Thursday, 23 January 2014


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I have heard great things about the makeup brand mua so when I saw them at I though of giving it a shot. So I got myself a pressed powder and cream blush 



PRICE: 200pkr  or £1.00 (available at

QUANTITY:5.7 grams

Shades available: its available in 4 shades

Packaging: it’s a sturdy square compact with a clear lid very much like avon blushes

I found this pressed powder to be very silky and smooth. it feels very light on the skin and gives a vey natural look to it.but the shade unfortunately turned out to be dark for me . (misguided by the shade shown on website)I looked very tan when I wore it.( I am NC 15), at first I was disappointed about the shade but then I decided to use it as bronzer :)

And currently it is serving as a bronzer in my makeup kit

STAYING POWER: it lasts for five hours after which the oil starts showing up on my skin

You might like it:

If you skin is medium toned or you are tanned
You are looking for a good pressed powder which is not expensive

You might not like it

If does not matches your skin color

My ratings

I will rate it 3.5 out of 5


Quantity: 3.2 gm

Shades available:4

Price:350 pkr or £2.00

What does mua says about it : creates a soft dewy look for sweet blush perfection

PACKAGING:rectangular compact with a clear lid on top which is quite a secure

My thoughts

I found this blush to be perfect. It can be wore alone to give a natural coraly pink color to the cheeks. I personally think that  this blush gives your face a an instant color when you are too lazy to do the whole makeup ritual. the texture is creamy and blends easily on skin ,its perfect to wear in has hardened a bit in winter but you can still wear it by warming it with your fingers. This a very little golden shimmer which is only visible in pan but does not shows up on skin

Staying power:

This blush stays on for a decent 4 hours (if wore alone)if used with a powder blush it lasts for 6 hours


If you are into cream blushes
You want some thing which lasts long
Gives you a natural look

You might not like it:

I cant find any reason

My ratings

I rate it 5 out of 5

you can purchase this blush from here
and the powder here

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nail Enamel review

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I am not a fan of glitter and sparkly but the nail enamels which I am reviewing today are surprisingly my favourite. These adorable bottles caught my eye when I was standing at a drugstore  buying  a mouth wash.

PRICE: 65 pkr each


My thoughts:

These are two gorgeous shades which can be both use as a base coat for a French manicure or can be used as a top coat too. The shades are 140 and 142. Shade 140 has a slightly pink color to it. There are round specks of pink  with some golden glitter. It really jazzes up red or hot pink nail enamel. The other shade 142 is a clear enamel with these really adorable jewel like blue glitter and it has a light silver shimmer to it. I used this on top of a black enamel and it gave me a galaxy like effect (so pretty).

Staying power:

The enamel lasted on my nails for 5 days without chipping away. I washed dishes with it on but its still there intact so its great and it does not damages the nails like some of the nail enamel do

This will be your favorite:

If you like glitter or sparkle.
You are looking for a funky top coat

My rating: i rate it 5 out of 5

Friday, 17 January 2014

Online shopping

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Jewelery time:

Accessories démodé

I am a sucker for jewelry every time I go shopping with my mom I just keep on buying earrings and bracelet, I have a really huge of earrings in every shape and size and still I don’t get enough of it.

Last week I was just surfing through some Facebook pages which sell jewelry and a particular pair of earrings caught my eye. So that’s what I did, I immediately placed my order
And  this morning I was greeted by a very pleasant surprise in a form of a parcel


I ordered these pair of earrings from Accessories démodé. The person who was handles the store was very nice she patiently gave answer to all my queries and even took the picture of the real product from her own camera.

this is the pic she took from her camera


Something about these earrings reminds of Narnia. See how the lion resembles Aslan so much
The oval is surrounded by golden trimmings they are not too heavy in weight so I don’t have to fear that my earlobes get stretched to the ground
The earrings are perfect in every way. They are not damaged or rusty.

picture taken from my camera

I had a very pleasant experience shopping from accessories démodé, and will shop from the store in future too

These pair of earrings cost: 390pkr, delivery was free and I chose COD option.

you can check out their page if you like to 

DISCLAIMER: this product was not send for review!!. i bought it myself. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014


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Ummmmmm, well this is my first review of any product, and I will try my best to give you girls a thorough and honest review of the product

So I am reviewing Maybelline clear smooth pressed powder in shade light(01)

PRICE:575 pkr

What Maybelline claims about it:
contains spf25 , controls shine, instant brightening, long lasting, gives smooth complexion, conceal blemishes

I picked this compact from D-watson Islamabad.

Add caption

it’s a very sturdy pink compact which comes with a mirror and a makeup sponge.the sponge area has small square holes present which allows air to enter the compact reducing bacterial growth..the latch present on the lid is very secure so you really don’t have any fear of opening in your bag and making a mess.

SHADES AVAILABLE: its available in 5 shades , for both fair, medium and dark skin tones(suitable for Asian skin tones)

QUANTITY:9g/0.32 oz

SIZE of compact: its about 10cm


It has a nice vanilla scent (very light not overpowering) which vanishes after application. The texture is definitely smooth and silky. it does not gives a powdery finish but you have to wait for a minute or two for it to settle with your skin. it gives medium coverage.(I don’t have any blemishes right now so I cant comment that it covers the blemishes or not). Overall its great product as you can easily carry it with you, the sponge is ok not bad and the mirror is big enough to show half of your face. If you are a college student or studying in high school. I would really recommend this product to you as its not to pricey and works well with the skin and does not breaks your skin out.

despite the fact that it looks dark in the pan its actually light on skin. all the pics taken are without flash

As I am a very clumsy person so I usually tend to drop things a lot and when I did dropped this compact(lol) it didn’t shatter.

STAYING POWER; it stays for a good six hours without any touch ups  And it does controls oil so it gives a matte looking face. I have a very horrible oily skin and most of the pressed powders I have used in past did not kept my face shine free but surprisingly this powder keeps my face shine free for six hours

this might be your favorite if:

You have oily skin
You are in a budget
You want a compact which is travel friendly
You want something which stays on for long and gives matte finish

You might not like if:

You have dry skin
Apart from that I see no negative point


I would give it 4.5 out of 5

It can be purchased from here or from trusted departmental stores which stock Maybelline products.


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