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[Review] Fernberry skincare part II

As promised here is the part II of fernberry skincare products. Do you know fernberry is a cruelty free brand ?

Fernberry Replenishing Smoothie Conditioning Foot Cream

Our very first signature product is the Replenishing Smoothie Conditioning Foot Cream, a perfect cream for a relaxing and even an undisturbed night of restful sleep You’ll see how amazing our foot cream is at rejuvenating your feet! Look stunning in sandals, heels or barefoot after every use!
This product has a very faint lavender scent scent. It has white color. I used this cream two ways, first I tested it out on its own. I wore this before going to sleep and  After taking a shower the next morning. I noticed that me feet looked better. The heel looked less cracked less cracked after first application after one week of use the skin on my feet has smoothed out and now my feet look pink and pretty. I think I can totally Flaunt my feet in  sandals now they look like I have been going to fancy spas and getting  pedicures  every day. Hehe

I also applied this to my feet after exfoliating with the Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub and noticed that the two products when combined gave even better results.

Fernberry  Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub - a good day starts with this super-fine sea salt wonder that scrubs away dull skin and cleanses pores, leaving you with revitalized, healthy skin. This light, fluffy exfoliator is gentle enough for everyday use, you’re gonna glow — every day!
This is my first time using a sea salt scrub I have previously tried out tea scrub, apricot scrub and Sugar scrub . So in general  the main Ingredient of this product piqued my interest.
Since this contains salt the consistency is semi solid. It has a nice sweet berry scent. The salt granules are small and fine in texture. I first tried this on my Feet because very few scrubs can remove the stubborn dead skin from them and I was so pleased with the results
Here is how Fernberry recommends to use the scrub

To maximize the benefits of the Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub and make sure it exfoliates as well as the other brands, wet your skin a little and start scrubbing. Do not stand underneath the running water or a strong shower - the salt is ultra fine that it will wash away before you get to scrub your skin. Also a reminder that the salt scrub shouldn’t be used on an area where there’s an open wound. It is actually a daily body wash that works a bit stronger than a body wash because it removes dirt and exfoliates gently but too fine and super gentle than other scrubs because it can be used daily without harming your sensitive skin. Perfect for others who have sensitive skin and can’t use regular scrubs. Try it to believe!

applied this following the directions provided and liked how the exfoliator lathered up slightly.I rubbed the product onto my skin for few minutes until I felt that the salt granules were melting that's when I washed this of with water The dead dry crakes skin from my feet was gone and I could see the pink soft skin .
One good thing I noticed about this scrub was that it didn't left my skin feeling dry. Although I did followed up with a cream but my skin from exfoliation alone felt smooth and soft. I have been using this on my body too and noticed that this has helped a lot with the back acne I have got. Salt has antiseptic properties so It must have helped my skin that way I guess .my neck is slightly darker than my face and at times I feel so conscious about the difference. For the past one week i have been scrubbing my whole body with the Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub and I have noticed that my neck skin tone is beginning to match my face color more and more. Wow I didn't new it was dead skin build up which was causing difference. the ingrown hair on my legs have reduced too. I asked my mom to use this product and according to her  this made her skin look healthier.  Since the weather in Islamabad is humid I am sweating a lot and my skin gets so clammy and dull but after scrubbing my body with this I feel refreshed

Compared with other scrubs I have used this is gentle. The granules are not harsh or abrasive in nature so while using this product I wasn't afraid that this scrub will damage my skin. This exfoliates quite well without over exfoliating.  I am a bit hesitant to use this on my face because I am a clumsy person and i don't want salt to get in my eyes.

 product sent for review by the brand all the thoughts stated are my own 
you cam know more about the brand by checking out their official website

Fernberry Skincare

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