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Thursday, 27 October 2016

mustela Pr review

October 27, 2016 4

Mustela a French skincare brand which caters to the skin care needs of a new born, babies and mommies was recently launched in Pakistan and in now available at elected stores in major cities of pakistan

Mustela Pakistan was kind enough to send my some samples to try and review
Since there isn't any toddler in my house I decided to try the products on my self,my logic if they are good enough for a baby they are good enough for me

 PhysiObebe no rinse Cleansing water

This smells like jasmine which I sweet. I liked the whole concept of cleansing skin without water. I tried to clean of makeup with this on a cotton pad and it did a good Job of removing my foundation and lipstick but not to good at removing mascara

 My skin felt soft and cleansed after using this . Personally I think its more suitable for cleansing skin when you don't want to dry out your skin by using harsh face wash or soap.

Stelatopia cream

Next is the ever popular stelatopia cream. Now I have been familiar with this cream for a long time. It has a very emollient texture and is perfect to treat dry skin. This is so moisturizing. The texture is light in weight and absorbs pretty fast. Does not leave an oily film on the face. The best part its hypoallergic and non scented

Hydra bebe 

This cream is light in weight but smells strongly of jasmine which can be a little over powering at times. In terms of moisturizing its pretty good the only drawback is its strong scent

Creme change vitamin barrier cream 

This cream reminds me sunscreen on first use and on checking its ingredients I did notice zinc oxide as one of its the compound. Zinc is effective in repairing skin, protecting and acting as a barrier. I used this cream as primer under my base and it worked so good with my foundation .

i requested the mustela pakistan to send me the price of their products so i could share it wih you guys !!

 Catalogue :

Cleansing milk : Rs 800

Vitamin barrier : Rs 550 

Dermo cleansing: Rs 1275 

Baby shampoo : Rs 900

Foam shampoo: Rs 950

2 in 1 Hair and Body wash : Rs 900

Gentle soap : Rs 700

Hydrabebe body lotion: Rs 1600

Hydrabebe facial cream : Rs 975

Massage oil: Rs 1150

Stetch marks double action : Rs 2800

Stretch marks intensive action: Rs 2500

Physiobebe cleansing fluid: Rs 975

Mustela cologne: Rs 1500

Mustela sun block sfp 50 : Rs 975


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