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Friday, 19 August 2016

Chiffon Dresses To Give You Trendy Look

August 19, 2016 1

preparing for a wedding or some other event which requires you to dress desi , well today i am sharing some pointers on how you can dress trendy for the next big event wearing a chiffon dress 

 For us asian girls chiffon dresses are probably the most sought after fabric when buying a dress because its comfortable to wear , flouncy and breezy and has the magical quality to make any body shape look flattering , what i really love about chiffon dresses is that how it drapes around the body and add the feminine touch to the whole outfit, the flow-y texture of dress and the embroidery or the rhinestone embellishment really make a simple suit look really elegant  and chic 

there are a lot choices when buying  a  dress ranging from two toned dresses to the ever popular tie and dye combo, like some thing sparkly try one which has pleats and bead for embellishment 

Pakistani weddings are a very elaborate affair, this three day event is no joke keeping in mind the current trends Pakistani wedding dresses are considered one of the most beautiful wedding attires around the world, with every one competing to look their best  it’s quite a quest to find a beautiful dress which looks different and stunning from everyone’s else dress even the bride ha ha   just kidding !!! 

One of things which are very attractive about Pakistani wedding dresses  is that there is a lot of variety when choosing a dress, A line frocks, anarkali dress, etc. a single suit/ dress has extensive embroidery , a lot of  different fabrics used in it . you can find a lot of online shops selling beautiful dresses these days

avid online shopper like me?? allow me to introduce you to a shop which sells beautiful stitched and non stitched Pakistani Clothes Online, there a huge variety of fabrics designs and colors, the prices are very affordable. tops, lawn suits, chiffon dresses,pants, churidar and leggings etc you name it , they have it . moreover they have both designer and non designer clothes in stock
the whole procedure or ordering clothes is easy and they deliver your goods right at your doorstep, the whole procedure is money and time saving

i enjoyed writing this post i hope you had a good time reading it

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Trendy Women’s Tops & Shirts

April 05, 2016 10

Clothes make the first impression when you meet a person for the first time, clothes reflect a lot about a person’s personality, it can show a person’s wealth status, his/her taste in clothing and even their mood, wearing trendy clothes reflects how much you are aware about the current fashion
But splurging on expensive clothing is not easy on the pocket for everyone so when good quality trendy clothes are available online,here are some recommendations from where you can shop trendy clothes with a very affordable price

Ladies Tops

Frankly speaking I am not one of those people who have the patience to pull of a three piece suit .i always like to shop for tops which have interesting collars,embellishments or are checkered. the best thing about tops is that you can freely pair them with a scarf and pair of jeans/denim or wear capri pants , or trousers and viola you are ready to go out looking chic 

If you love wearing western clothing then shrugs are not an alien article of clothing for you, I feel that shrug is a must have for your wardrobe , its cute and feminine and comes in various types of fabrics, colors and designs moreover  you can wear a shrug in many different ways like tie it in a knot in front or a bow or draping it around your body. Feeling a bit cold in monsoon shrug is your best friend, just throw it on and you are ready to rock the mildly chilly weather like a boss

if you are a desi girl and love your traditional shawlaar kameez, then lawn dresses are  definetely your choice or attire, with a choice  of almost hundred of brands now available online you can easily shop your favourite prints and designs online with just one click the only thing left do do is ofcource drop them at the tailor shop, even some online store are offering ready-made/pre-stiched clothes to your size what more can you ask for?

Where to buy
A lot of online stores have a variety of extremely cute clothes which come in various design and colors, more over the price tag is very affordable and some even offer free delivery

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