Thursday, 20 March 2014

lipstick review (part 2)

March 20, 2014 4

becute and medora lipsticks

until recently becute has somehow made its way to the ladies handbags
due to its super creamy texture and affordability.
 today i am reviewing two lippies by becute and one by medora
all three listicks are matte in nature


becute lipsticks pkr 150

medora lipsticks pkr 110

quantity  3.8 g, 3.9 g and 4.2 gram respectively


one of the becute lipsticks comes in a sea green packaging with a clear plastic bottom which can be pulled off while the other one comes in a solid red plastic cover

medora lipstick

shade fiesta 201

this is a very pretty deep pink lipstick it looks best on fair and olive skin tones ,
pigmentation of this product is superb this lasts  6hr on the lips and leaves a pink 
tint behind

L-R becute shade112, becute shade439 medora fiesty shade201

becute lipstick

shade 112

 this lipstick is a light pink color suitable for everyday makeup look .
the texture is creamy, and lasts on my lips for 4 hours. has a faint scent

becute lipstick 

shade  439

confession this is actually my first ever red lipstick  its a bit late as the bold 
red look was last year's trend. (this year its tangerine ) my mother ws not happy
when i purchased it she totally disapproved of this color
this color is a nuetral red so looks best on every skin tone
and makes my teeth look white too :)

this lipstick has  a little scent which becomes subtle after few minutes

medora shade 201 becute shade 439 becute shade 112

you might like this

if you are on a budget

you want some thibg thats locally availabble

you are looking for a lippie which lasts longerthan average 3hrs

you might not like it

if you dont like scented cosmetics

my ratings

4.5 out of 5

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

rivaj uk glitter eyeliner

March 12, 2014 1

i went to a cosmetic shop yesterday with a purpose of  purchasing  gold eye dust 
but ended up buying a gold glitter eyeliner from rivaj instead,
 if you are curious to see why this particular eyeliner caught my eye then read on

shade:01 (its avaiable in a lot of shades ranging from blue green purple and silver)


it comes in a tiny tiny tub like bottle with a sleek silver handle. 
the bottle is transparent so you can clearly
 see the product inside. a black rubber stopper inside prevents excess product to 
leave the bottle. the brush applicator  provides smooth 
aplication of the eyeliner

 price: pkr 200

quantity: 1ml

swatched on the back of my hand one swipe

my thoughts

i as you already know by now dont like shimmer but this  pale gold glitter
 eyeliner is totally unresistable. serioulsy it can be used to create such perfect
effortless look. i just dabb it on  my white eyeshadow with my clean fingers to 
create a subtle glitzy look and it  looks amazing, another way to wear this is 
lining it on top of your black eyeliner. the color pay off is amazing to one swipe is enough to give a bright colored streak

this particular picture is taken courtesy google images probably a look from some other beauty blog

you might like it

if you are looking for  a glitter eyeliner

you want to add a little fu to your makeup collection

you might not like it

 if you dont like glitter

my ratings

i give this 4 out of

this is available at all rivaj uk counters nationwide and from

Friday, 7 March 2014

mua undress your skin illuminating foundation

March 07, 2014 0



liquid foundation

To be honest i dont wear liquid foundation at all because one i have super oily skin two i feel that teenagers shouldnt try  liquid foundation as the skin is too delicate and young. so you might be wondering why did i bought this foundation. well  i got this for my mother. for the last three years islamabd weather has changed dramatically we normally used to have like pleasant summer with some what bearable heat but now it feels more like saharah dessert.blistering sun and well then there is electricity :)
so liquid foundations dont last much just two hours and the makeup just slips down your face leaving horrid white streaks mixed with perspiration.
though the product doesnot claims to be long lasting but it actually is very long lasting i am talking 12 hours here.

price : £5.00 or 850 pkr

quantity: 35ml

shades available : 3 porcelein,beige and golden

About the packaging

 liquid one usually come in a glass bottle but these come in a squeezable plastic tube which is kind of different and unique 

what MUA  says about it

covers imperfections and blemishes whislt maintaining your skins natural glow with light diffusing particles of shimmer that create instant radiance


My thoughts

first of all let me clear one thing this foundation doesnot has any shimmer or glitter particle not a smitch. so you will not end up looking like a light bulb :). this foundation can be a little drying on the skin so you might have to use a litttle primer or moisturizer underneath. it adheres to the skin so is not effected much by perspiration which is a plus point. my mother actually wore this at noon on the eid day and it remained intact on her face till midnight she just added a few touch ups with her pressed powder before going to a family get together at 8pm and thats all. this foundation gives  good coverage  and can be doubled up as a concealer too. the texture is smooth and very light when i got the foundation i though it was empty but it wasnt :) it gives a matte finish.


my mother and i have fair skin so porcelein seemed like the perfect match, though there is very little difference between beige and porcelein shade

this might be your faouvirite

if you are looking for a long lasting foundation
you live in a extremely hot or humid place
you want a matte foundation
you want a light weight foundation

this might not be your favourite 

if you have too oily skin

my rating

i rate this product 5 out of 5 

i got this for pkr 650 from when their  eid deals were on :)
you can check it out here


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