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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

[Review]: Khyber Namkeen Restaurant

June 21, 2017 0
I love to try out new cuisines so when I was invited to try out the Pashtun/Afghan cuisine aka shinwari food by a new eatery called Khyber Namkeen Resturant I was excited about the whole experience.

Situated in F-11 markaz the Resturant is a cozy little place which has setting to house customers inside as well as outside( personal opinion: Shinwari is enjoyed best when sitting out breathing in the fresh air). The decor is nothing special to write about but its the food which is promising and great

According to the owner of the restaurant Mrs Tahir ( A lady of cheerful disposition) the Resturant has been functional since last december.  And all the Shinwari dishes are prepared by Pashtun cooks.
Afghan / Pashtun have a very carnivorous diet so meat (specially red meat) is chief ingredient of most of the dishes

We ( my fellow bloggers and I)  were served 4 dishes to try out
Here is my take on each dish

Chicken tikka

The chicken was juicy and tender. The spices were added in moderation. The taste seeped deep so every bite was delicious. they were served with raita

Lamb tikka

This was a bit salty for my my taste but this is how it should be. This was grilled over charcoal so it had the signature smoky barbeque flavour.
Moving on  there was mutton karhai served with naan. the  meat was soft and chewy and the curry tasted good too.

Saving the best for the last is Kabli Pulao. This is basically a jazzed up version of desi pulao haha just kidding, this is riced cooked in broth which is then mixed in with carrots, raisins and lamb giving it a very distinct sweet and salty taste ( that's like the best of the two worlds for your taste buds).the rice grains were separate and steamed to perfection the carrots very crunchy and the meat was shredded into long pieces

What I liked best about this Resturant was that all the ingredients used to prepare dishes were fresh.
This resturant also serves desi dishes (daal makhni a local favourite) and have the regular fast food listed in their menu as well. The dessert corner is a bit lacking but then who can say no to good old gajjar ka halwa or kheer ?

If you happen to visit Islamabad or live in Islamabad and are looking for something new to try I recommends you to pay a visit to Khyber Namkeen Resturant I promise you wont regret it. And if you are a lazy bum like me just pick up your phone and have the food delivered to your doorstep as they offer delivery service to many sectors in Islamabad. Plus they are also available at Foodpanda pakistan
Happy dining!!!!


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