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Friday, 13 November 2015

My nude/ brown lipstick collection

November 13, 2015 4

Its been almost a year and half since I started using makeup, so during my journey I tried out a lot of lipstick experimented with a lot of textures like shimmery, creamy matte etc liked some hated some, and regretted wasting my money on some particularly on a reason that those shades didn’t look good on me

So today I present the brown/nude shade of lipsticks I love (my lips are pigmented so a lip color which looks neutral/nude on me may or may not look same on you )

this is the first nude pink lipstick i purchased its a very muted tea pink color. perfect to be paired with a smokey eye and also worn on day to day basis 

this lipstick is very similar to the medora one the only difference is that this lipstick has more of a creamy texture 

it is a very nude brown lipstick my lips but better color the texture is drying but a bit of lipbalm can fix the problem 

this is also my lips but better color, the texture is very hydrating on the lips only negative thing about this lipstick is the staying time 

a very brown lipstick perfect for fall creamy and hydrating a very recent purchase 

for a more detailed review click on the lipstick names to read more 

so thats all for my collection 

you can shop makeup here 

 Makeup Online Shopping

let me know in the comments if there is any nude lipstick i should try !!!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Tony tina lipstick in shade 708

April 10, 2015 3

And so my love for lipstick continues this is another addition of tea pink lipstick to my expanding makeup collection now I have a lipstick by Medora called flavor which is quite similar in shade but has matte texture

Quantity : 3.8 g

Price 250 Pkr


This lipstick stands out in my makeup bag due to its silver casing .it looks expensive even when its not. The lid is secure so no sticky mess in my purse

My thoughts

This is very pigmented and moisturizing. It glides on smoothly and satys on the lips for a long time too 7 hrs the longest I have worn this lipstick  one swipe of this lipstick is enough for medium coverage
Has a faint scent which vanishes after application

Although it says milani italy on packaging this lipstick is actually manufactured in paksitan

I think for the price this is a good lipstick

You might like it

Its available locally
Its moisturizing
Is long lasting

You might not like it

If you like non scented makeup
You like wearing matte lipstick

I rate this product 4.5 out of 5


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