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Saturday, 7 March 2015

How to prevent your artificial/costume jewelry from rusting

March 07, 2015 2

Imagine the horror when you see rust on your favorite statement ring or the earrings your forgot to take off before shower

Rust is basically formed by oxidation of metal. Usually part of the jewelry which are in contact with our skin get rusted first. I have thrown a lot of my earrings, rings and necklaces in trash can as they looked terrible and then I discovered this trick

All you need is a clear nail enamel to save your jewelry pieces from getting rusty

i used the one by rivaj uk


Clean your jewelry with a dry tissue paper and then coat it with clear enamel. One coat is enough

Hang your jewelry until the nail enamel dries

And there you have it rust proof jewelry
You should apply a coat of clear enamel once every month in case it chips off

i hope this post  helped  you 

do you have any other tip to prevent 
lt me know in the comment section below

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

rivaj uk glitter eyeliner

March 12, 2014 1

i went to a cosmetic shop yesterday with a purpose of  purchasing  gold eye dust 
but ended up buying a gold glitter eyeliner from rivaj instead,
 if you are curious to see why this particular eyeliner caught my eye then read on

shade:01 (its avaiable in a lot of shades ranging from blue green purple and silver)


it comes in a tiny tiny tub like bottle with a sleek silver handle. 
the bottle is transparent so you can clearly
 see the product inside. a black rubber stopper inside prevents excess product to 
leave the bottle. the brush applicator  provides smooth 
aplication of the eyeliner

 price: pkr 200

quantity: 1ml

swatched on the back of my hand one swipe

my thoughts

i as you already know by now dont like shimmer but this  pale gold glitter
 eyeliner is totally unresistable. serioulsy it can be used to create such perfect
effortless look. i just dabb it on  my white eyeshadow with my clean fingers to 
create a subtle glitzy look and it  looks amazing, another way to wear this is 
lining it on top of your black eyeliner. the color pay off is amazing to one swipe is enough to give a bright colored streak

this particular picture is taken courtesy google images probably a look from some other beauty blog

you might like it

if you are looking for  a glitter eyeliner

you want to add a little fu to your makeup collection

you might not like it

 if you dont like glitter

my ratings

i give this 4 out of

this is available at all rivaj uk counters nationwide and from

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nail Enamel review

January 22, 2014 0


I am not a fan of glitter and sparkly but the nail enamels which I am reviewing today are surprisingly my favourite. These adorable bottles caught my eye when I was standing at a drugstore  buying  a mouth wash.

PRICE: 65 pkr each


My thoughts:

These are two gorgeous shades which can be both use as a base coat for a French manicure or can be used as a top coat too. The shades are 140 and 142. Shade 140 has a slightly pink color to it. There are round specks of pink  with some golden glitter. It really jazzes up red or hot pink nail enamel. The other shade 142 is a clear enamel with these really adorable jewel like blue glitter and it has a light silver shimmer to it. I used this on top of a black enamel and it gave me a galaxy like effect (so pretty).

Staying power:

The enamel lasted on my nails for 5 days without chipping away. I washed dishes with it on but its still there intact so its great and it does not damages the nails like some of the nail enamel do

This will be your favorite:

If you like glitter or sparkle.
You are looking for a funky top coat

My rating: i rate it 5 out of 5


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