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Friday, 19 August 2016

Clazona 24 hr matte lipgloss

August 19, 2016 5

Every one has been going crazy over the launch of Kylie Jenner lip kits,  i have seen so many rave views that now i am also curious to try out the product and see what the hype is all about but firstly my financial conditions do not allow me to dish out so many dollars for the lipstick secondly its so hard to get a authentic makeup product in Pakistan . i have seen a lot of shady Facebook pages popping up lately claiming that they sell original branded makeup 

so to ease the empty feeling in my heart i decided to order color pop but before i could place my order i discovered this gem of a product manufactured by a local Pakistani brand,

Clazona a pakistani makeup brand is bringing out quality makeup products in the market for a long time and these matte lipgloss are no exceptions

they do exactly what it says on the tube, stay on the lips for 24+ hrs
disclaimer i didnt wear this lip product for that long but one of my friend did went to sleep with this on and it was still on her lips in the morning , no smudging , minimal flaking

Quantity: 6 g

Price: 150- 200 Pkr

Packaging :

just a like an ordinary lipgloss with a doe foot application , tube closes securely so no leakage

About the product: 

its a opaque lipgloss which  drys to a matte finish, has a faint chemical scent, does not budge or smudge , totally water proof , not drying or uncomfortable on the lips , a very thin layer is suitable for flawless applications
drys off quite fast so you have to be very quick when applying it which also means that its very hard to correct mistakes 

do  exfoliate your lips befire applying else its going to look like like your lips are flaking off

survives after meals , very long lasting 

i have this lipgloss in two shade
one in shade # 504 qnd the other in shade #507

Shade #504 is a dusty nude shade looks beautiful and natural on the lips
Shade # 507 is orange brown shade

Tip: to remove it from the lips use a lotion on a cotton ball or tissue 

 here is a pic of the clazona stand I saw

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Makeup revolution lip lava in tremor

August 16, 2015 3

Liquid lipsticks are quite rage these days as they stay longer on the lips. Many brands have launched liquid lipsticks in various formulations ranging from matte to glossy
This makeup revolution lip lava is actually a dupe of the famous too faced melted lipsticks in shade peony

Quantity: 12ml

Price: 500pkr


Color coded squeeze tube with a black cap. It has a fuzzy nozzle like end for the even distribution of product on the lips 

About the product:

It’s a dusty nude pink lipstick which has a creamy texture. When applied on the lips the formula changes into a semi matte texture

My thoughts:

This a smudge proof/budge proof product once applied on the lips its quite a task to remove it.(I had trouble removing it with soap and water ) The lipstick lasts a very long time. One think that I didn’t like was that it accentuates the lines the on lips or the flaky patches on the lip so exfoliating your lips before the application is necessary else it looks quite gross
this particular shade can look washed out on wheatish/olive skin so I would recommend this shade for girls with fair to pale skin. It has no scent and feels comfortable on the lips

You might like it:

If you like long lasting lipsticks
You are looking for a too faced melted lipstick dupe
You like matte lipsticks

You might not like:

It accentuates lines on the lips
It can be a bit drying on the lips

My rating 3.5 out of 5


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