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Friday, 23 February 2018

Latest Women's Lawn Collections 2018 Online

February 23, 2018 0
So I am back with another fashion related post. Since the weather has changed a lot in past week I feel that now is the right time to discuss Lawn trends.
Honestly speaking summers is my least favourite season of the year. Please Winters Stay a little longer 😢
What makes the terribly hot weather a little more bearable is a glass of cool refreshing drink and a well stitched, good quality lawn dress.
Since many designer brands have already started launching their Lawn Collection for this year, I am going to shed some light on VS Lawn 2018

As always the collection is beautiful. A lot of bright colors are used in contrast to create stunning, feminine Lawn dress. What pleases me the most is that every piece in the collection has its own unique print design and have you checked out the price of these???
Its so affordable and easy on the pocket.
I am glad that digital prints have gone out of style ( not my favourite trend of 2017).
The current Lawn design look way more flattering plus the striking color selection os very pleasing on the eyes.
If wearing bright colors not your styles and you prefer muted pastel colors then I suggest you give Star Lawn 2018 collection a look, I promise you wont be disappointed at all.
This collection is suitable for older age women. The patterns are delicate and look sophisticated. This too is very affordable. Something  under 2000 Pkr.
 I am glad that with passing time more and more brands are coming up with very practical looking lawn collection. The designs are elegant and perfect for college and working women. Unlike many  main stream brands who release expensive  Lawn collections, Vs Lawn and Star Lawn have great  lawn suits which fit every budget. One of my favourite ways to shop is online shopping. If you are short on time and don't have the patience to walk through multiple shops to find the lawn dress you want, try online shopping you would be surprised to the see more variety in lawn brands, prints and designs. Best part you can shop from the comfort of your house and receive what you have purchase at your doorstep too.
Pakstyle has just update their store with new launches , Now you can purchase Latest Lawn Collection 2018 at there store. So grab your favourite pieces before they are gone

Happy spring season !!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Black Friday Shopping Haul 2017

November 07, 2017 0

November calls for warm jackets, delicious chicken corn soup, great sales and big shopping events yup you have guessed it right . I am indeed talking about BLACK FRIDAY
In case you have been living under the rock for the past few years and don't know what's Black Friday I am going shed some light on the topic for you. According to google Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in United states where many retailers and stores offer big discounts. For the past few years this has been followed by many stores situated out side the US and has now become a global phenomenon. To know more check out this cool article at BLACK FRIDAY WIKI
Pakistan too has caught up with this shopping trend and for the last two or maybe three years . Many online stores have been offering black Friday discounts.
I managed to grab a lot of great items from the rack and online stores during the Black Friday sales last year. So I have decided to share some of my shopping secrets for Black Friday Deals to help you guys cross out more products from your wish list this year.
1. Make a list if things you need .its easy to end up buying a bunch of useless items that you buy only because they are on sale. To stay focused make a list and stick to it.
2. Design a budget: one of the major mistakes I made last year was not outlining a budget for myself.  So I ended up spending a lot then I should have
3. Research before hand: Its best to check various stores for price differences and the discounts they will be offering before making the actual purchase.  Its also better to see if the particular item ( lets say clothes or makeup) suits you? See swatches reviews of products online so that you know your are purchasing the right product
4.  Use the coupons. You would be surprised to know but many stores have special coupons which can be added to your purchase hence help you save up more money. Search online for  coupons print them or save them on your phone so that you can use them on Black friday
5.Place combined order to save up on shipping, one of my best tricks on saving money on black Friday is placing a big order
Many online stores offer free shipping when you place an order of certain amount.
So when is Black Friday 2017 in Pakistan?
This year it is on 24th November 2017. Its actually the last Friday of the month November. So the date varies every year.
Black Friday Deals 2017
Many stores have already announced the various deals offered at their store. To know all about the deals and discounts its best to subscribe to the newsletter so that all the details are directly emailed you and you don't miss out on any thing .
One particular store whose Black Friday deals stood out to me most is just like last year they are offering crazy discounts and. Special deals on almost every item on their store.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Winter Clothing Essentials for Ladies in Pakistan

September 25, 2017 0
Today I am doing a fashion related post. I am sure many of you might be a bit overwhelmed/ bored with my usual skin care reviews.

With September 22 comes equinox meaning that summer is officially over and autumn has begin. Though to be honest I haven't noticed much of a difference in temperature (in Islamabad) right now but I hope it will become  colder soon. Here is a guide on how to keep your self Up-to-date with latest fashion trends this winter and keep those toes toasty warm while looking fabulous at the same time.

Cotton Shrugs

Cotton shrugs are one of the versatile article of clothing that can be worn over shirt. Not only do they look chic, they also do a fantastic job of keeping cold away. Shrugs are also suitable for layering over clothes. For those chilly autumn morning or evening walks shrugs are definitely one of the wisest  choice. Who says you have stick to the same old boring black shrug. you can find so much variety in design and color when choosing a cotton shrug these days. I even saw a shrug top , what a genius idea!

Fleece Hoodies

Fleece denotes authority. Remember the Greek mythology of Jason and the golden fleece? Jason was given the impossible task to retrieve a golden to reclaim his throne anyways since you don't have a throne to reclaim, you can definitely claim the tittle of being  well dressed by wearing a fleece hoodie and it comes in a lot more colors than golden 😆. You can choose between a pull over or a zip up design (what ever suits your taste and is convenient for you).

Hoodies are one of those clothes in your wardrobe that can be worn on a casual day or you can pair them with some fancy pants and rock them at a party.

Linen Dresses

Get you hands on the beautiful linen dresses and look your best this autumn and winter season. While lawn suits rule the pakistani fashion market all summer long. Linen is definitely the fabric for autumn and winters.
Pick dresses in shade of burgundy, deep blue, maroon and dark green for that winter feel. Having trouble finding an online shop from where you can get good quality linen stitched and unstitched dresses try you wont be disappointed. They sell all the designer brands under one roof. The options are unlimited ( they have printed , embroidered, digital printed formal amd informal dresses available ) and the prices quoted are unbeatable and pocket friendly.
If you are still unsure about your wardrobe for winters try to search online for some inspiration ( instagram or pintrest) that way you will be able to narrow down the clothes that you want to wear the coming season.

Winter clothes for women include Linen suits ( gotta have at least 4 linen dresses),  fleece hoodies ( who says only men can can wear it ) warm shrugs, sweaters and coats. what is winter without a coat?? Try to mix and match and layer them in a way that keep the cold away and you look stylish at the same time.
So go ahead shop online for your winter apparel and be prepared to welcome winter with a warm heart, a hot mug of chocolate and a cute attire.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Best Android Smartwatches for Style

July 15, 2017 1

Long gone are the days when android was the operating system designed exclusively for smart phones now you can have an android functioning refrigerator, oven and yes a wrist watch or should I say smart watch. The speed with which technology is evolving is amazing yet terrifying at the same time but hey I am not in the mood to start a debate on the pros and cons of revolutionizing technology. I am today going to share with you guys/galls some cool gadgets which are going to keep you up the fashion and technology game.

DZ09 Smartwatch

This smartwatch is like basically the deluxe version of your android phone. you may not be able to play games or connect to your social media account but it full fill all the basic requirements and expectations one has from a cell phone. You can dial a call and receive one too. It can store in your contacts and also has a RAM of 64MB and ROM of 128MB. Moreover it's also memory card supported. this alloy cased rubber strapped smart watch also has a 1.3 Mp camera and also offers Bluetooth facility. This highly sensitive touch screen Smart watch has a stand by Time of 3days while using it reduces it to 1.5 days.

You also have access to a calender and calculator. This is currently available at for a 1350 rs only with free home delivery .

W08 Smartwatch

If the previous smartwatch was a little bland for your taste check this one out. You don't have to be as nerd to own this watch. With a capacitive touch screen this comes with 2Mp camera. You can also access you social media Platforms Facebook and Twitter.
This also has a barometer, pedometer and all the qualities of a regular cellphone. For people who live a healthy lifestyle and maintain an active gym routine /go for brisk walks regularly. This is best suited for you. Or perhaps you are a college student who likes to balance studies with social media networking then this is what you need. For people who loose there cellphone regularly or in my case drop them , then  perhaps it would be best to ditch cellphone/smartphone and jump on the smart watch bandwagon. This smart watch retails for 1500 rs and also comes with free delivery offer.

Are you one of those people who stick to the classic designs or even when the tide comes you hold on strong to your ideas / style. Then you would be happy to know that has timeless accessories aka wrist watch which stick to the original design and style.
Either your a casually dressed guy or one who is always dressed up to the
Nines in a suit or dressy pants. Pakstyle has a vast range of wrist watch designs for you. Ranging from chunky wrist watch which speak power to statement making designer watches all with an affordable price tag. The icing on the cake is that you can totally buy them online so that just saves up time an money. See its definitely easy and convenient to Buy online watches in paksitan.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Latest Festive Collection 2017 Online

June 04, 2017 0
A vey happy Ramadan to you my readers. The Ramadan this year is the toughest I have ever experienced in my life. But each and every increase of 1C in temperature makes my faith more and more stronger Alhumdullilah. This year I shopped for my Eid dress and accessories a month ago,so I will be sharing some fashion and style pointers for the coming festivities.

There has been some major changes in the pakistani fashion this year. a lot of things have made a come back from the past for instance patiala Shalwars are back in fashion in full swing and so are the sharara's paired with short funky colored/ bohemian tops. With tailors demanding insane amount of money to stich dresses I think it would be best to shop for pre stitched dresses online, saves money, time and  parching heat. That's like killing two birds or perhaps three with one stone.
I have very frail looking wrists so I usually skip on wrist watches but for those of you who don't have sticks for arms, wrist watches are best option to consider as an accessory this year. Pair a thick strapped wrist watch with a simple monochrome dress for a statement.look or choose a delicate pattern for a
Chic look. Online stores these days carry hundred of ladies watches so the choice is unlimited and the collection is mind boggling.

those of you who Seldom take a bath/shower ( I am looking at you Leonardo de caprio) perfumes is perhaps a way to mask the odor. Just kidding??? How can one skip a bath is beyond my brain's rational thinking ability but one a serious note to smell fresh or turn heads you need a statement perfume. Some thing that reflects a part of you and your mood. The scent can be sweet (floral) it can be fresh( mint) or perhaps sensual (think musk or fruity). Thankful a lot of online stores have started to stock up on designer perfumes, there have event sorted them by men perfumes and ladies perfumes so you can just order then online and have the perfume delivered to your home.

And lastly the pakistani dresses I actually already mentioned some major fashion the beginning of the post but one thing which I left out was pakistani dresses now these can constitute of either chiffon dress, lawn dresses or Pret wear. Keeping in mind the temperature and weather which is going to befall us this Eid, lawn is definitely going to be the choice of fabric for the majority of pakistani women. has stocked up all of the major pakistani lawn brands so your perfect Eid dress is just a click away. If lawn fabric is just now your type fear not they have a lot options , ( there are chiffon dresses too) moreover you can also pick out tops and shirts for casual wear from the website.
I will be signing out for now.  Wishing you all a very blessed Ramadan

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Best Pakistani Classic Lawn Collection 2017

April 11, 2017 1
Its time to pack up all the winter apparels  and bring out the breezy lawn suits or in my case shop for more because summer is here  in full swing.( I bet most of you might be wearing some lighter fabrics it's just that the weather in abbottabad is still a little cooler).  Just like last year , the legacy of stellar designer lawn collections continues and this year the designs and prints are more creative and eclectic. Nothing can beat the heat than fresh fruit juice and lawn suits that pakistani summers bring in and of course air conditioner that's  if you have electricity . 😁

Though as much as I love to bundle up in thick woollen sweaters and just roam around the house in my comfy pajamas in winters I at times like to embrace pakistani culture, the true roots of my origin and  can there be a more better way than to dress up in shalwar kameez our national dress?? So thankyou summers for allowing me to dress up and look pretty in lawn suits.
Instead of starting this blog post with the over popular mainstream lawn designers I am today going to show you guys some other lawn designer collections which lean more towards to the classical side.

 Stride confidently with the Star Classic Lawn this year. The  lawn suits are unstitched and come with very beautiful borders and floral embroidery, collection is very bright hued and have a lot of design to choose from. What I liked about star classic lawn is that they have added variety to their designs by using a combination of plain and printed lawn fabric together in a single suit which creates dimension to the whole design and looks very pleasant to the eyes.

One of the renowned  brand in pakistani textile industry Rashid Classic Lawn showcases the experience and talent of the designers working behind this brand who put in their effort to bring out this lawn collection in year 2017.the suits are three piece and all color Contrasted well . Moreover there is a duppatta included with the suit which makes it so easy to carry and super convenient if you ask me. No need to have a chiffon Dupatta dyed to match your suit anymore. There is a lot of red , green and blue in the collection. The prints are not flashy they are appropriate for casual and formal events.

If the above mentioned lawn prints were a little to heavily embroidered for your taste here is VS Classic Lawn which have simple yet elegant lawn suits launched this year. Floral and intricate embroidery is placed strategically on the neck line and sleeves. The pieces look timeless and classic. Instead of going with bright colors . Vs classic lawn has more blush nudes and pastel color lawn prints in their collection. For all those of you ladies who like to dress up to more softer colors this would be the best choice.
I recommend heading over to to find Pakistani Lawn Suits online as they have a lot of brands in stock at discounted prices. There is no compromise on quality and they offer free delivery too on orders placed at their website.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Pakistani Summer Lawn Fever 2017

February 27, 2017 1

While some of you might still be holding on to the  sweaters and blankets pretending that you can  feel the winters cold breath  freezing your very core,the truth is that flowers are finally waking up after a long sleep and as soon as springs makes a customary hasty appearance  summer is going to follow up soon.

With summer comes mangoes(yellow and juicy) and bulk load of lawn collections. Floral,geometrical, digital you name it, they have it.Pakistani fashion Designers are already prepping up with their lawn collections and soon there is going to a huge mess of lawn collections all thrown in at the same time,  I will try to channel your thoughts and give you an insight on a couple of brands having an impressive  portfolio and a promising catalogue of lawn dresses. 

Sana Safinaz Lawn

Conceived  by Sana and safinaz the two gorgeous geniuses working behind this brand to give out stellar lawn collections each year. Apart from specializing in bridal wear and formal dresses Sana Safinaz are also well known for their seasonal lawn collections. Their collections mostly constitutes of a fusion of muted and bright colors which are feminine and suitable for college girls and working women.

Khaadi Lawn

Popular for promoting heritage and culture through textile khaadi lawn showcases folk culture by infusing them in their lawn collection.  The prints are inspired by folk art and have garnered attention of both young and old.they have also introduced pre stitched ready to wear dresses to reduce the hassle of selecting various fabrics and design for a dress. Your heart must be thanking khaadi for taking off the big load of stress that we all get from our tailors.

Junaid Jamshed Lawn

After the tragic death of Junaid Jamshed, J .(dot) has become even more popular among the masses. This year the lawn collection is spectacular as always. The beautiful color play and contrast of chiffon dupattas paired  with the lawn dresses is what makes this brand stand out from the rest. This year they have upped their lawn collection by adding buttons,laces and different motifs as embellishments. The collection is carefully designed for the women of all ages. There is a color and design for every age group. Also they are priced relatively more economically than many other mainstream pakistani fashion brands.

Though lawn  has been a fabric of choice for both poor and elites for around 100 years or more. it has become quite fashionable in Pakistan for the last 7 years. Blame the crazy hot weather or the savvy fashion designers for this. Ours is a cut throat society so to survive the race one has to come up with new and resplendent designs every year. Also keeping in mind that about more of than half of the population is a victim  of inflation, its not flexible for every onto to afford over priced, designer lawn collection. some online shops have very beautiful  LAWN COLLECTION 2017  at very affordable prices. lets hope that lawn this year is a treat for the eyes, flattering on the body and less heavy on the pockets.i really recommend checking out online stores for easy and quick access to the Lawn collection.

Monday, 6 February 2017

PSL 2017 Second Edition

February 06, 2017 0

Salam to all,
 most of the time  when it comes to politics , fashion social and moral values we hold our own opinion superior than someone else, which results in a heated conversation , a fight and ends with hurt sentiments.but  nothing connects the Pakistani's better than a  cup of chai, and a  cricket match ( preferably between India and Pakistan ).

 Its cricket season already and many of you might have taped the scheduled the of the PSL 2017 to your wall already if you haven't then your brother might have trust me. for those of you who have been under the the rock all this time and don't know what PSL stands for. here is the quick breakdown PSL stands for "Pakistan Super league" a professional T20 cricket league constituting of  5 teams established by the PCB (Pakistan cricket board).

The PSL 2 will kick start on February the 9 this year , total 24 matches palyed over a pan of 21 days with the final match on the 7th of March 2017. each match will take place in the  double round robin format  so each team will get a chance to play 8 matches .

the tournament took place in United Arab Emirates last year and will be held again at the same venue.

 the teams playing in this tournament are the same as they were last year representing the five major cities of Pakistan. four representing the provinces and one representing  the capital city Islamabad  

the teams are as follow 
Islamabad United
Karachi Kings
Lahore Qalandars
Peshawar Zalmi
Quetta Gladiators
2016 PSL concluded with Islamabad United winning the match by 6 wickets. 

  now on to a brief description of each team 

Islamabad united  

this is an Islamabad based cricket team lead by our very own Pakistani  batsman Misbah ul haq and coached by Australian player Dean Jones.   Leonine Global Investments owns the right to this team 

the teams logo is that of a lion hued in the shade of red orange and light brown. although the team started of with a terrible performance they made a quick come back and managed to win the tournament  last year. this year the teams retained 17 of its last year players and added three new faces to complete the squad of 20 men 

show your support to the team by purchasing the Islamabad United PSL Team T-Shirt

Karachi Kings 

representing the provincial capital of sindh. Karachi king has a logo of a lion too which the words Karachi kinds emblazoned below it. the team supports a jersey of blue and gold. Kumar Sangakkara is the captain of the team while its coached under the guidance of  Azhar mehmood. ARY Digital own the legal rights of this team 

you can purchase the Karachi Kings PSL Team T-Shirt online now at a price tag of 599 pkr only 

Lahore Qalandars:

 highlighting the sufi culture of lahore. this team is captained by  Brendon McCullum and coached by Paddy Upton. this is the 2nd most expensive team owned by an international company "Qatar lubricants "

the logo selected for lahore Qalandars is very unique it features a whirling sufi, three stumps and a cricket ball. red and black are  the jersey colors for the team.

Rooting for the lahori team ? buy the Lahore Qalandars PSL Team T-Shirt so you can wear it during the match.

Peshawar Zalmi

ah the team who had everyones hopes up from the very start. Peshawar zalimi current captain is Darren sammy and its coached by Pakistani cricket player Mohammad Akram. team is owned by Haier Pakistan 

the teams logo and name has a very interesting background, you see "zalmi" is a pashto word meaning youth. the logo has a traditional peshawari turban and three stumps for a logo , while the jerseys for this team are in the color of a very bright and cheerful yellow paired with blue.

hyped up for the upcoming T20 match buy the Peshawar Zalmi PSL Team T-Shirt before they run out of stock 

Quetta Gladiators

 the whole franchise is complete by addition of the fifth team Quetta Gladiators representing the province of Balochistan. Coached by Pakistani crickter moin khan and captained by the very popular Sarfraz ahmad this team is owned by Omar associates 

keeping up with tribal warlord spirit, Galea an acient roman war helmet worn by gladiators is the logo of the team , i really liked how two bats are positioned in the logo to resemble swords. the team supports purple and gold both colors of royalty.

  Quetta Gladiators PSL Team T-Shirt are available online for purchase order now 

 since i am from Islamabad i will be supporting my own city . so i know which particular T-shirt out of all   PSL Team T-Shirts 2017 should i own. 
which team will you guys be supporting and most importantly who do you think will win this time around let me know in the comments section below. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

Advantages & Disadvantages of E-commerce

January 16, 2017 1

I intend to write different posts on my blog this year focusing more on various events/launches sand less on reviews this year because honestly I feel that my blog is giving off the slacker vibes and the topics sound stale and boring.
So today I will be shedding some light on e- commerce!! The good and the bad of e commerce and its. Importance on expanding worlds economy.

So What is E-commerce? E commerce is basically defined as commercial transactions conducted electronically on internet or to simplify it more its an online transaction of buying and selling with the help of Interne.

E commerce first surfaced in 1960's when various business companies started using electronic data interchange, (EDI) and rose to popularity in 1990's when ebay and amazon joined the internet and totally revolutionized the concept of e commerce and online marketing. Today stuff ranging from little nail to fancy sports car all can be purchased online via internet.

E-commerce can take place with the help of EDI, email,online shops, social media marketing and web pages. It can be either a business to business transaction or a business consumer transaction.

E-commerce Pros & Cons:

Every inventions created by humans so far has some positive aspects and some negative aspect. Same is the case with e commerce. an invention is only successful when the pros outweigh the cons and that I believe is why e commerce is making a strong impact in the business world. I will first brief you guys about the pros and them jump onto the con.

Pros from consumer's point of view:

  • Saves consumers a lot of time
  •  No worry about standing in queues Orr getting crammed in a crowd.
  • Open 24/7 so shop any time
  • Easy to access various stores from the comfort of your house
  • Can compare prices of products with jus a click
  • Unimaginable choices available online
  • No need to carry a wad of cash sand be worried about it being stolen on the way
  • Digital goods/soft copies (ebooks,music,movies) can be purchased immediately
  • Helps consumers to import products unavailable in their country
Pros from business point of view:

  • No worries on maintaining a physical store
  • Can be operated from home
  • Gives many people an opportunity to earn money / start a business of their own
  • Virtual shelves so a lot of things can be stocked in
  • Saves money as one does have to hire employees and sale persons
  • No geographical limitations
  • Save on marketing by advertising on social media

And now onto the cons 

Cons from consumer's point of view:

  • Online data theft
  • Inability to check the quality of product in person
  • A device which runs on internet required
  • Stable working internet connection is needed
  • Credit cards frauds
  • Hacking of personal information
  • Rickety online security
  • Conned into buying fake products
  • Credit card chargebacks
  • Unreasonable shipping charges
Cons from business point of view:

  • Lack of internet traffic
  • Troubling targeting the potential customers
  • Delay in delivery of goods
  • lack of expertise in handling online store Online Shopping in Pakistan

Allow me to give you an example of E-commerce online shopping in Pakistan.
This stores deals in selling  products from various categories, the catalogue is vast and the choices are endless. Moreover they often run several sales and promotional offers throughout the year. Though one cannot experience the product like one would at a shop but the review left by consumers can be very helpful in evaluating the worth and quality of product. The web store has a smooth and simple design and a very user friendly interface.

The discounts offered are pretty good. One of the features which makes this online store a winner is that they often free delivery on many of their products regardless of their weight which is what many consumers consider when purchasing from a certain store.

more fun posts coming your way

bye for now !!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Top 5 Websites for Black Friday 2016 Deals in Pakistan

November 21, 2016 3

Mark your calendars, set your alarms and put up the reminders for the upcoming Black Friday sale this 25th nov , one of the most awaited  and hyped up day of the year in a shopaholics'  life. Even if you shop for necessities only this is the best time of the year to save up money 💵 . It wouldn't be wrong to say that even uncle scrooge would give approval this whole black Friday sale affair 😊.

If you have been living under the rock for the past couple of years and are totally unaware about the whole concept of black Friday then allow me to summarize the highlights of this day for you. Its basically the day of the year when major stores around the world offer the biggest craziest discounts possible on their in stock items. The deals last for a day so if you want to tick off a couple of items from your wish list and save up money  now is the perfect time to do it.

  I have been saving up my pocket money all this year for the biggest sale event myself.

The pioneers of introducing black Friday sale concept in Pakistan. Daraz has amped up its sale game this year too. With a pre black Friday sale from 22-24th Nov on their app store and the black Friday sale from 25 Nov  , Daraz promises of  a great 3 days shopping experience.

Daraz has partnered up with easy paisa, and brands like careem, ponds , sunsilk to name a few . The discounts offered this year range from 40-80% . My advice download the Daraz aap asap 😊. Online Shopping

 has joined the black Friday fever this year.they have lined up great deals and discounts for their customers this year. The prices are reduced remarkably. With a promise of free delivery on every order. is one of the best online places to shop from this black Friday

Yayvo  is partnering up with jazzcash cash to make some ground breaking figures in sales this year. With a very vast catalogue, items ranging from electronics clothes to cosmetics, yayvo the store backed by tcs courier is planning to launching big discounts on their items. Best part Is free delivery on their discounted items.

I don't know how that on exactly how many websites I will be placing order this year, because each store is offering so unresistable and unbelievable deals this year for instance symbios is planning to host a upto 90% sale on 25 th of Nov plus 3 flash sales on various items now that's a sweet deals.

 kaymu has a unique and different manner of selling items than other stores. Joining the black Friday festivity kaymu is planing to unleash surprising discounts on various categories from which you can shop.

History of Black Friday in Pakistan

To be honest Black Friday was popular only In the west and Europe until last year when some brands and Online stores decided to officially launch black Friday sales in Pakistan last year. Surprisingly it turned out be very profitable and successful. Many brands made staggering amount of Sales during a single day.  Its was good sales day. Particularly at Daraz most Of the stuff went out of stock with in the first few hours.

My Advice to  survive the shopping frenzy. Make a wish list now, quickly add the desired items in the virtual cart on 25th Nov 12:00 am sharp  hit the finalize button. Then sit back and wait for the order to reach you. And be satisfied at your purchase and all the pennies you saved

Happy shopping!


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