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Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Best Android Smartwatches for Style

July 15, 2017 1

Long gone are the days when android was the operating system designed exclusively for smart phones now you can have an android functioning refrigerator, oven and yes a wrist watch or should I say smart watch. The speed with which technology is evolving is amazing yet terrifying at the same time but hey I am not in the mood to start a debate on the pros and cons of revolutionizing technology. I am today going to share with you guys/galls some cool gadgets which are going to keep you up the fashion and technology game.

DZ09 Smartwatch

This smartwatch is like basically the deluxe version of your android phone. you may not be able to play games or connect to your social media account but it full fill all the basic requirements and expectations one has from a cell phone. You can dial a call and receive one too. It can store in your contacts and also has a RAM of 64MB and ROM of 128MB. Moreover it's also memory card supported. this alloy cased rubber strapped smart watch also has a 1.3 Mp camera and also offers Bluetooth facility. This highly sensitive touch screen Smart watch has a stand by Time of 3days while using it reduces it to 1.5 days.

You also have access to a calender and calculator. This is currently available at for a 1350 rs only with free home delivery .

W08 Smartwatch

If the previous smartwatch was a little bland for your taste check this one out. You don't have to be as nerd to own this watch. With a capacitive touch screen this comes with 2Mp camera. You can also access you social media Platforms Facebook and Twitter.
This also has a barometer, pedometer and all the qualities of a regular cellphone. For people who live a healthy lifestyle and maintain an active gym routine /go for brisk walks regularly. This is best suited for you. Or perhaps you are a college student who likes to balance studies with social media networking then this is what you need. For people who loose there cellphone regularly or in my case drop them , then  perhaps it would be best to ditch cellphone/smartphone and jump on the smart watch bandwagon. This smart watch retails for 1500 rs and also comes with free delivery offer.

Are you one of those people who stick to the classic designs or even when the tide comes you hold on strong to your ideas / style. Then you would be happy to know that has timeless accessories aka wrist watch which stick to the original design and style.
Either your a casually dressed guy or one who is always dressed up to the
Nines in a suit or dressy pants. Pakstyle has a vast range of wrist watch designs for you. Ranging from chunky wrist watch which speak power to statement making designer watches all with an affordable price tag. The icing on the cake is that you can totally buy them online so that just saves up time an money. See its definitely easy and convenient to Buy online watches in paksitan.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Latest Festive Collection 2017 Online

June 04, 2017 0
A vey happy Ramadan to you my readers. The Ramadan this year is the toughest I have ever experienced in my life. But each and every increase of 1C in temperature makes my faith more and more stronger Alhumdullilah. This year I shopped for my Eid dress and accessories a month ago,so I will be sharing some fashion and style pointers for the coming festivities.

There has been some major changes in the pakistani fashion this year. a lot of things have made a come back from the past for instance patiala Shalwars are back in fashion in full swing and so are the sharara's paired with short funky colored/ bohemian tops. With tailors demanding insane amount of money to stich dresses I think it would be best to shop for pre stitched dresses online, saves money, time and  parching heat. That's like killing two birds or perhaps three with one stone.
I have very frail looking wrists so I usually skip on wrist watches but for those of you who don't have sticks for arms, wrist watches are best option to consider as an accessory this year. Pair a thick strapped wrist watch with a simple monochrome dress for a statement.look or choose a delicate pattern for a
Chic look. Online stores these days carry hundred of ladies watches so the choice is unlimited and the collection is mind boggling.

those of you who Seldom take a bath/shower ( I am looking at you Leonardo de caprio) perfumes is perhaps a way to mask the odor. Just kidding??? How can one skip a bath is beyond my brain's rational thinking ability but one a serious note to smell fresh or turn heads you need a statement perfume. Some thing that reflects a part of you and your mood. The scent can be sweet (floral) it can be fresh( mint) or perhaps sensual (think musk or fruity). Thankful a lot of online stores have started to stock up on designer perfumes, there have event sorted them by men perfumes and ladies perfumes so you can just order then online and have the perfume delivered to your home.

And lastly the pakistani dresses I actually already mentioned some major fashion the beginning of the post but one thing which I left out was pakistani dresses now these can constitute of either chiffon dress, lawn dresses or Pret wear. Keeping in mind the temperature and weather which is going to befall us this Eid, lawn is definitely going to be the choice of fabric for the majority of pakistani women. has stocked up all of the major pakistani lawn brands so your perfect Eid dress is just a click away. If lawn fabric is just now your type fear not they have a lot options , ( there are chiffon dresses too) moreover you can also pick out tops and shirts for casual wear from the website.
I will be signing out for now.  Wishing you all a very blessed Ramadan

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Trendy Watches for Men in Pakistan

July 30, 2016 1

Today I am doing a fashion/ trend post and a with  little references to the past i.e history 

do you know clocks have been around since the beginning of time , Egyptians had them, so did Romans and Greeks they became a room decor in the form of a wall clock in early 16th century and were worn as wrist watches and pocket watches by gentle men in early 19th century , and since that time they have now become an essential and fashion statement for men 

wrist watches specifically reflect a person taste so when purchasing one, one should be very sure whether he likes the design and color moreover you shouldn't invest you money in a fake, because this just questions one credibility and overall ruins the whole impression 

here is what you should consider when looking for a watch 

bezel design round, square any other shape 
color of the watch , jewel toned, metallic, neon etc 
type of straps and the material used  leather, metal, beads, wood , plastic
its mechanic either its digital or a mechanical one 

there are some great luxury brand out there that makeup some stellar watches 
i will be discussing some in this blog post 

Casio Beside WR50M

who does not know about Casio? it such a popular Japanese brand that has been launching some very exquisite watches for a fairy long time 
one particular watch that caught my attention is the Casio bedside WR50M, the design is very elegant, it has leather straps  and the bezel is silver in color, it come s\in with three dials for telling time day and date, the whole concept is very classy and perfect for  pairing it with your work out fit, Pakistani dress and even a casual tee 

Rolex Skeleton Watch 

skeleton watch is what is an accessory a true minimalist would own , the design shows all the mechanics of a watch with all the unnecessary metal and details removed, the design is beautiful and mesmerizing 
Rolex skeleton watch comes with a beautiful gold casing and a leather strap,moreover the back is transparent so its really cool to see the complete working of a wrist watch with your own eyes 

 Rolex Skeleton Watch Price in Pakistan is 1750 rs on modashop , ah i am just dazzled by this  beauty,its absolute perfection

  Rolex Submariner Watch

another notable mention is Rolex submariner which is  a waterproof watch so if you are a very sporty person or sweat frightfully a lot or are like me and forget to take of your watch before going into shower this watch is definitely for you , available in gold and black tones , this is  designed for the younger generation

for more info on Rolex Submariner Watch Price in Pakistan , check this website they have very affordable prices 

Android Smartwatch

keeping in mind the current age of cool gadgets and advance technology this is is must have if you are a geek or technology savvy,  because this is the coolest watch around  it has the ability to record  call , comes with aphone book , bluetooth , message reminder , call reminder etc which saves one from keeping their cellphone with them all time.

Android Smartwatch Price in Pakistan is only 2750 rs, so hurry and grab yours before its out of stock

its not easy to buy original watches in Pakistan easily with a suitable/ affordable price tag most of the time there a lot of fake/duplicate watches circulating in the market,
if you have decided to invest in a watch be sure about your taste and style, because there is no point in purchasing a watch which you are never going to wear, watches have sentimental value so always dedicate some time to invest in a watch .

as a Pakistani you should also keep in mind your dressing preference, do you wear shalwar kameez or wear a suit or like to spend you r day in  a casual t shirt . 
give a lot of though in the type of straps you like your watch to have, the color and most importantly the design and the bezel 
thats all  i hope after reading this post you find your signature watch 


Friday, 1 July 2016

Eid Shopping Essentials for Girls

July 01, 2016 5


Its very sad that the holy month of Ramadan is about to end which also means that  Eid is right around the corner . yay

I am almost done with my Eid preparations, had my jora stiched almost a month ago and bought the shoes last week so all that is left is mehndi ,some makeup items and bangles ( eid in my opinion  is incomplete without vermicelli and bangles )

With the temperature showing 40 C on thermometer i am afraid that my makeup is going to melt right of off my face so i am currently thinking about purchasing a foundation which is water and sweat proof, A lot of online shops are selling very affordable makeup kits which have a bunch of face products to make you look pretty one such example is Modashop selling Lakme 9to5 Makeup Kit which includes following items 

Lakme 9to5 BB Cream
- Lakme 9to5 Pan Cake
- Lakme 9to5 Waterproof Mascara
- Lakme 9to5 Waterproof Eyeliner

Side note: Lakme is a very popular makeup brand originating from India 

looking for watch that complements all your  Eid dresses look no further because Ladies Interchangeable Watch Set has your covered, the innovative design which allows the person to change the straps and bezel to various colors is amazing, now you can match your to your outfit within few minutes and the price range is quite affordable 

Surprisingly straightened hair are still in fashion this year, i know how time consuming and tiring it is for the arms to straighten hair, i am talking about 2-4hr that us girls have to sacrifice  to remove all the waves and curls from the hair and make our tresses look dead straight

there is this new gadget called Fast Hair Straightener Brush which looks just like the ordinary hair brush but has the ability to straighten your hair in few minutes as you run it through your hair 

- Ultra smooth ceramic plates for effortless glide
- Pro variable temperature control for all hair types
- Exclusive heat expansion plate Technology
- Temperature Controller: Digital
- Applicable hair: Dry & wet
- Voltage: 220V
- Max.Temperature: 230 °C
- Min.Temperature: 80 °C

this product is currently at a discounted price of 1999 at Modashop 

 Apply a fruity fragrance this Eid with Honey Apple Perfumes long lasting fragrance, designed for the female population this scent is sure to add a unique individuality to your eid dress 

 these are a few essentials things you should shop for girls this eid 

until next time 


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Latest Ladies Watches Collection 2016

May 26, 2016 2

Salam my dear readers ! how are you guys doing its almost the end of may which means that both the holy month of Ramadan and summer vacations are upon us yay 

i have already planned a bunch of activities for my summer, i am stay at home kind of person my summer to do list includes painting, reading novels and learning Korean language and of course my favorite binge watching Korean drama's, man they are so good cant recommend them enough 

  speaking of vacations reminds me how incredibly fast the time is running one thing that we all are always out of is time and money lol which brings us to the today's topic i.e watches 

Ladies Watches

watches are accessories that speak class and luxury they define a person, their taste in fashion and reflect a part of their personality. gone are the days when they were heavy chunky watches now ladies can choose from a vast selection of designs ranging from bracelet style to bangle shaped watches with pretty floral designs. and the brand range has expanded to from Micheal korrs to Guess and ever popular swiss watch brand rado 

Girls Watches

you dont have to a middle aged aunty, teenage girls have a separate assortment of designs and cool watches  to wear to school or a party, pity i have crossed my teen years, bummer 

beaded strapped watches, barbie/anime themed watches and bright neon watches are some of the types you can choose from .

do you get bored of wearing a same watch everyday or you are like me and like to color co ordinate your accessories with your clothes? well interchangeable watches are the answer to all your fashion dilemma and problems. this watch set some with a variety of straps which can be changed easily to suit your dress . moreover you can also change the bezel, the idea in my opinion is quite innovative 

interested to purchase a new watch. online shopping is an option,  in my opinion MODASHOP has fair amount of designs and colors of watches from which you can choose from 

i hope you find your signature watch 

bye girls 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Latest Trend in Fashion Jewellery & Watches for Women

March 06, 2016 12

Trends for women’s jewellery and watches has changed dramatically for the year of 2016. Time to pack away all the jewellery and accessories of the last year and make room for new items to take their place. Looking at the all the latest fashion weeks and trends featured in popular magazines it seems like stud earrings are going to be very popular this year so are the thick strapped chunky watches. So update your collection ladies !!!!


For ages women have been adorning themselves with jewellery made out of wood, various precious metals like gold and silver and precious stones and still do now, though gold still remains the favorite most preferred choice of jewellery, due to increased price of gold, ladies have started to buy artificial jewellery as they  are equally beautiful, less pricey and are more creatively designed. 

Women jewellery nowadays are available online at a very affordable price tag, these online stores have a  vast variety of studs, ,bracelets and necklaces for ladies to choose from 

I personally feel that a women outfit is incomplete unless a classic time piece (watch) is added to it. There was a time when the only wrist watches available came in very boring designs and mundane black and brown color but now the design and trends for watches have progressed to a new level of coolness, cute floral straps, chunky and punk designs and cool intricate patterns,not to mention the color choice has become vast too, now you can buy a watch in every color to co-ordinate with your dress or buy one which suits your personality or goes with your mood

Too lazy to walk to the store??? Well now you can buy women watch at the comfort of your home via  online shopping. Most of online stores show very detailed and clear pictures of their watches and the features are explained in detail too so experience is similar to that of shopping from shop only you don’t have to burn your fuel or walk to the store just add your dream watch to the cart and with a click of mouse, the watch is delivered to your address (you have to pay for it obviously, LOL)

Do you shop via online store often???


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