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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Skin 18 review: Luke hyaluron face mask, luke mugwort Nose strip and luke hydrogel eye patch sent me three products by luke

Luke Essence Mask hyaluron

Firstly is the hyaluronic face mask.this mask contains hyaluronic acid which has moisturizing properties. Due to the dry cold my oily skin is acting pretty weird these days. The area around my nose and cheek feels dry and sore at times. This mask nursed my skin pretty good. It replenished the moisture and made my skin soft like a baby.  This mask fit my face shape nicely and contained very generous amount of serum. I feared it might drip lol. As always I enjoyed wearing this mask and the great thing is that the moisturizing effect lasted for two days 👍

Luke Nose Patch mugwort

I have already tried this nose strip by luke and in my opinion about this pore strip is same. Its great for the price and does a fantastic job of pulling out all the black heads and gunk from the pores. For proof check out the picture below

  Luke Nose Patch mugwort

Since its winters I didn't applied this eye patch cold like I previously did. But it did felt cool and tingly none the less. I didn't notice any major difference in my wrinkles but I did notice that this eye patch made my eyes look less tired and more bright and refreshed then before

and this concludes my review of all the products i have been sent by currently has some awesome deals running on their website so do check them out

Saturday, 5 November 2016

skin 18 mask: purederm yogurt grape pack and mirum fresh fruit green tea mask review

Purederm yogurt grape pack

(Wash off type massage pack)


The only variety  of wash off masks I have ever used are  freemans mud mask, so using this moisturizing wash off mask was new for me

 this is an opaque white mask which has a synthetic grape scent with miniature granules for exfoliation. The granules are very little in number and very fine.
the mask has a cream like texture which absorbs within a minute into the skin as soon as its massaged on to the face

In my opinion this sachet contains enough  product which can be used twice,
I applied a dime size of this mask to my face in gentle circular motions and then left it on my face for 20 mins( I know the instructions say to leave it for 5-10 mins)

This washed off quite easily. It didn't lather or foam when washing. After patting my skin dry I noticed that it was soft and moisturized and my complexion was slightly lighter
For the price this mask is good skincare product

Mirum fresh fruit green tea sheet mask


I love the scent of green tea , so I was very excited to try this out
I applied this mask early in the morning while sipping my morning tea. The experience altogether was so refreshing . This smells exactly like free tea.  Green tea has the quality of hydrating lightening and detoxifying skin so this mask is perfect for all kind of skin types

After washing my face with a cleanser I applied this sheet mask to my face and left it on for 30 mins. I wanted my skin to absorb all the goodness this mask was offering hehe 😊

The sheet mask has a soft texture and is very gentle on the skin I was a bit large for my face but that's not too problematic. On removal I massaged the left over product on my face and neck
My skin felt soft and supple for two days which is so good since the weather is getting cold lately and my skin is acting quite weird

I have oily skin so creams and lotions using clog up my pores and make my skin break out but I am pleased to report that I didn't experience any breakouts after using this mask
I am so much interested to try out other variants from this line of sheet masks

That's all for now review of other products coming up soon

Sunday, 23 October 2016

skin 18 mask Innoface modelling cup pack and Cracare 3 step face mask review


I am back again reviewing the contents of my second reviewers package sent to me by
Before I begin I want to thank for send me these. Trust me, my mother and I had so much fun trying out these masks  this weekend

Innoface modelling cup pack in peppermint

Quanity : 15g
 I have never tried a modelling cup facemask but I am familiar with peel off mask,
This mask is a diy project kind of thing in which you are supposed to make your own mask by mixing the powder provided with water in a fixed ratio 0f 2:1. this mask converts into a chewy rubbery like texture which peels off easily

I mixed a little amount of water with powder in a saucer and applied it to my cheek only
The first thing I noticed was the smell of peppermint , ah so refreshing

This mask gives a cool tingling sensation which feels so good
I waited a few minutes for the mask to dry and then peeled it off
unlike the freeman peel off mask this didnt peel of tiny hair from my face so whole procedure was pain free

My skin felt soft after the whole procedure. didnt experience any irritation on the skin
Personally I feel that this mask has powder enough to be used two times

Cracare 3 step anti aging collagen lifting mask 

I gave this to my mother to try out since its more appropriate for her skin and age . This is a three step skin mask its has an anti aging ampoule , a sheet mask and  anti aging night cream

Firstly let me just say that how amazing and sweet does this mask smells, its part floral part herbs

Step1: Anti aging ampoule contained enough product to cover the face complete. The ampoule absorbed instantaneously, its very light in weight and did not leave a greesy film on the skin
My mother really liked the way it made her dry skin so soft and smooth

Step2: Is a sheet mask this had a lot of product in it which was dripping so my mother applied the excess product to her neck

She left the mask on her face for 30 mins and them removed the mask and gave her face a mini massage
She really like how hydrated and supple her skin was after using the mask

Step3: Anti aging night cream
My mother applied to her face before going to bed and was happy to notice that this cream completely absorbed into her skin so didn't had to worry about the cream transferring on to her pillow case

My mother woke up with very soft and bright looking skin, this mask has amazing scent part floral part herbal the scent is really soothing so altogether it was a very luxurious experience for my mother

i am truly impressed by these two masks and plan to stock up the cracare masks for my mother on this Christmas / new year sale

korean skin care is truly amazing

you can purchase these masks at

reviews of other mask coming up  soon on blog  

Thursday, 6 October 2016

skin 18 reviewer package : an overview


today i am sharing a quick review on products i received in my mail  by skin 18  an online skincare store which sells genuine korean skincare  products at very affordable prices .the shipping is very secure and quick and the customer care service is very good too

my parcel came a little squished but nothing was damaged inside thankfully, they double wrapped all the masks in a box so all the masks were safe

inside the box i received 7  products in total , which constituted of an assortment of facemask, modelling cup maks and nose strips

they even sent a thank you note for the freebies :)

these are the masks i received 

 Luke Essence Mask hyaluron

 Cracare 3 step Mask anti aging

 Mirum Fresh Fruit Real Nature Mask green tea

  Inoface Modeling cup mask in peppermint 

  Luke Eye Patch for wrinkle

  Luke Nose Patch mugwort

  PUREDERM Wash Off Mask in grapes

thats all 

i will be sharing a very detailed post  and my experience regarding all these masks  very soon so tuned for that 

until next  post  


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Skin care 18 skincare products detailed review

Last month I did a post on the skin products I received from skin reviews package, now I am finally doing a detailed review on each product

Dr luke mugwort nose strip


My thoughts:
Firstly forgive me for posting a  scary close up of my face I just wanted to demonstrate how it looked when it was on, this nose trip has a strong cologne like smell to it , which was a bit over powering in the beginning but became bearable after few minutes. Just follow the directions written at the back, place the pale sea green nose strip on your wet nose wait for it to dry for 20-30 minutes and peel

For me got a lot of gunky stuff from my pores, also the tiny hair that I have on my nose, this pore strip adheres to the nose quite hard so the pore cleaning action is pretty good in fact  better than the locally manufacture pore strips I have used , got a lot of my black heads and white heads
Thumbs up for this product quite impressed

 luke dark  eye patch  for puffiness


Curved crescent/teardrop shaped these  are so good to refresh  the area under  the eyes, give a cool tingling affect to the under eye area and stick well too, I refrigerated these before use to give an extra refreshing effect to my  sleep deprived eyes and trust me I felt so good

One of the fun  nose strips I have ever used, felt like a salon session at home, packet contains three nose strips designed to cleanse your pores, clear out the sebum and dirt and then close the pores
My nose felt so smooth and clean after using this nose strip, convinced to purchase this nose strip by holika holika

Four season  Collagen lifting  wrinkle care intensive mask:

Sheet masks are quite a big skin care product in Korea so this was a very interesting and exciting experience for me
The were a bit large for my face but  It didn’t make their usage any trouble some,  I left the mask on my face for a good 30 mins and on removal my skin felt so soft, hydrated and glowing . I was really amazed by the result i dont have wrinkles but this did hydrate my skin

Foodaholic Orange natural essence mask

how doesnt love citrus-y tangy scents i do!!

these mask smells so good
orange is known for its skin lightening and many beauty related beneficial properties
this brightened my skin i enjoyed using this mask the most

so thats it for the review

hope you enjoyed reading it

you can know more about here

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Skin 18 Face Mask: online store and korean skincare overview

i am just obsessed with korean dramas, their super cute actresses and handsome actors, hanbook fashion, natural dewy makeup and ofcourse skincare

i think sheet masks are a major part of korean skin care, i have seen in a lot of korean dramas where girls and guys relax by applying a skin mask or a sheet mask after a long tiresome day

even the popular chinese actress Fan bing bing admits that she uses about 600 sheet masks a year

so when i got the opportunity to try out korean skin care products i was so excited

about skin 18: 

its a online store based in Hong Kong which sells Korean skin care products at very affordable prices, they have a lot of giveaways and and promotions going on at their website
moreover they ship worldwide 

here is what arrived in the  package by skin 18

holika holika 3 steps kit  pignose clear black head

luke hydrogel eyepatch for eye puffiness

luke mugwork nose strip:


orange natural essence mask by foodaholic

collagen lifting wrinkle care intensive mask by four seasons:


a very detailed review of all these masks is coming up very soon