Sunday, 3 July 2016

Oriflame Love Nauture Purifying Tea Tree lotion for oily skin

if i be  honest with you guys the idea of slathering on lotion or cream on my face scares me primarly because i have oily skin and, creams having oily texture tend to block my pore and give me cystic acne plus blackheads

i do use coconut oil on my skin occasionally, trust me it works wonders but to use it under my foundation is difficult.i originally intended to try out clean & clear moisturizer but then my experience with the brand is not so good so i let that one pass

Oriflame is a Swedish brand  they have a very vast range of makeup and skincare products for every skin type so i decided to buy one for my self from the tea tree range

Price: around PKR 700 i think

Quantity: 50 ml

Packaging : its a small transparent plastic tub , i preffer tubes as they are more hygienic

the jar was sealed so i got the satisfaction of knowing that one has dipped their fingers in the lotion before me and the lotion is uncontaminated

About the product:

the lotion is pale green in color when applied on the skin it does not impart any color,
this lotion smells amazing and refreshing, i absorbs quickly once its applid and does not leaves any oily residue on my skin
i have been using this for almost a month and i am please to tell you guys that my skin didnt break out even once so yay for me

i wouldnt recommend this product to dry skin people as its not too moisturizing or hydrating
the hydration level is perfect for oily skin beauties

i am seriously impressed with this, despite the fact that this tiny lotion jar i expensive i am definitely going to repurchase this once again as this my holy grail skin care product

which cream or lotion do you use ?


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