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Friday, 7 July 2017

[Review] Mediheal dress code mask ( blue, black and violet)

July 07, 2017 1
Today I will be review some really cute mask that were sent to my by for review purpose . I choose these masks entirely because of the cool masquerade design hehe lets see if they are only visually attractive or worth the money too?

Compared to the sheet masks I have tried out in the past the sheets of these masks is way more thicker. In my mind I thought these would be hydrogel mask but to my surprise these turned out as regular cotton sheet masks. Whats new about these is that they have a fancy design printed on them so it makes the sheetmasking even more fun specially when you have a slumber party with your friends

Since i got three  masks for the review purpose I shared these with my mother and sister

Mediheal dress code mask  Black (whitening)

When I tore open the mask I was met with this nice scent which I liked a lot. Seriously I enjoyed scented makeup and skincare products as long as they have fruity or floral scent . The mask size was a bit large for my face so I tucked the ends down my chin . This particular mask tingled slightly initially but then the tingling sensation was gone
 I left if on my face for 30mins (10 mins more than the recommended time). The serum in this is clear and liquidy but it did not absorb as fast as the previous masks I have tried . I rubbed the spare essence onto my arms and neck so that none of the serum foes to waste.
What I noticed was that my face was instantly bright. But sadly the effect didn't last long( It was gone by next morning).

Mediheal dress code mask  Violet

For my sister the serum was too much for her taste. As the mask was large for her face some of the serum got onto her hair 😊. But I helped her fix the situating by squeezing some of the serum back into the mask sister particularly liked the design on the mask. She spent a lot of time taking selfies. According to her the mask was nice and hydrating. This variant didn't tingled her skin thankful nor did it cause acne on her face. This also brightened her face. Her skin looked fair than normal after using this mask

Mediheal dress code mask Blue (aqua care)

Onto the third mask. My mother by now is a fan of sheetmasks so she was quite eager
 to try this one out by mediheal. This is labeled as aqua care clearly target for skin which needs hydration. My mother has dry skin so she absolutely loved the hydration the mask provided. She did felt that the thick fabric of the sheet mask was a little uncomfortable but other than that no complains. The scent if the mask was good too and my mother got that chok chok skin.
Out of all the three make I was sent the black dress code mask had these red faux jewel like sparkly things attached to them which made it even more fancy
I think these masks are for the price plus they are so much fun to use.I imagined myself at a mysterious masquerade ball . Lol me and my day dreams . This is my first time trying out products by mediheal and I really liked the quality of this brand. I will surely purchase more masks from this skincare brand in future

Monday, 27 June 2016

klenspop BUNNY 3COLOR VIOLET circle lens

June 27, 2016 6


i will be reviewing the Bunny 3Color violet circle lens these are the newly launched shades to the Bunny 3 color circle lens range

check previous posts below if you want to see more reviews from the range

Bunny 3 Color lens in Brown
Bunny 3 Color lens in Gray

before i begin i will apologize for taking so long to review the circle lens but its so hard to snap pictures of your face when the makeup is just sliding right of the face, terrible hot and muggy weather


Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25, -0.75 
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

these lens came in these cute slim rectangular box quite like the lipstick ones, i noticed that the free lens case and the tweezers were not included but i dont mind that as i already have spare lens cases lying around

as always the packaging was quite secure, no damage to the vials

these lens have a large diameter but the graphic diameter is small so they dont give much eye enlarging effect to the eyes. but the color combination and design is beautiful

they have a diffused black outer ring followed by dark and pastel purple/violet ring which has a flower like pattern and an inner ring of hazel/yellow gold which just brightens the eyes and mixes in well with my brown eyes

lens are made of very soft material which sits comfortable on the eyes, it didn't make my eyes water or caused any redness. i wore these for a good four hours and my eyes didnt felt dry

the color of the lens is quite noticeable in morning, sunlight and day light and flash photograpgy but the effect is little lost in evening and tubelight

priced at 18 $ these lens are on sale at the moment at the price of $7.20 so go grab them now

you can purchase these lens at klenspop website here 

 another review of lens coming up soon

 have a blessed Ramadan



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