh, they must remain top secret.
a perfect match: bloggers and essence! 

 Essence vintage Rose palette:

 As the name suggests this palette contains an assortment of rose hued eye-shadows, there is an even balance of neutral and dark eye-shadows in this palette. i like the highlighter and eyeliner included in this palette. more over a duo applicator is also included in the cardboard palette which makes it perfect for travel. the metallic rose gold nail polish with this palette is a stunning shade created by Palmira

Essence Touch up to go Palette 

 for those beauties who want all the basic makeup products in a single palette this is the best deal. it contains too blush to suit a variety of skin range. three eye-shadows to create an every day look and a lipbalm for a natural glossy finish to the lips. the nude pink nail enamel paired with this palette goes perfectly with the fresh natural makeup theme of this palette

Essence Shape and Shadows Palette

thick and fleek have been trending for the last one year. thank Cara for this. this palette is designed for all those girls who want heir eyebrows to look on fleek all the time. the four Eyebrow powder included in this palette are great to create eyebrows ranging from subtle to full on dramatic
the nude brown nail polish is the best out of all the four in this edition in my opinion

Essence The Glow must Go on Palette

the three beautiful bronzers included in this palette are perfect for summer. to emphasize the nose bridge and cheek bones the highlighter included in this palette is best bet. moreover it also comes with a brush. the pastel blue nail polish gives off spring and summer vibes

All the palettes retail in this edition retail for Pkr 920/ each while the nail polish are sold individually for the price of Pkr 335 each .

these palettes can be purchased from the Essence Pakistan Facebook page online (click here) or from (click here )

Disclaimer: all the pictures featured in this post are not my own. images taken from google images. credit goes to their respective owners

Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Favorite Makeup and Skincare Products of Year 2016

February 02, 2017 0

I know i am quite late to post my last year favourites but as they say better late than never so without further explanation here it is "My year 2016 favorite products"
Drumroll ☺


I am currently rotating two foundations in my makeup routine but the one which I particularly Enjoyed using was  this past year was holika holika sweet cotton bb cream. Its light in weight, smells like cotton candy and has very natural finish


: MUA blush in Marshmallow  My fondness for this blush remains strong and I haven't found any blush which can replace this gem

Makeup Revolution matte effect concealer: this yellow based concealer is creamy and does not accentuates dry under eye area


 Clazona matte Lipgloss
The local dupe of colorpop matte liquid lipsticks. Amazing lasting power and great pigmentation

Mua lip trio in temptress : I really like the balm like texture of the lipsticks and how one could create a sheer to very defined pout with these. Definitely one of most used makeup product of 2016

Eye shadow: the mos beautiful earth toned eyeshadow palette by MUA in shade Heaven and Earth

 Essence dip eyeliner  is by far the best liquid liner I have ever used. The felt dip is so soft and sturdy to line up the eyes. Its not waterproof but I like the formula

Essence Get Big Lashes

Gives the best volume  and length ever to the lashes I haven't found any other last which could perform as great as this mascara

Eyebrows :
 Sweet touch eyeliner pencil. This is long lasting pencil eyeliner which I use to fill in my eye brows. It does the job well and gives subtle definition to my eyes 👀

MUA pro base eye primer

and  Maybelline colossal kajal in turquoise 

for days when you want a little drama, this twist up eyeliner is the best option.

Face wash:

Duvi Stockholm green tea face wash 

I really enjoyed using this face wash all year long. It smells so good, lather well and cleansed skin without over drying it

 Sheet mask cracare best ever 

Of all the Korean sheet masks I used last year. This one without any doubt was the best. I moisturized my face well, didn't break out my skin. Brightened my complexion and smell nice too

Freeman oatmeal mask : To battle off my oily skin I used this mud mask. It performs quite well and reduces my pores appearance
 also kept the oil production under control too

 Face moisturizer :

 Oriflame tea tree

Having an over active skin which keeps on producing frightful amount of oil I rarely use moisturizer as it means clogged pores and comedones but this moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving any. Sticky or oily residue behind

Circle lens :
Diamond green lens

Very vibrant. The design is beautiful and very comfortable to wear.
So these are all the products I enjoyed using last year
 lets see which new products will make it to the favorites list this year

Allah Hafiz

Friday, 30 September 2016

Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadow in shade Blow your whistle

September 30, 2016 3

i have been very impressed with the makeup revolution seriously most of the things that i have tried so far are good except for the eyeliner which had such a hard scratchy brush

makeup revolution has a lot of shades in the mono eye-shadow collection ranging from nudes to neon ,shimmer to metallics

now purple is my favorite color so when i spotted this on daraz i added it to my cart without a second thought

Quantity: 2.3 gms

price 210 pkr


standard rectangular slim compact with a secure transparent lid

about the product:

i will be very honest with you guys, i had a lot of expectations with this particular shade since it looked so vibrant and neon in the pan but i was a tad bit disappointed when i swatched it because the color pay off was not as pigmented as i hoped it would be but  a wet eyeshadow brush solved that problem

the color as you can see is a beautiful royal neon purple. its a bit chalky but the fall out is not too noticeable i applied it on my eyelid over an eye primer and it stayed well

for the price its not that bad of a product

should you purchase it? umm well on its own this eye-shadow is a  bit lacking but when used over a base or eye primer it works well and looks very beautiful ,if you are new to makeup then is for you

have you tried any mono eyeshadow by makeup revolution ???

Monday, 6 June 2016

MUA Undress Me Too Palette

June 06, 2016 6

after purchasing the makeup revolution i heart palette in pure cult i was quite curious to try out more dupes of the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes

MUA is a very popular drugstore brand and they have a lot of great palettes to choose from so this particular palette the undress me to palette looked a dupe for  UD Naked 2 palette so i ordered this

Price : 750 PKR

Quanity: 9.5 grams


palette is made up of sturdy white plastic quite like water colors box i owned when when i was a kid
it has a double ended sponge tip applicator and a clear lid so you can see the eye shadows inside easily


this a cool toned eyeshadow palette which contains fair amount of neutral and basic eye shadows which you can use to create looks suitable for both day time and night time

there are a couple of shimmery eye shadows in the palette that you can use to create a foiled eye shadow look,

pigmentation is pretty good . just two shades a bit chalky, i usually use my MUA eyeshadow primer underneath or the Jordana jumbo eyeliner pencil a base as i have oily eyelids

all the eye shadows have their own individual names which are written at the back, sorry i forgot to take a picture of back of the palette

there are about 3 matte shades , two glittery shades and 7 shimmery shades

for maximum pigmentation i suggest suing the eye shadow brush wet

have you tried any eyeshadow palette by mua??

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Essence 50's girls reloaded eyeshadow brush

May 22, 2016 3

hello i am back with another review and this time its an eyeshadow brush.  to  be very honest with you guys i usually apply eyeshadow to my eyes with the help of the sponge tip applicator that comes in the palette ( which most of you throw away)

i think sponge applicators are versatile product and most of chinese and korean makeup artists use it
its all about makeup applying skills!! right ??

but i was curious to know if using an eyeshadow brush would change or ease my makeup application ??

so i purchased this brush

its from the Essence 50's GIRLS Reloaded addition. i believe its discontinued now. but dont worry guys essence comes up with very cute line of makeup brush after a few months so you can probably purchase something close to this from a different edition

PRICE: around 390 PKR

it came in a slim zip lock pouch which is to keep your brush safe and clean
the brush is a combination of nude and metallic blue ferrule as you can see also its dual ended

this side of the brush is fluffy and is great for blending out eyeshadow. you cant pack eyeshadow to the lids with this as its not firm but if you are going for a subtle application this is perfect

the bristles are very soft and dont shed at all

the seconf end of the brush is thin and little bit flimsy. honestly in the beginning i didnt knew what to do with this side of the brush but now i use it to apply eyeshadow on my lower lid below the lash line as its thin so reaches the area underneath the lashes well

this brush did not leak color on washing or shed hairs, it didnt changed its shape. the bristles are soft just like they were before washing

i think for the price this brush is good. if your a beginner or  new to makeup i definitely recommend
essence eyeshadow brushed

i hope you  guys enjoyed this post


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Jordana 12 hrs made to last eyeshadow pencils

October 07, 2015 10

I am one of the most laziest person you would ever meet, I just sleep off till there is only 20 minutes left for the college to start , and then I just finally get my bones moving go to the bathroom  and get dressed, if you happen to spot a person running with a piece of toast yup that’s me 

So when I discovered about cream eyeshadows/ chubby sticks I though there were just specially designed for a lazy person like me 

It was my birthday last month and had 20% discount on the whole jordana range so decided to buy the 12 hr eyeshadow pencils for myself as a birthday gift  (got them for 356 pkr on sale cool right!!)

Quanity: 2.8 g

Price: 3.99$ / 442 pkr
 Packaging :

 chubby wooden pencils which have a transparent cap.

Jordana claims these pencils to be highly pigmented formula ,matte finish longlasting and water resistant
there are a total of 7 pencils in range i have only four of these 

My thought:

these are intensely pigmented, one swipe deposits fair amount of color on the lid, they have very creamy texture, they dont tug at the eyelid at all, however they set super fast so if want to blend the color you have to be fast as they wont budge once they set, totally waterproof and do last more than 12 hr on the eyelids

1. Eternal white 

this shade is  matte chalk white color, it work great as an eyeshadow base and makes the eyeshadows look more vibrant. this color applies a bit patchy on the lids but i even i out with my fingers 

2. Tenacious brown 

its an intense matte  brown color i like to use this as an eyeliner and sometimes to apply it on my crease. this applies evenly on the lid 

3. Prolong purple 

this is a gorgeous deep purple shade which has pink glitters in it, this is so pretty. i really love this shade. this applies evenly on the lid 

4. Endless emerald :

this is such a beautiful forest green color perfect for brown eyes, it has green glitter in it . applies evenly on the lid

some negative points:

these do stay on the waterline but irritate the eyes terribly, 

the cap tends to get dirty easily 

set fast lie 30 secs

here is swatch of all the colors together 

excuse my unwaxed arms :(

these pencils are a must have, i have also heard that these are dupe for milani shadow eyez eyeshadow pencils and urban decay 24/7 glide on  eyeshadow pencils

i rate these pencils 4 out 5

have you tried anything by jordana cosmetics???

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Makeup revolution mono eyeshadow in shade “Finally”

September 26, 2015 8

When starting out with makeup its quite wise to purchase a eyeshadow palette as you get a lot of colors in a palette but sometimes   purchasing certain shades individually is good particularly when you know you are going to use it a lot 

Quantity: 3.4 g

Price: 225 pkr


Very similar to MUA powder blushes, a rectangular pan with a transparent lid

About the product:

It is a gorgeous shimmery champagne color, it has a pearl finish. The texture is very butter-y, soft and very easy to blend I didn’t notice any fall out when applying this on my eyes. The pigmentation is pretty impressive

My thoughts:

 this is actually the  very first eyeshadow I purchased for myself. I found it to be a multitasking product as it can be used all over the eyelid or to highlight the inner corner of the eyes and can be used to highlight the bridge of the nose and high points of the cheek bones

I totally recommend purchasing this mono eyeshadow

My rating:

5 out 5

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Makeup revolution I heart makeup/ obsession palette in pure cult

June 10, 2015 11

You are most likely going to be shocked to read that this is my first eye shadow palette the reason for not buying one earlier is that I have hooded eyes so when I open my eyes you can barely see my eyelids that’s why I never felt the need to own one

However recently I stumbled upon some tutorials regarding applying eye shadow on hooded eyes and mono lids after a very long mental debate I ordered one

Quantity: 17 g 

Price 650 Pkr

 I found the casing to be quite sturdy .the eye shadows are placed in small rectangular pans and the palette has a clear lid on top through which you can see the eye shadows. The palette comes with a  dual ended sponge applicator which I found useful for applying eye shadow

About the eye shadows:

I found the texture of these to be quite silky.. All the shadows are pigmented. This palette contains four matte and 6 shimmery/glittery eye shadows.  many bloggers think this palette to be a dupe of in famous urban decay naked 3 palette I don’t own the urban decay palette but after looking at the swatches online I think the shades are quite similar

All the swatches taken are without a primer

These eye shadows don’t have a name so I just numbered them starting from left-right

Shade 1
It’s a chalky cream colored eye shadow good for highlighting the brow bone

Shade 2
It a frosty pink has a lot of glitter particles perfect to highlight inner corners

shade 3
It’s a matte dusty pink color good for blending

Shade 4
Shimmery rose gold color

Shade 5
Copper gold with noticeable glitter particles

Shade 6
 Matte taupe color

Shade 7
Shimmery taupe

Shade 8
Very much like shade 7 only a bit darker

Shade 9

This looks burgundy in pan but when applied on lids looks dark brown this eye shadow has a looks of burgundy specks of glitter in it

Shade 10
Matte greyish brown color

I am not a big fan of glitter so shade 2 and 9 are my least favorite
Shimmery shades a good for a night out look. Shade 1 is chalky
Staying power:
These eye shadows last on my lids for 5hrs. I don’t own a primmer but I applied them on my concealer

You might like it:
if you are starting out with makeup
looking for an affordable dupe for UD naked 3 palette

I rate this palette 4 out 5

Currently its available at and in Pakistan and at makeup revolution website

special thanks to my friend hajra for letting me swatch eyeshadows on her  arm and helping me take pictures for the blog



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