Thursday, 28 August 2014

Mua eyedust in shade3

August 28, 2014 0

It’s quite a challenge to keep loose eye shadows, setting powders or highlighters , since that make such a mess, they are travel unfriendly too, open the lid the wrong way and you are covered in mess which literally takes an eternity to clear. I once upturned a bottle of glitter and tiny specks of gold glitter still grace the lounge carpet

But hey I am beauty blogger I take challenges (figure of speech :P )
so I decided to give the Mua eye dust a shot

Price: pkr 200 

Quantity:  1.5 g

About the packaging

The dust is contained in a clear round acrylic / plastic jar. The product is prevented to spread every where  by a round piece of tape
Now I pierced a little with a help of a needle so that a very little amount comes out, minimizes the mess too

About the product:

This is my first ever eye dust so I didn’t knew what to expect from it but in my opinion the product is quite decent for the price.
It has a very beautiful mesmerizing mermaid green color with finely milled green glitter, its not gritty or chunk feel very smooth

This stayed on my lids for 2 hours, I did not use any primer underneath
But I am sure it can last longer if you use it on top of cream eye shadow or primer( it gets something to adhere to other than your oily lids)

I really like this product

I rate this product 4  out of 5

this is available at check it out  here

Do you think eye dust works as good as an eyeshadow?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mua intense kisses lipgloss in pucker up

August 20, 2014 0

I don’t own a  lot of glosses as I don’t like them, I just  can’t stand them as they are horrible and gooey most of them have sparkles. I am more into matte lips 

I just own three lip-glosses,  yep that’s right just three
The Mua intense kisses lip-gloss has more of a lipstick texture so I thought I should buy one to give my meager lip-gloss collection some company

Price: pkr 350

They has such a variety of colors that I had trouble picking one

I like light stained red lips so I bought the lip-gloss in shade “pucker up”
Since it looked pretty much red to me
But when I received my lip-gloss it had more of a deep berry shade to it

Yeah  this happens when you shop online, 

The color was so bold and pigmented and was totally out of my comfort zone ,

After a few weeks, my college friends decide to give each other a temporary makeover (had lots of fun), so my frind though how about a dab a little amount of it on my lips and smear it , that way I will tone down down the intensity and get to wear it, so I tried it on and well it looked great really not to bold nor to subtle

About the product:

The bottle is cute , has fair amount of product in it. a glittered pucker is on the lid, the wand is has a nice applicator which distribute the product evenly.
The lip-gloss is amazing really it’s so pigmented, and the staying power is terrific, stays for 6 hours. Has a creamy texture not gloopy or sticky ,
No glitter or sparkles, has no scent

Quantity: 5.1 ml

You might like it:

I you are searching for creamy, pigmented long lasting lip-gloss

You might not like it:

If you feel more comfortable wearing lip-glosses with sparkles and hint of color

My ratings:

I rate this product 4 out of 5

this lipgloss is available at check it out here

Have you tries the Mua intense kisses lipgloss? Which shade should I try next?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


August 12, 2014 3

Ok so as I was tidying up my room for Eid I noticed that I have way too many things like jewelry makeup and clothes than I need,

I have way too many lipsticks(15 last time I counted) a dozen lip balms and lip-glosses, brand new blushers, pressed powder, kohl pencils etc

Well it’s a common knowledge that makeup comes with a expiry date so when the duration is up time to say good bye to your favorite cream blusher even if its half used

Now as I was surfing web I came across this really good blog post challenge(I don’t remember the name of the blog:; sorry) but she implemented a 100 days shopping ban on herself. Inspired by her I though how about I take the 100 days shopping ban challenge too
I mean it can be beneficial right, for my makeup bag and of course for my  wallet too

So here is what the challenge I am taking

1.    I am not going to buy another makeup product for a span of 100 days, as I have a lot of unused makeup stash in my drawer

2.     I am not going to splurge on fancy handbags and jewelry(my weakness) as I have a lot of them that I have never worn

3.    I need to minimize my junk food  obsession to zero unless I am experiencing a major college food crisis situation

4.    I need to stop buying clothes and shoes on impulse

Ok so girls these are some of the rules I  have prepared for myself

Lets see how good I am abiding to these rules

I will update to you about my shopping ban journey after a month

I hope you will stay with me 

Till then

p.s: this doesnot means that I am not going to be blog posts afterall I have a stash of makeup to review right J

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Eid haul

August 05, 2014 0 recently held an amazing eid, so many discounts and a lot of giveaways and freebies too, I didn’t avail the freebies but I did bought a few things from the eid clearance sale

Now the team working at  is professional  and very fast in processing the order it’s the courier service which is disappointing

Even if the parcel reaches the destination city on time the delivery man takes another week to deliver the parcel to the addressee

Seriously here is the proof

 Anyways the first thing I noticed when I received my parcel was wow they have changed the look of the box

Instead of the brown box this one was cute and had names of the brands and monogram of so adorable

My box was mummified in layers and layers of tape :P
Things were secure as usual and I loved the products

Here is what  I got

Mua eye dust in (shade 3 ) : rs200 discounted price rs 75
Mua lipstick trio in temptress: rs 450 discounted price rs 350
Delivery charges rs: 200

i couldn't resist swatching the lipsticks

Total bill rs 625


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