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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Makeup pencils review by Sweet Touch, Manhattan , Christine

August 02, 2016 1

i had a lot of pencils in makeup stash that i felt were good enough to be reviewed  so here it is a picture heavy makeup pencils review

sorry for not wiping my pencils before taking pictures, but hey i was trying to add reality to the blog post. lets be honest , our makeup pencils do look like this after use? right ? yes ?no?

i have three lip/eyeliner pencils from Christine local brand one from Manhattan , one lipliner from sweet touch and black eyeliner also from Sweet touch

the first one is a pink liner by Sweet touch  its called mars i believe, the shade is a everyday pink color, very pigmented only negative point is that the pencil is a bit hard and sometimes drags on the lips, i apply it underneath my lipstick to make the lipstick last longer

the second pencil is by Manhattan cosmetics i use this to liner the lower rim of my eyes, it makes me look awake and gives a larger appearance to the eyes, the color of this eyeliner is a nude  gray, very pigmented and very soft , does not irritated the eyes at all , moreover it does not has any scent

the third pencil is an eyeliner by sweet touch, i really love this eyeliner, its very soft and gentle on the yes and very pigmented, i didnt tried it on my water line as i dont like to wear dark colors on my lower lash line
it is water proof so once its set , it does not smudge through out the day

these pencils are by christine, these are very soft and pigmented but they dont stay for  long on  water line or the lid, smudge easily and disappear after 2hrs, i like to use these a base underneath my eyeshadow

priced at about 20-60 pkr these are great for trying out various makeup looks 


Thats all


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Maybelline colossal kajal in turquoise

February 24, 2015 1

 We South Asians cannot step out our house without applying kajal, either a defined black line on eyelid, a smudged smokey look or my personal favourite lining the waterline

So Maybelline decided to jazz the black kajal a little bit and came up with a turquoise kajal

A side note here Egyptians used to line their eyes with either black or green kohl

Quantity 0.35g

Price 299 pkr

About the product

This kajal comes in a very vibrant yellow twist up pencil.the packaging is very secure so its easy to carry it around with you
 The kajal is super pigmented and soft

My thoughts

I am totally amazed by the performance of this kajal, this stuff is seriously budge proof nothing lasts long on my oily lids but this did not smudge at all in fact I had  trouble washing it off with soap. The kajal is a gorgeous turquoise color you can either wear it alone or line it above your black eyeliner. It lasted on my waterline for a good 8hrs

For the price this is an extremely good product I am so glad I bought it

You might like it

You like to wear vibrant eye

My ratings

I rate this product 4.5 out 5

This can be purchased from and Maybelline counters nationwide


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