Wednesday, 30 December 2015

klenspop PR :Ellen Panda Brown lens

December 30, 2015 0

So its finally winter breaks and I am free from my hectic medical college schedule, I received a pair of lens in my mail by none other than klenspop a while ago
The first thing I notice when I opened parcel was the pretty pop art box in which the lens vials were enclosed, like seriously how cute and pretty is this box

these are 4 colored lens the outer rim(circle) is dark brown  while short beams of grey light brown and yellow/gold run on the periphery of the lens 
' these lens have a very large diameter so they make a hallo around the lens of the eyes which is very pretty.

they make my eyes look very large 

the lens are made of very soft material so its very comfortable to wear them for 4 hours or more, i wore these to a wedding and they didnt irritate my eyes 

 there is curently a 50% of  end of the year sale going on at the so grab your favorite pair of lens now 

you can buy these lens here 

you can purchase Contact Lenses similar like these at the given link

what do you think about these lens?? let me know in the comments section below 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Life update ( post # 2): project pan and haul

December 26, 2015 6

So here is my update on project pan I have been participating 

i joined i in early October and have been using these products continuously for three months  here is link if you want to read the previous life update post


As you can see I did pretty good job hitting pan on the eyeshadow palette and blush but I will admit that my whole makeup routine become pretty dull using the same palette for a solid three months.

 The lip-balm was fun to use so chances are that I might make another homemade lip-balm soon 



Though I used the glossy lip-balm by essence quite often sadly I didn’t made any appreciable progress with it 


Concealer by makeup revolution was one product which I used up pretty fast but I wont be purchasing it

As for the iconic pro lipstick by makeup revolution, I just couldn’t finish it up because I like the color a lot so I decided to remain in my makeup stash for another year (I purchased it this year)

It was impossible to use freeman dead see mineral mask twice a week as it leaved my skin over dried in winter so there is still some left in the tube
Will I go for another project pan?? No , For now I will shuffle makeup products in my makeup routine because I am really fed up using the same thing over and over again 

mini haul post :

I bought two lipsticks from their service was quite fast I received my parcel in four days 

Both of the lipsticks are from essence one from the matte lipgloss range and the other from the sheer and shine range , I will be posting a review about these soon

That’s all for now 


Friday, 4 December 2015

MUA pro base face primer

December 04, 2015 4

I have recently added face primer to my makeup regime, its not like I was unaware of their existence it was more like I was not sure if they will work out for my oily skin 

Mua pro base primer looked like the perfect option to try as the price does not leaves a big hole in the pocket

Quantity: 27 ml

Price 445 pkr

Packaging :

Small grey squeezable tube which has a secure cap

My thoughts

This at first application felt like a cream it is transparent and  it absorbs quickly into the skin the consistence is gel like and feels silky due to silicones 

Due to cold weather my face has a lot of dry patches around the cheek area also my face is recovering from over exfoliation damage so my skin is quite flaky 

A small amount is sufficient to cover the whole face
Does it makes my makeup last longer ??? I don’t know i don’t wear makeup longer than 6hr so I just cant say much on this!! But it does smooths out my skin and hydrates it a little bit too 

That’s all  for now? Which primer do you use??

now you can Buy Makeup Online at the given link and have it delivered at your doorstep 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Klenspop circle lens in Review choco brown

November 27, 2015 0

Hello lovelies hows winter going??

Today I am reviewing a pair of very natural circle lens by Review choco in shade brown these lens were sent to me buy klenspop for review. Thank you klenspop for being so generous

The lens came packed in a very secure box carefully bubble wrapped
Klenspop also provided me a tracking code 


Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25,
-0.75, -5.25, -5.75
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

These lens are very cute and look natural on me unfortunately one of the lens had a little tear and I was unsure if I should wear it so i contacted the klenspop and told them about the situation and they were kind enough to send them again  
no online store ever claims responsibility for their damaged products so i was pretty impressed when klenspop were so professional dealing with complain 

these have been my go to lens recently because they are so natural and blend with my eye color perfectly 

if you are a bit shy trying out vibrant lens this is for you, they look super super natural even i couldnt tell the difference .

you can purchase these lens for 15$ at the klenspop website  


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