Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beauty Advice

April 09, 2014 2


baby oil is a multi tasking product 

it can be used to:

remove water proof mascara

remove water proof eyeliner

remove brow gel

cleanse your skin

as a moisturizer

retain your hair's natural moisture and shine after taking a shower

to soften up your cuticles 


i personally preper using baby shampoos on my scalp as compared to other shampoo's
as baby shamppo's are mild for scalp. they contain less harmful ingredienst are gentle on both hair and skin

less chemicasl means healthier hair and ofcourse beautiful me :D

i also use it to clean my makeup brushes :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


April 02, 2014 0

Christine Concealer

concealer is one of the essentials on a vanity table ,makeup bag or a purse
as it hides all the imperfections, scars, dark spots, pimples, dark circles 
under the eye area and can be used as a highlighter too

christine is a local pakistani brand makeup which is creating affordable 
makeup products with good quality. i had a concealer of theirs which
 i have been using in my highschool years  to hide my acne scars

Price: rs 200

Quantity: 3.8gms

Shade :

02 medium (the shopkeeper didnt had ivory available at
that time)


its just like a lipstick tube with a black lid and the 
ompanys name written over it in white mine has rubbed off
due to everyday usage

What i think about it:

this is very easy to use as you have to dab it directly on the face 
very much like lipstick.its cramy and blendable and gives pretty much
decent coverage but the lasting power is a bit of a disapointment for me.
it lasts only for 3hrs on my skin(i have oily skin type)but if you set it with
pressed powder on top then it extends to 5hrs which is ok for college
since its not expensive so it wouldnt hurt to has a faint scent

You might like it

if you have dry or normal skin
you want to buy something wgich is locally available

You might not like it

if you have oily skin

My ratings

i give it 3 out of 5


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