Friday, 25 July 2014

Mua blusher in marshamallow

July 25, 2014 0

I have been searching for a blue toned pink blusher for quite sometime so when I spotted this on website for a meager price of rs 200 I though why not give it a try

Price: pkr 200 

Quantity: 2.4gm


Now let me warn you this the packging is very flimsy and liable to break from the hinge(that’s what happened to my blusher)
This pan is quite slim and has a clear lid while the latch is quite secure

About the product:

The blusher is so pigmented ( I don’t have a blush as pigmented as this) one swipe of the brush is enough to apply the required amount for a natural flush of color
The texture of the blusher is smooth it transfers quite evenly and is easy to blend gives a nice wintery flush to the cheeks

Due its good pigmentation this blusher lasted on my cheeks for  six hours which is awesome

I am going to purchase more shades of blusher from Mua due to their amazing quality and super affordability

You might like it;

If you are searching for pigmented blusher

Something that is long lasting

Something that is affordable

Blusher range which   has shades to offer for  every of skin tone

You might not like it

You only get to live once so buy the blush

My ratings

5 out 5

Mua products can be purchased from either here  if you live in Pakistan or from the mua online store( they ship all around the world)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Mua lipstick in shade 16 nectar

July 11, 2014 3


I have been daydreaming about peachy corally lipsticks for a long time, they give a healthy warm glow to the skin , and are perfect for spring so when I read the review about mua lipstick in shade nectar. I saw my dream coming true :P

 Miraculously this lipstick was available at ( the mua stuff is always out of stock)
All the products get sold out so fast, its like magic

On with the review;

 The lipstick came packed in a plastic seal which is a good thing, the packaging as good but a little flimsy and is black in color , very sensible looking
There is a little container at the bottom  which has some extra product in it so that’s a plus point.
  Price: pkr 200

Quantity:  3.8 g

My thoughts

This has made to my list of favourite lipsticks,the color of the lipstick is a corally orange color  its very moisturizing, and has a very delicious vanilla scent,the color lasts for 2-3 hours which is ok, I don’t mind reapplying, goes on smoothly and doesnot crease on the lips but hey do exolifate yours lips before applying any lipstick as chapped lips with lipstick on don’t look good

Sadly heat is not a good friend as it kinds of melts the lipstick so keep it somewhere cool
 You might like it

If you are searching for a  affordable coral lipstick
 You might not like it

If you are allergic to vanilla scent

I rate this product 5 out of 5 without a second thought
 Until next time


this lipstick can be purchased from here

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Haul post:

July 05, 2014 0

To tell you the truth, is one of the most visited page on my browser history. I just can’t help skimming through their catalogue, they always have something new and exciting on their page
 Unfortunately i am on a tight budget for the past two months as I splurged a lot on a new gadget I wanted too much.Anyways I added a few things to my cart and tap my order was finalized
 After three days I received my parcel in the signature packaging the plain brown box

Here is what I bought
 Mua lipstick in shade 16 netar
Mua powder blush marshmallow
Mua intense kisses lipgloss in shade pucker up

 Total bill
Shipping charges = rs 200
 Total= pkr 950

 I totally loved everything I bought

 Reviews of the products coming up next

 p.s I  ordered all this stuff sometime( read; long) time ago . I was soo busy with studies that I had trouble updating this post

freemans feeling beautiful facial mask review

July 05, 2014 2

facial anti stress mask DEAD SEA MINERALS

i dont go for facials at salon as i consider it a waste of money
i try homemade facials using stuff from kitchen usually twice a week(lemon and
youghurt mask for oily skin)


most of the beauty bloggers have been raving about freemans skin care products
so i decide it was about time i should try out something from the freemans range

On a recent trip to medi plus islamabad i spyed a row of freemans clay masks
they had so many of them that i wasnt sure which one to buy. the sale boy
for some unknown reasons recommended the strawberry and chocolate mask
but the mask's brown color put me off. dead sea minerals on the other hand had
 beautiful color and scent  so i brought this one

on returning home i scaned the  freemans website and  saw that it
has won an award from  allure magazine

quantity : 6fl. oz / 150 ml

price : pkr 365

i got it for pkr 340 after discount



It is such a huge bottle (tube shaped plastic bottle) which is teal in color
it has a lid of similar color and there are seashells printed on the bottle
this product is going to last for more than year i am sure

about the product

Its so so attractive and beautiful . the masks smell heavenly i havent been
 to sea but those of you  who have been  to the sea ,might think it smells  
like sea salt.i found the scent to be very relaxing and sweet. the mask has
gorgeous teal color.the masks has a coooling effect on skin
 when i applied it to my face i looked a i have stepped out
from avatar movie

the mask is very thick but spreads easily and smoothly on the skin
there are no granules in the mask its creammy in texture
i applied it on my face using my fingers
after 10 minutes it hardened preventing any facial movement
so i rinsed it off with water.(it very easy to wash off this mask)

this product is not tested on animals

what i noticed about the products


its great for oily skin as it absorbed all the oily from my skin it also cleaned
my pores and gave a refreshed feel to my skin i felt better after using it
it also reduces the size of zits and pimples. its like it has sucked
 moisture out of the pimple.

so far i havent experianced any breakouts or irritation on the skin

i really love this mask


you might like it


if you have oily skin (this is best)
you like funky looking face masks
like sweet scented masks
something pocket friendly


you might not like it


if you have dry skin this particular mask is a big no for you.because it will
make your skin even more dehydrated. try to find a hydrating mask from
the freemans feeling beautiful range they have masks for every skin type


my ratings


i rate this product 5 out of 5

this mask is also available at here

looking forward to your comments


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