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Monday, 13 June 2016

Lip colors for summer to pair with a neutral palette

June 13, 2016 2

Before I get into showing you the lip colors I have picked for summer let me just say it out loud!! How on earth did the temperature turned 43C in Islamabad it never exceeded more than 38 and the highest that I remember was 40 C. Apocalypse
How is it in your city??

Now on to the post, this year I have been wearing a lot of makeup trends mostly Korean and Japanese. I am also doing a Project Make A Dent in  Makeup so far I have made quite noticeable dents in 4 of my lipstick, used up 2/3 of my daily foundation  and also hit pan on a pressed powder . In case you are interested about details you can read the post here

So keeping up with the hot yet bright and colorful theme of summer I picked out these lip colors for the summer 

For an eye-shadow palette that can go well with these bright lipsticks I chose Undress Too palette by MUA which is a very affordable dupe for the infamous Urban Decay Naked 2 palette
It has a perfect combination of glittery and matte shades so you can either go bold or don a very neutral eye look 

That’s all girls
Which lip colors do you wear most in summers??

Friday, 13 November 2015

My nude/ brown lipstick collection

November 13, 2015 4

Its been almost a year and half since I started using makeup, so during my journey I tried out a lot of lipstick experimented with a lot of textures like shimmery, creamy matte etc liked some hated some, and regretted wasting my money on some particularly on a reason that those shades didn’t look good on me

So today I present the brown/nude shade of lipsticks I love (my lips are pigmented so a lip color which looks neutral/nude on me may or may not look same on you )

this is the first nude pink lipstick i purchased its a very muted tea pink color. perfect to be paired with a smokey eye and also worn on day to day basis 

this lipstick is very similar to the medora one the only difference is that this lipstick has more of a creamy texture 

it is a very nude brown lipstick my lips but better color the texture is drying but a bit of lipbalm can fix the problem 

this is also my lips but better color, the texture is very hydrating on the lips only negative thing about this lipstick is the staying time 

a very brown lipstick perfect for fall creamy and hydrating a very recent purchase 

for a more detailed review click on the lipstick names to read more 

so thats all for my collection 

you can shop makeup here 

 Makeup Online Shopping

let me know in the comments if there is any nude lipstick i should try !!!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wet n wild megalast lipstick

July 09, 2015 4

Wet n wild is a very affordable American drugstore brand. for the past few years their megalast lipstick has taken the makeup and beauty blogging world by storm. Curious what all the hype was all about I too bought one lipstick when I saw it on sale at

Shade: In the flesh

Price:  variable price ranging from 450-600 depends on the seller

Quantity:3.3 g

About the packaging:

It’s the usual plastic casing with a clear lid on top I found the packaging a lot sturdier than the Makeup Revolution and MUA lipsticks. The lid does not slides off the lipstick 

About the product:

In the flesh a my lips but better kind of shade its deep nude brick brown  shade with red undertones if that makes any sense.i find it quite similar in texture to Medora matte lipsticks (local brand) the only difference between the two is that Medora lipstick’s have a strong chemical smell to them while wet n wild has no scent at all.
Lately I have become quite sensitive to strong scent so I have stopped wearing Medora lipsticks but if you compare this Wet N Wild Megalast lipstick to Medora matte lipstick I see no difference

Pigmentation wise both are intensely pigmented. I found this lipstick drying in winter(its matte so obviously) however it glides on lips quite smoothly in summer

Lasting power is decent, this lipstick lasts on my lips for about 5-6 hours if I don’t eat or drink but when eating it rubs off leaving behind a stain
I would suggest exfoliating your lips before applying as it’s dry texture can enhance the lines and dead skin on the lips(not a pretty sight trust me)

Wet n wild Megalast lipstick comes in a lot of shades. I am thinking about purchasing "mauve out of here" and "pinkerbell" next

Pros :

Intensely pigmented


The lid gets dirty very easily it gets lipstick all over it somehow
Matte lipstick sometime hard to apply however this can be fixed by using a lipbalm underneath

My rating :

I rate this 4 out 5

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Favorite products of the year 2014

December 31, 2014 2

It has been almost one year since I stepped into the blogging world. Since I am starting out with makeup and don’t own a lot of products so It was easy to list down the products which I enjoyed using this year



Maybelline  all in one pressed powder has been my favorite this year I have been wearing this to college, and formal events too. Its gives the coverage I desire and didn’t made my skin breakout (read review here)


Mua blusher in marshmallow is such a gorgeous shade. it matches my skin tone and for a price of only 1BP it’s a steal (read review here)


I have been using three lip products a lot this year

 1.the essence glossy lip balm in cherry brownies it has such a yummy scent and tastes too. 

2. a home made red  lipbalm 

3. Medora lipstick in flavor a tea pink shade (read review here)

I have been using music flower gel eyeliner duo pots in black and brown . this gel liner  remains on my oily lids forever until of course I remove it myself .


essence I love extreme volume  is the best mascara I have used so far it gives my lashes the dramatic false lash effect

Skin care

I didn’t dedicate much time to skin care this year however I did applied a skin mask once every week 

Freemans dead sea minerals mask  is the product which made my oily skin behave (read review here)

For moisturizer I used ponds moisturizing lotion as it brightens the skin and didn’t clogged my pores

This pearl drops toothpaste made my teeth not pearl white but well they don’t look gold yellow either 

i hope you enjoyed reading this post  

thank you for all who have been reading my posts all year long



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