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Thursday, 21 December 2017

HEALAVIE Soft Rubbing Cleansing oil gel

December 21, 2017 0
When I started out with my makeup I didn't knew how important it was to take makeup off and how residual makeup was harming my skin but as years passed on i began to learn about skincare and the importance of a thoroughly cleansed face. Though I have tried out so many makeup removers and face cleansers this year but I still try out never formulas and types of makeup removers. I cant pick out a favourite easily. But if i have to choose an oil cleanser I am going to pick this HEALAVIE Soft Rubbing Cleansing oil gel

⛄ I will start with the packaging which gets my full approval for being so well made (look at that lemon color 😍 it totally stands out on my vanity table) the bottle is made out of plastic and is very sturdy. I have accidently dropped this several times and its still intact. The bottle is totally spill proof + the pump mechanism gives 100% control on dispensing the oil gel. This very hygienic bottle holds a generous 150ml of product.
About the product:

 The formula of this cleanser is unique and the qualities stated are true. This is marketed as a facial cleanser / makeup remover
Once you press the pump a citrus scent transparent yellow gel comes out from the nozzle. Now here is the interesting  interesting part, the "GEL"  once it comes in contact with warm skin it turns into oil cool right? But the oil is viscous so it does not drips down and create a mess. I like to usually warm up the gel on the palm of my hands and then massage the oil onto my face in circular motion. After 1 minute of gentle rubbing I wash it off with water. (the oil turns milky once it mixes with water and washes off easily without leaving a greasy residue or oil film. So you can totally skip up on the second cleanser if you want to
  I usually use a quarter size amount on my face on days when I am wearing several layers of makeup( sunscreen / primer/ foundation/ setting powder) and when I have just my bb cream on then pea size amount is more than enough. The cleanser has the ability to remove waterproof makeup without much effort. It breaks down layers of base makeup and water proof mascara so easily And unlike some cleansers this leaves the skin soft and clean. Just cant have enough of this citrusy oil gel cleanser 🙆. Great Job Healavie!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Garnier Skinactive Micellar cleansing water review

July 11, 2017 1

The review of this product has been pushed off  for quite some time. I apologise for the delay but I wanted to try this cleanser properly to analyze all the properties (the goods and the bads) and to see for myself if all the hype which surrounds this cleanser was true.

Even though I totally love my Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water, I wanted to know if there was a less expensive alternative available in the market. I purchased the 125ml version of this cleanser. This also comes in a big 400ml bottle too which retails for 500 Pkr
About the packaging:
This has a very chic looking bottle which is transparent and has a pink cap. The cap is secure( I haven't noticed any spillage so far) on the bottle it claims that you can get about 60 uses from a single bottle which is amazing. Because this 125 ml cost about 200 pkr and to me 60 uses translates as 2 months of usage,very cosy effective👍

About the product:
This is just like water,transparent clear and has no scent. Upon shaking the bottle some bubbles are formed. The cleanser dispenses out from the bottle quite easily without making a mess. I used this by soaking my makeup removing cotton pad with micellar water and then gentle wiping my face with it. This removed the foundation from my face with one swipe. I had to go over my lips twice to remove the matte lipstick. It removed the eyeliner and eyeshadow without much effort but for mascara I had to hold the cotton pad on my lashes for a minute to loosen up the mascara

  I am quite impressed with its performance. I have heard a lot people complain that this made their skin breakout luckily I haven't experience any skin irritation or pimples while using this product so far. One thing though this leaves a slightly moist residual feel to the skin. I usually follow this up with a face cleanser so its not much of a problem for me but for those who want their skin to feel dry . You might have to consider trying out some other makeup remover.
Are you curious to know how this compares to Bioderma sensibio H2O Micellar water?? Stay tuned to my blog to see an unbiased comparison post coming up soon
Until next time

Friday, 9 June 2017

Nature republic aloe cleansing gel cream

June 09, 2017 2
My skin has thankful gone back to normal and luckily the scars have reduced considerably. So I am now back to. Using cleansers which reduce oil production. One of the products which is still a part of my skincare routine is this gel cleanser by nature republic. If you look through my cabinet you might be very amused to see the number of cleansers/makeup removers I currently own Its insane .I think I don't have to buy another cleanser for next two years now 😊

Back to the review, I purchased this cleanser from the skinmaskaurade exhibition. I feel like kicking myself now for not purchasing more things from the exhibition( major regrets) this cleanser comes in a mint green squeezable tube which holds about 150ml of product inside. The nozzle was sealed when I purchased this. This has a green cap which does not close properly.( I think I got one with faulty lid)

Now onto the real deal which is inside the tube. Nature republic markets this product as a makeup remover which hydrates and moisturizes skin. When I removed the seal I was met with a very pleasant fresh scent of the cleanser. On squeezing the tube gel came out . The gel is clear and has a watery feel to it. It doesn't lather up at all and has a bitter taste to it. After using this the scent remained on my face for sometime.
 Now Nature republic recommends to massage this gel  onto the face to remove makeup and impurities and then wipe it off with a tissue and then follow it with a foam cleanser. I improvised on the instructions a bit and after massaging this on my face I removed it with water. Here's what I noticed this didn't completely remove my makeup. The base makeup was definitely gone but traces of eyeliner, mascara and liquid lipstick were still there for reference I use non water proof mascara.

Since makeup removing properties are not on par with my Garnier and Bioderma Micellar water I have decided to use this as a regular face wash and I am very pleased to tell you guys that this has helped my skin so much. It removes the oil from my face so well moreover my sebaceous glands have started behaving themselves. This does hydrate and moisture the skin unlike many of face washes I have tried in the past this does not leaves my skin overly dry and flaky.

As a makeup cleanser this product has some deficiencies but as a face wash / face cleanser I think this is a good product
This retails for 6$ on nature republic's official website and can be purchased in Pakistan for about 900 Pkr.
Have you tried anything by nature republic? Would you recommend any product by this brand to me??


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