Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Makeup revolution lip power in shade “Life is what you make it"

June 24, 2015 9

I really like this whole concept of having lipstick and lip-gloss together in a tube. It saves up space in you clutch and make it easier when you are traveling
I tried out this lip power lipstick lip-gloss duo by makeup revolution and love it
 Makeup revolution Lip power comes in 5 shades

Price: 550 pkr


 Multitasking lip product, having lip-gloss on one end and lipstick on other end. The tube is quite sturdy and travel friendly contains fair amount of product

My thoughts:

It’s a bright almost neon pink color. The lipstick is creamy and gives decent color to the lips in two swipes I find this lipstick a multitasking product as it can also be used a blusher lip-gloss is very pigmented and similar in color to the makeup revolution amazing lipstick in baby try (read review here)
They have mild lemon tart scent to them 

My rating:

I rate it 5 out 5

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

MUA power pout in shade Rendezvous

June 17, 2015 10

Crayon like Balm sticks have become quite almost every makeup brand has added them to their collection I have these balm sticks in my wish list for almost two years and finally I bought them this year

Quantity:not stated

Price: 500 pkr


It’s a chubby crayon like balm sticks with a plastic covering and a silver twisting part. Very travel friendly

The product 

It has a very moisturizing smooth texture that hydrates the lips and gives them color at the same time. This lip stain has a slight minty scent which is so refreshing. Although it looks nude colored It gives a brownish pink color to the lips
This last on my lips for 4hrs

I find this balm stick a perfect choice when you are on a go because of its easy application

One negative thing about this balm stick is its  cannot tolerate heat/temperature it melts, so if you live somewhere warm or its summer you might have to store it in a refrigerator

You might like it

If you have dry cracked lips
You are looking for hydrating lip stain

I rate this balm stick 4.5 out of 5

This is available at in Pakistan and at MUA online store and at Superdrug if live in United Kingdom

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Makeup revolution I heart makeup/ obsession palette in pure cult

June 10, 2015 11

You are most likely going to be shocked to read that this is my first eye shadow palette the reason for not buying one earlier is that I have hooded eyes so when I open my eyes you can barely see my eyelids that’s why I never felt the need to own one

However recently I stumbled upon some tutorials regarding applying eye shadow on hooded eyes and mono lids after a very long mental debate I ordered one

Quantity: 17 g 

Price 650 Pkr

 I found the casing to be quite sturdy .the eye shadows are placed in small rectangular pans and the palette has a clear lid on top through which you can see the eye shadows. The palette comes with a  dual ended sponge applicator which I found useful for applying eye shadow

About the eye shadows:

I found the texture of these to be quite silky.. All the shadows are pigmented. This palette contains four matte and 6 shimmery/glittery eye shadows.  many bloggers think this palette to be a dupe of in famous urban decay naked 3 palette I don’t own the urban decay palette but after looking at the swatches online I think the shades are quite similar

All the swatches taken are without a primer

These eye shadows don’t have a name so I just numbered them starting from left-right

Shade 1
It’s a chalky cream colored eye shadow good for highlighting the brow bone

Shade 2
It a frosty pink has a lot of glitter particles perfect to highlight inner corners

shade 3
It’s a matte dusty pink color good for blending

Shade 4
Shimmery rose gold color

Shade 5
Copper gold with noticeable glitter particles

Shade 6
 Matte taupe color

Shade 7
Shimmery taupe

Shade 8
Very much like shade 7 only a bit darker

Shade 9

This looks burgundy in pan but when applied on lids looks dark brown this eye shadow has a looks of burgundy specks of glitter in it

Shade 10
Matte greyish brown color

I am not a big fan of glitter so shade 2 and 9 are my least favorite
Shimmery shades a good for a night out look. Shade 1 is chalky
Staying power:
These eye shadows last on my lids for 5hrs. I don’t own a primmer but I applied them on my concealer

You might like it:
if you are starting out with makeup
looking for an affordable dupe for UD naked 3 palette

I rate this palette 4 out 5

Currently its available at and in Pakistan and at makeup revolution website

special thanks to my friend hajra for letting me swatch eyeshadows on her  arm and helping me take pictures for the blog


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Korean Gradient Lips tutorial:

June 04, 2015 7

I have been watching a lot of Korean soaps lately. Seriously they have a great story line which keeps you hooked to the very last episode
The dressing is cute and modest, no display of skin like American soaps

And the makeup looks so natural and dewy but what I found interesting is the gradient lips concept

The korean gradient lips look gives a more youth full look to the face while the west is all about full lips, Korean prefer to make their lips appear smaller

I decide to make a tutorial in case you would like to try it too

You will need:

A bright lip color of your choice (I used red)
Concealer or a nude lipstick
Clear lip gloss or lip balm

Step 1:

Apply a nude lipstick or preferably a concealer all over your lips

Step 2

Apply a bright lipstick on the inner part of your lips in a straight line

Step 3

Blend the lipstick outwards slowly giving a gradient effect

Step 4

Apply lip-gloss or lip balm on the center of your lips to prevent chapping
And viola your Korean gradient lips are done

What do you think of this tutorial? Did you tried out this look? Tell me in the comment section below
Until next time


P.s: in case you are in interested into watching Korean soaps with English subtitles here is a link 

Some drama recommendation:

Boys over flowers
Bride of the century
Empress Ki


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