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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Latest Festive Collection 2017 Online

June 04, 2017 0
A vey happy Ramadan to you my readers. The Ramadan this year is the toughest I have ever experienced in my life. But each and every increase of 1C in temperature makes my faith more and more stronger Alhumdullilah. This year I shopped for my Eid dress and accessories a month ago,so I will be sharing some fashion and style pointers for the coming festivities.

There has been some major changes in the pakistani fashion this year. a lot of things have made a come back from the past for instance patiala Shalwars are back in fashion in full swing and so are the sharara's paired with short funky colored/ bohemian tops. With tailors demanding insane amount of money to stich dresses I think it would be best to shop for pre stitched dresses online, saves money, time and  parching heat. That's like killing two birds or perhaps three with one stone.
I have very frail looking wrists so I usually skip on wrist watches but for those of you who don't have sticks for arms, wrist watches are best option to consider as an accessory this year. Pair a thick strapped wrist watch with a simple monochrome dress for a statement.look or choose a delicate pattern for a
Chic look. Online stores these days carry hundred of ladies watches so the choice is unlimited and the collection is mind boggling.

those of you who Seldom take a bath/shower ( I am looking at you Leonardo de caprio) perfumes is perhaps a way to mask the odor. Just kidding??? How can one skip a bath is beyond my brain's rational thinking ability but one a serious note to smell fresh or turn heads you need a statement perfume. Some thing that reflects a part of you and your mood. The scent can be sweet (floral) it can be fresh( mint) or perhaps sensual (think musk or fruity). Thankful a lot of online stores have started to stock up on designer perfumes, there have event sorted them by men perfumes and ladies perfumes so you can just order then online and have the perfume delivered to your home.

And lastly the pakistani dresses I actually already mentioned some major fashion the beginning of the post but one thing which I left out was pakistani dresses now these can constitute of either chiffon dress, lawn dresses or Pret wear. Keeping in mind the temperature and weather which is going to befall us this Eid, lawn is definitely going to be the choice of fabric for the majority of pakistani women. has stocked up all of the major pakistani lawn brands so your perfect Eid dress is just a click away. If lawn fabric is just now your type fear not they have a lot options , ( there are chiffon dresses too) moreover you can also pick out tops and shirts for casual wear from the website.
I will be signing out for now.  Wishing you all a very blessed Ramadan

Monday, 27 February 2017

Pakistani Summer Lawn Fever 2017

February 27, 2017 1

While some of you might still be holding on to the  sweaters and blankets pretending that you can  feel the winters cold breath  freezing your very core,the truth is that flowers are finally waking up after a long sleep and as soon as springs makes a customary hasty appearance  summer is going to follow up soon.

With summer comes mangoes(yellow and juicy) and bulk load of lawn collections. Floral,geometrical, digital you name it, they have it.Pakistani fashion Designers are already prepping up with their lawn collections and soon there is going to a huge mess of lawn collections all thrown in at the same time,  I will try to channel your thoughts and give you an insight on a couple of brands having an impressive  portfolio and a promising catalogue of lawn dresses. 

Sana Safinaz Lawn

Conceived  by Sana and safinaz the two gorgeous geniuses working behind this brand to give out stellar lawn collections each year. Apart from specializing in bridal wear and formal dresses Sana Safinaz are also well known for their seasonal lawn collections. Their collections mostly constitutes of a fusion of muted and bright colors which are feminine and suitable for college girls and working women.

Khaadi Lawn

Popular for promoting heritage and culture through textile khaadi lawn showcases folk culture by infusing them in their lawn collection.  The prints are inspired by folk art and have garnered attention of both young and old.they have also introduced pre stitched ready to wear dresses to reduce the hassle of selecting various fabrics and design for a dress. Your heart must be thanking khaadi for taking off the big load of stress that we all get from our tailors.

Junaid Jamshed Lawn

After the tragic death of Junaid Jamshed, J .(dot) has become even more popular among the masses. This year the lawn collection is spectacular as always. The beautiful color play and contrast of chiffon dupattas paired  with the lawn dresses is what makes this brand stand out from the rest. This year they have upped their lawn collection by adding buttons,laces and different motifs as embellishments. The collection is carefully designed for the women of all ages. There is a color and design for every age group. Also they are priced relatively more economically than many other mainstream pakistani fashion brands.

Though lawn  has been a fabric of choice for both poor and elites for around 100 years or more. it has become quite fashionable in Pakistan for the last 7 years. Blame the crazy hot weather or the savvy fashion designers for this. Ours is a cut throat society so to survive the race one has to come up with new and resplendent designs every year. Also keeping in mind that about more of than half of the population is a victim  of inflation, its not flexible for every onto to afford over priced, designer lawn collection. some online shops have very beautiful  LAWN COLLECTION 2017  at very affordable prices. lets hope that lawn this year is a treat for the eyes, flattering on the body and less heavy on the pockets.i really recommend checking out online stores for easy and quick access to the Lawn collection.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Innovative kitchen tools

November 14, 2016 0

I am one of those people who eat to live, my BMI is at the borderline of underweight, every times there is a gale outside my mother fears that the wind will carry me away just like leaves or stray shopping bags.

 You might have noticed that I have been posting on my instagram account some of the dishes I cooked and which surprisingly turned out to be good . On an honest note I have really lost count of all the times when I left the pans on stove and came back an hour later to find black charred remains of the curry I was cooking . Some of things turned out so disastrous that even moulds refused to grow on them . Ah the embarrassment  . I thinks I will just end my rant here and get on to the real post.

Today I plan to share some very handy  kitchen gadgets that are light on the pocket and reduce cooking time .

You might have played fruit ninja multiple times on your cell phone but lack  ninja's sword slashing skills when it comes to dicing and chopping vegetables and fruits in kitchen. Well worry not genius nicer dicer plus is here to  help you chop those  onions to perfection
This genius tools makes the whole
 chopping process less of a chore and more of a fun task.

not only can it dice and chop but grate and slice too moreover it has  container which can be used to store away the chopped vegetables for later use . The design is sleek and kitchen friendly. Its not bulky so you don't gave to fear about it taking up a lot of space in already cramped kitchen.

With winter comes carrots and what better way is there to have those red rosy cheeks and and a good blood haemoglobin level than to consume fresh carrot juice.but the noise and the mess which comes with this tiring task is sometimes too much to  handle,

Multifunctional manual juicer is one of the innovative kitchen tools which squeezes juice without making much noise and mess . Its a hand operated gadget so it like a mini exercise session for the upper limbs. The juicer is light in weight , easy to carry and easy to clean and cute to look at too.

I bet a lot of you might have wished a lot of times that the spaghetti you took with you to college or work was still warm by the lunch time.

This electric lunch box is just the creation tailored to our wishes. Take this with on a picnic, a road trip or work and heat your food to the right temperature then and there cool right. Since the electric lunch box is well insulated. It keeps the pre heated food warm. With the power outages and sky high electric bills you don't have to worry much about the electricity consumed because it takes up very little charge.

  do you guys   forget to take spoon along with you like me? Worry not  Its cute spoon compartment makes it easy to carry the spoon with you on your journey and acts as a reminder too.

I always like to discover new blogs and promote them. One recent discovery is Pakstyle Blog

This blog is just like an online  magazine. It contains very detailed post on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The posts are aimed for both the male and female population. Be it a guide on choosing the best perfume or a detailed fashion guide on current pakistani trends they have every topic covered.

So do head  to the blog and enjoy reading  😊
Until next post


P.s: Why is it still warm in Islamabad in middle of November?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Latest in Beauty Tools in Pakistan

October 20, 2016 2

Binge watching YouTube beauty videos is exactly how most of my weekend is spent
I love to see all the latest makeup trends, haul videos and makeup/beauty hacks but one thing which is most disappointing is that most of cool gadgets and beauty tools featured in youtube video are hardly available in Pakistan! What a bummer

But lately while surfing internet I came a across a lot of beauty tools available in Pakistan so today I will sharing my list of latest beauty tools available in Pakistan

Hair Straightener Brush in Pakistan

 this is probably one of the most hyped about beauty tool, I remember how it made headlines across beauty/ hair blogs when it was first launched,every one wanted to own one because It looked a like a dream brush which was multitasking and made  hair look gorgeous

Well the good news is that. This styling too is available in Pakistan at a very affordable price
It comes with the feature of combing hair,give a relaxing  scalp massage and straighten out the tresses in a few minutes

Kemei Hair Removal Shaver KM-280R

Now I don't support a beard or a mustache so I cant really elaborate much on hair shaving process but if waxing your hair every week or so is too much of a painful process for you than this rechargeable electric shaver is for you . kemei hair removal shaver is the handiest thing available in Pakistan when it comes to electric shavers, sleek built design, easy to handle and removes hair to perfection

Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Set

Now I do love to drop in at a beauty salon to pamper my skin and enjoy some 'me' time while my skin is cleansed and taken care off but its not that often, so for those non beauty salon days touch beauty electrical facial cleanser is the perfect solution

With easy to use instruction this beauty tool is perfect to use everyday/ it has a vast array of different heads with brushes and sponges which can be changed to suit your skin
From heavy exfoliation to mild cleansing or a facial massage this beauty tool can help you achieve that beautiful clear and glowy skin that you see in tv commercials

Touch Beauty Electric Manicure Set

Hand and feet and the part of the body which get neglected most,  my hands are most of the time dry  with unevenly cut nails, not a pretty sight I must admit. This touch beauty electric manicure  is a very intriguing tool it can give a beauty salon like manicure within few minutes, safe and easy to use this can help you achieve the most coveted  beautiful shaped nails in no time

No need to worry about catching cellulitis or fungal infection,Just invite your friends over for a fun sleep over and treat them to a beautiful manicure or pedicure

That concludes my list of latest beauty tools available in Pakistan I hope you enjoyed reading my post

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Winter wardrobe essentials

October 02, 2016 1

I am glad winter is almost here , now I don’t have to worry about makeup melting off my face or those sneaky mosquitoes  lurking in the park when I go for a walk. I have decided to compile a few essentials for winter wardrobe so that when the season is on full swing, you girls are prepared to face the biting cold
Winter clothes tend to make a person look a bit lumpy but here are some item of clothes that can keep you warm and still may you look fashionable at the same time

Who says hoodies are only for “Y” chromosome??  I know they can give somewhat boyish appearance but if paired with the right accessories you can add the touch of femininity to these comfy clothes. 

Wear hoodies on a lazy weekend or to college, going out to the market just throw these on with a pair of jeans and you are good to go 

hoodies these days come with and without zipper so pick the one which is more convenient .Just mix and match different color hoodies with a plain top and skinny jeans to change up your look,

a lot of online shops like have very comfy and good quality hoodies having very affordable prices so if you are on a budget do check their website out  

i am certain each and everyone of you girl own at least on shrug because they are one of the wardrobe staples,  shrugs are one the versatile items of clothes that can be worn over a t shirt, sleeveless top and even shalwar kameez. they come in three designs namely  tie of shrugs which can be tied into a knot, the shawl shrugs which can be wrapped around the torso for the warm and comfy feel and the cropped shrugs which are worn open 

shrugs these days can be found having various texture which can be worn all year round ranging from silk to cotton, for winters choose one having fleece or knit wool texture to keep you both stylish and warm in winters has beautiful shrugs for women at very good prices which don't break the bank and keep you looking trendy too

winters apparel is incomplete without  coats, layer these over your dress, top or desi outfit to keep the cold away, when choosing a coat pay special attention on the fitting because a  coat which large for your size can break up your whole look and wearing a coat that short for for your body can put strain on your shoulder and hinder your activity 

chose a coat with large buttons for the brazen look or pick one which has a checkered pattern or a cute collar . just pick a coat which suits your style and make a fashion statement 

this winter coat at has a design which flatters all body shapes

 for those of you who feel more comfortable wearing western apparel Full sleeved t-shirts are a essential for winter , you obviously dont want your arm to fall off from frostbite wearing half sleeve T-shirts. ha just kidding . during winter i usually snuggle in a warm quilt wearing t shirt and watch my favorite t.v show . nothing feels more good that a pair of sweat pants and a full sleeved t shirt with a warm cup of malt drink and a latest magazine.

t shirts have a lot of choice to pick from from; interesting drawings, cute doodles, your favorite cartoon or season  or a plain mono chrome t shirt. besides when on a budget these are not overly expensive 

i do most of my beauty and fashion shopping online as this is a very convenient method for me. there is a lot of variety on online shops . moreover i can scroll away to to my hearts content. the whole process is  hassle free . i don't have to worry about time and i can search for ideas online to pair up my clothing's so that i get good use of what i purchase, lets be real girls we all have a lot of clothes in our wardrobe which have been catching dust for years because we either dont like the design or dont know how to pair them up . 

you can shop Winter clothes online at they have a very huge catalogue having very affordable price tags

until next post 

au revoir 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Chiffon Dresses To Give You Trendy Look

August 19, 2016 1

preparing for a wedding or some other event which requires you to dress desi , well today i am sharing some pointers on how you can dress trendy for the next big event wearing a chiffon dress 

 For us asian girls chiffon dresses are probably the most sought after fabric when buying a dress because its comfortable to wear , flouncy and breezy and has the magical quality to make any body shape look flattering , what i really love about chiffon dresses is that how it drapes around the body and add the feminine touch to the whole outfit, the flow-y texture of dress and the embroidery or the rhinestone embellishment really make a simple suit look really elegant  and chic 

there are a lot choices when buying  a  dress ranging from two toned dresses to the ever popular tie and dye combo, like some thing sparkly try one which has pleats and bead for embellishment 

Pakistani weddings are a very elaborate affair, this three day event is no joke keeping in mind the current trends Pakistani wedding dresses are considered one of the most beautiful wedding attires around the world, with every one competing to look their best  it’s quite a quest to find a beautiful dress which looks different and stunning from everyone’s else dress even the bride ha ha   just kidding !!! 

One of things which are very attractive about Pakistani wedding dresses  is that there is a lot of variety when choosing a dress, A line frocks, anarkali dress, etc. a single suit/ dress has extensive embroidery , a lot of  different fabrics used in it . you can find a lot of online shops selling beautiful dresses these days

avid online shopper like me?? allow me to introduce you to a shop which sells beautiful stitched and non stitched Pakistani Clothes Online, there a huge variety of fabrics designs and colors, the prices are very affordable. tops, lawn suits, chiffon dresses,pants, churidar and leggings etc you name it , they have it . moreover they have both designer and non designer clothes in stock
the whole procedure or ordering clothes is easy and they deliver your goods right at your doorstep, the whole procedure is money and time saving

i enjoyed writing this post i hope you had a good time reading it

until next post


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Latest Classic Lawn Collection 2016

June 18, 2016 1


With so many lawn collections launched this month i am spoilt for choice, beautiful florals, abstract embroidery, contrasting panels and the chiffon dupattas, every time i go out shopping i end up likin way too many lawn dresses then what i can really afford hehe

online shopping is seriously a blessing, you can search to your heart content minus the heat stroke and muscle fatigue , a lot of online shops have many affordable brands in stock which have beautiful colors and designs to choose from . one such example is Modashop selling  Rashid Textile Classic Lawn,(you can check out the link by clicking on it ) a very affordable brand which has very beautiful lawn jorras 

the dresses are light and breezing perfect for the pakistani summers. the have a large collection of dresses ranging from casual every day dresses to one for formal events. so if you are a working women , student or a house wife , Rashid lawn collection is recommended for you 

 Modashop also has another brand instock called Star Classic Lawn which have some very feminine and vibrant 3 piece lawn suits. dresses in this collection are inspired by natures and have a pastel backdrop.pastels never go out of fashion and can be worn in any season, this lawn features printed lawn dresses with matching duppatas and plain shalwaar. the look quite sophisticated and chic

personally i am very impressed by this collection as the dresses come under a very affordable price tag and the designs are worth each money you pay for

 Need to balance out your wardrobe by adding some shirts and trousers well now you can check out Women's Clothing Online at they have shrugs,tops trousers, pant ,tops so just turn on your computer and add the clothes that catch your attention to your cart and have them delivered to your address minus the delivery charges, the procedure is easy and hassle free so what are you waiting , just get shopping 

seriously how pretty is this purple cowl neck kurti???

have a blessed ramadan 


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

March 19, 2016 11

This post is going to be a little  bit different from what I usually write  so this not  fashion makeup or beauty related

Now if you are 20+ of age, you must have started involving yourself more in kitchen work or might have cooked a dish or too in my case burned them (lol). My cooking instincts and skills still in their dormant stage so its going to take some years for the master chef to shine through

Cooking obviously require cutting chopping basically involvement of a sharp object and this mean sometimes hurting yourself with a knife ( I have been involved in a lot of knife related kitchen injuries)

But with the evolvement of technology a very useful tool/kitchen has been introduced in the market


 a tool which made of plastic , posses stainless blades  that can just cut away all your fruit and vegetables’ in a jiffy and the best part no cuts  or injury
Moreover its has a very space friendly design and has a transparent container which an be used to store away your cut fruits or vegetable. The gadget is easy to clean and has a large choice of blades so you can have your vegetable diced to various sizes and designs, hello homemade fancy salads !!!

It has a tool for mincing, slicing cubing, grating etc altogether 5 extensions which can be used to cut food in 11 different ways amazing right .
You can cut a whole vegetable or a fruit like apple with this tool so it saves time too

Genius Nicer Dicer plus,why I would recommend it !!!


Easy to clean as it has removable parts
Saves time 
Assists to make various dishes and salads
Perfect for everyday kitchen use
Most importantly reduced chances of getting injury due to its safe to use design



This kitchen tool is now available sold by modashop at at just PKR 1250 only and the best part they offer free delivery on purchases of genius nicer dicer plus.

FUNFACT: sells a lot of stuff at very affordable prices from jewelery watches to clothes they have everything covered 

 Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Video

Incase you are still unsure about how the tool can be used or how it looks like
Here is a video for you to know more

Happy shopping
 until next post 



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