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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Trendy Watches for Men in Pakistan

July 30, 2016 1

Today I am doing a fashion/ trend post and a with  little references to the past i.e history 

do you know clocks have been around since the beginning of time , Egyptians had them, so did Romans and Greeks they became a room decor in the form of a wall clock in early 16th century and were worn as wrist watches and pocket watches by gentle men in early 19th century , and since that time they have now become an essential and fashion statement for men 

wrist watches specifically reflect a person taste so when purchasing one, one should be very sure whether he likes the design and color moreover you shouldn't invest you money in a fake, because this just questions one credibility and overall ruins the whole impression 

here is what you should consider when looking for a watch 

bezel design round, square any other shape 
color of the watch , jewel toned, metallic, neon etc 
type of straps and the material used  leather, metal, beads, wood , plastic
its mechanic either its digital or a mechanical one 

there are some great luxury brand out there that makeup some stellar watches 
i will be discussing some in this blog post 

Casio Beside WR50M

who does not know about Casio? it such a popular Japanese brand that has been launching some very exquisite watches for a fairy long time 
one particular watch that caught my attention is the Casio bedside WR50M, the design is very elegant, it has leather straps  and the bezel is silver in color, it come s\in with three dials for telling time day and date, the whole concept is very classy and perfect for  pairing it with your work out fit, Pakistani dress and even a casual tee 

Rolex Skeleton Watch 

skeleton watch is what is an accessory a true minimalist would own , the design shows all the mechanics of a watch with all the unnecessary metal and details removed, the design is beautiful and mesmerizing 
Rolex skeleton watch comes with a beautiful gold casing and a leather strap,moreover the back is transparent so its really cool to see the complete working of a wrist watch with your own eyes 

 Rolex Skeleton Watch Price in Pakistan is 1750 rs on modashop , ah i am just dazzled by this  beauty,its absolute perfection

  Rolex Submariner Watch

another notable mention is Rolex submariner which is  a waterproof watch so if you are a very sporty person or sweat frightfully a lot or are like me and forget to take of your watch before going into shower this watch is definitely for you , available in gold and black tones , this is  designed for the younger generation

for more info on Rolex Submariner Watch Price in Pakistan , check this website they have very affordable prices 

Android Smartwatch

keeping in mind the current age of cool gadgets and advance technology this is is must have if you are a geek or technology savvy,  because this is the coolest watch around  it has the ability to record  call , comes with aphone book , bluetooth , message reminder , call reminder etc which saves one from keeping their cellphone with them all time.

Android Smartwatch Price in Pakistan is only 2750 rs, so hurry and grab yours before its out of stock

its not easy to buy original watches in Pakistan easily with a suitable/ affordable price tag most of the time there a lot of fake/duplicate watches circulating in the market,
if you have decided to invest in a watch be sure about your taste and style, because there is no point in purchasing a watch which you are never going to wear, watches have sentimental value so always dedicate some time to invest in a watch .

as a Pakistani you should also keep in mind your dressing preference, do you wear shalwar kameez or wear a suit or like to spend you r day in  a casual t shirt . 
give a lot of though in the type of straps you like your watch to have, the color and most importantly the design and the bezel 
thats all  i hope after reading this post you find your signature watch 



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