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Friday, 1 July 2016

Eid Shopping Essentials for Girls

July 01, 2016 5


Its very sad that the holy month of Ramadan is about to end which also means that  Eid is right around the corner . yay

I am almost done with my Eid preparations, had my jora stiched almost a month ago and bought the shoes last week so all that is left is mehndi ,some makeup items and bangles ( eid in my opinion  is incomplete without vermicelli and bangles )

With the temperature showing 40 C on thermometer i am afraid that my makeup is going to melt right of off my face so i am currently thinking about purchasing a foundation which is water and sweat proof, A lot of online shops are selling very affordable makeup kits which have a bunch of face products to make you look pretty one such example is Modashop selling Lakme 9to5 Makeup Kit which includes following items 

Lakme 9to5 BB Cream
- Lakme 9to5 Pan Cake
- Lakme 9to5 Waterproof Mascara
- Lakme 9to5 Waterproof Eyeliner

Side note: Lakme is a very popular makeup brand originating from India 

looking for watch that complements all your  Eid dresses look no further because Ladies Interchangeable Watch Set has your covered, the innovative design which allows the person to change the straps and bezel to various colors is amazing, now you can match your to your outfit within few minutes and the price range is quite affordable 

Surprisingly straightened hair are still in fashion this year, i know how time consuming and tiring it is for the arms to straighten hair, i am talking about 2-4hr that us girls have to sacrifice  to remove all the waves and curls from the hair and make our tresses look dead straight

there is this new gadget called Fast Hair Straightener Brush which looks just like the ordinary hair brush but has the ability to straighten your hair in few minutes as you run it through your hair 

- Ultra smooth ceramic plates for effortless glide
- Pro variable temperature control for all hair types
- Exclusive heat expansion plate Technology
- Temperature Controller: Digital
- Applicable hair: Dry & wet
- Voltage: 220V
- Max.Temperature: 230 °C
- Min.Temperature: 80 °C

this product is currently at a discounted price of 1999 at Modashop 

 Apply a fruity fragrance this Eid with Honey Apple Perfumes long lasting fragrance, designed for the female population this scent is sure to add a unique individuality to your eid dress 

 these are a few essentials things you should shop for girls this eid 

until next time 


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Best Perfumes All the Time

May 18, 2016 2

Well hello again,

i am back again with another topic to discuss on my blog and this times its perfume i have noticed that i dont write much about fragrances on m y blog so here it an over view and guide to perfumes

lets get started

other than masking body odor, fragrances tell a lot about others mood and personality. they can give a sensual appeal, flirty vibe or a very refreshing and calming effect on the mind

now there is special fragrances for each gender feminine perfumes are floral and fruity while masculine are spicy and musky i am not saying that there is some set in the stone rule for fragrances and perfumes but generally this is how most perfumes are formulated and categorized


i will be very honest with you guys i love wearing perfumes that are designed for men. musky cinnamon scent is a go to fragrance for me. side not a lot of my fathers colognes and perfumes are on my dresser !! BURBERRY?? 

men luckily have a huge variety of perfumes and fragrances to choose from, roller ball perfumes, cologne, body sprays etc they have a very strong long lasting scent  ranging from various spices like cinnamon  to minty citrus-y and musky . particularly of the fact that men are involved in more physically tiring activity hence more sweating and body odor

Best thing about women perfumes is the cute, very thoughtfully designed bottles, have you seen any thing classy and cute as Diasy buy Marc Jacobs? no right !

Women's perfume  scents range from floral, slightly citrus-y , fruity candy like and a hit of spice or herbs they are not as strong as men perfumes, i usually gravitate towards fruity scents when shopping for perfumes 

perfumes smell different on every one. they basically react to your body chemistry and temperature this way some notes in the perfumes are more prominent while some just get suppressed, a cool customized signature scent for everyone

sometimes its very hard to find specific or newly launched in perfumes as it takes a long time to reach Pakistan so the best option for that problem is online shopping, most of the time local shops have over priced perfumes in that case just surf for your desire perfume online at a reasonable  and order away, viola easy as eating cakes , but be warned sometimes you can get conned into buying fake distill water perfumes , so do your research in advance and order away 

what is your signature perfume??


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