Saturday, 26 November 2016

Mua Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette

November 26, 2016 0

It's been so long since I last reviewed an eye shadow palette today I will be reviewing the third eye shadow palette I have in my collection its by mua and it's called heaven and earth.

This is my absolute favourite palette it has all the nude, earthy and taupe shades one can dream off plus the golds in this one are absolutely stunning . This palette is versatile to create looks both for day and night. For work and a night out. Though there aren't any matte shades in this palette but the shimmer is so finely milled so its very beautiful

The packaging of this palette is nothing fancy to write about. Plain rectangular shaped palette with a transparent see through lid and a sponge tip applicator ofcourse. The eye shadows are housed in circular pans just like a water paint box I used to have when I was a kid

The eye shadows are very pigmented,soft and buttery . They are easy to blend too .
For a drugstore this is a gem of a product


Monday, 21 November 2016

Top 5 Websites for Black Friday 2016 Deals in Pakistan

November 21, 2016 3

Mark your calendars, set your alarms and put up the reminders for the upcoming Black Friday sale this 25th nov , one of the most awaited  and hyped up day of the year in a shopaholics'  life. Even if you shop for necessities only this is the best time of the year to save up money 💵 . It wouldn't be wrong to say that even uncle scrooge would give approval this whole black Friday sale affair 😊.

If you have been living under the rock for the past couple of years and are totally unaware about the whole concept of black Friday then allow me to summarize the highlights of this day for you. Its basically the day of the year when major stores around the world offer the biggest craziest discounts possible on their in stock items. The deals last for a day so if you want to tick off a couple of items from your wish list and save up money  now is the perfect time to do it.

  I have been saving up my pocket money all this year for the biggest sale event myself.

The pioneers of introducing black Friday sale concept in Pakistan. Daraz has amped up its sale game this year too. With a pre black Friday sale from 22-24th Nov on their app store and the black Friday sale from 25 Nov  , Daraz promises of  a great 3 days shopping experience.

Daraz has partnered up with easy paisa, and brands like careem, ponds , sunsilk to name a few . The discounts offered this year range from 40-80% . My advice download the Daraz aap asap 😊. Online Shopping

 has joined the black Friday fever this year.they have lined up great deals and discounts for their customers this year. The prices are reduced remarkably. With a promise of free delivery on every order. is one of the best online places to shop from this black Friday

Yayvo  is partnering up with jazzcash cash to make some ground breaking figures in sales this year. With a very vast catalogue, items ranging from electronics clothes to cosmetics, yayvo the store backed by tcs courier is planning to launching big discounts on their items. Best part Is free delivery on their discounted items.

I don't know how that on exactly how many websites I will be placing order this year, because each store is offering so unresistable and unbelievable deals this year for instance symbios is planning to host a upto 90% sale on 25 th of Nov plus 3 flash sales on various items now that's a sweet deals.

 kaymu has a unique and different manner of selling items than other stores. Joining the black Friday festivity kaymu is planing to unleash surprising discounts on various categories from which you can shop.

History of Black Friday in Pakistan

To be honest Black Friday was popular only In the west and Europe until last year when some brands and Online stores decided to officially launch black Friday sales in Pakistan last year. Surprisingly it turned out be very profitable and successful. Many brands made staggering amount of Sales during a single day.  Its was good sales day. Particularly at Daraz most Of the stuff went out of stock with in the first few hours.

My Advice to  survive the shopping frenzy. Make a wish list now, quickly add the desired items in the virtual cart on 25th Nov 12:00 am sharp  hit the finalize button. Then sit back and wait for the order to reach you. And be satisfied at your purchase and all the pennies you saved

Happy shopping!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Skin 18 review: Luke hyaluron face mask, luke mugwort Nose strip and luke hydrogel eye patch

November 20, 2016 1 sent me three products by luke

Luke Essence Mask hyaluron

Firstly is the hyaluronic face mask.this mask contains hyaluronic acid which has moisturizing properties. Due to the dry cold my oily skin is acting pretty weird these days. The area around my nose and cheek feels dry and sore at times. This mask nursed my skin pretty good. It replenished the moisture and made my skin soft like a baby.  This mask fit my face shape nicely and contained very generous amount of serum. I feared it might drip lol. As always I enjoyed wearing this mask and the great thing is that the moisturizing effect lasted for two days 👍

Luke Nose Patch mugwort

I have already tried this nose strip by luke and in my opinion about this pore strip is same. Its great for the price and does a fantastic job of pulling out all the black heads and gunk from the pores. For proof check out the picture below

  Luke Nose Patch mugwort

Since its winters I didn't applied this eye patch cold like I previously did. But it did felt cool and tingly none the less. I didn't notice any major difference in my wrinkles but I did notice that this eye patch made my eyes look less tired and more bright and refreshed then before

and this concludes my review of all the products i have been sent by currently has some awesome deals running on their website so do check them out

Monday, 14 November 2016

Innovative kitchen tools

November 14, 2016 0

I am one of those people who eat to live, my BMI is at the borderline of underweight, every times there is a gale outside my mother fears that the wind will carry me away just like leaves or stray shopping bags.

 You might have noticed that I have been posting on my instagram account some of the dishes I cooked and which surprisingly turned out to be good . On an honest note I have really lost count of all the times when I left the pans on stove and came back an hour later to find black charred remains of the curry I was cooking . Some of things turned out so disastrous that even moulds refused to grow on them . Ah the embarrassment  . I thinks I will just end my rant here and get on to the real post.

Today I plan to share some very handy  kitchen gadgets that are light on the pocket and reduce cooking time .

You might have played fruit ninja multiple times on your cell phone but lack  ninja's sword slashing skills when it comes to dicing and chopping vegetables and fruits in kitchen. Well worry not genius nicer dicer plus is here to  help you chop those  onions to perfection
This genius tools makes the whole
 chopping process less of a chore and more of a fun task.

not only can it dice and chop but grate and slice too moreover it has  container which can be used to store away the chopped vegetables for later use . The design is sleek and kitchen friendly. Its not bulky so you don't gave to fear about it taking up a lot of space in already cramped kitchen.

With winter comes carrots and what better way is there to have those red rosy cheeks and and a good blood haemoglobin level than to consume fresh carrot juice.but the noise and the mess which comes with this tiring task is sometimes too much to  handle,

Multifunctional manual juicer is one of the innovative kitchen tools which squeezes juice without making much noise and mess . Its a hand operated gadget so it like a mini exercise session for the upper limbs. The juicer is light in weight , easy to carry and easy to clean and cute to look at too.

I bet a lot of you might have wished a lot of times that the spaghetti you took with you to college or work was still warm by the lunch time.

This electric lunch box is just the creation tailored to our wishes. Take this with on a picnic, a road trip or work and heat your food to the right temperature then and there cool right. Since the electric lunch box is well insulated. It keeps the pre heated food warm. With the power outages and sky high electric bills you don't have to worry much about the electricity consumed because it takes up very little charge.

  do you guys   forget to take spoon along with you like me? Worry not  Its cute spoon compartment makes it easy to carry the spoon with you on your journey and acts as a reminder too.

I always like to discover new blogs and promote them. One recent discovery is Pakstyle Blog

This blog is just like an online  magazine. It contains very detailed post on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The posts are aimed for both the male and female population. Be it a guide on choosing the best perfume or a detailed fashion guide on current pakistani trends they have every topic covered.

So do head  to the blog and enjoy reading  😊
Until next post


P.s: Why is it still warm in Islamabad in middle of November?

Friday, 11 November 2016

Etude house dear darling tint in shade 02 real red

November 11, 2016 1

I have been eyeing the benetint by benefit for a fairly long time but due to insufficient money in my wallet the desire to own that tint has been pushed to the farthest corner in my wish list

Beauty joint has recently started to stock in Korean makeup and skincare products so I was so happy to find this available on website

Priced at 5-6$ this tint is amazing the packaging which resembles  a lip gloss tube is very cute
The sponge tip applicator has slope like shape which distributes the product evenly on the lips but the funny thing is that somehow the tint becomes more darker on the inner part of the lips and becomes lighter on the periphery

The tint itself has a very interesting gel/ water like texture and a faint fruity scent and a slightly chemical like taste,  It lasts on the lip for a very long time. The good thing about this tint is that it's build-able. no most of the tints are drying in nature but not this one , this stains the lips nicely without drying them out buy you can still apply balm on top of it if you like glossy lips

do you know that you can create a sheer mlbb look with  one swipe of this tint or go all out with a bold red lip by layering it up

this lip stain is definitely waterproof and resists  certain degree eating. Kiss proof no touch ups required

 I think this is a very affordable alternative for the benefit benetint
If you are scouring the shop for a long lasting lip product then this is a must have for you  

Saturday, 5 November 2016

skin 18 mask: purederm yogurt grape pack and mirum fresh fruit green tea mask review

November 05, 2016 0

Purederm yogurt grape pack

(Wash off type massage pack)


The only variety  of wash off masks I have ever used are  freemans mud mask, so using this moisturizing wash off mask was new for me

 this is an opaque white mask which has a synthetic grape scent with miniature granules for exfoliation. The granules are very little in number and very fine.
the mask has a cream like texture which absorbs within a minute into the skin as soon as its massaged on to the face

In my opinion this sachet contains enough  product which can be used twice,
I applied a dime size of this mask to my face in gentle circular motions and then left it on my face for 20 mins( I know the instructions say to leave it for 5-10 mins)

This washed off quite easily. It didn't lather or foam when washing. After patting my skin dry I noticed that it was soft and moisturized and my complexion was slightly lighter
For the price this mask is good skincare product

Mirum fresh fruit green tea sheet mask


I love the scent of green tea , so I was very excited to try this out
I applied this mask early in the morning while sipping my morning tea. The experience altogether was so refreshing . This smells exactly like free tea.  Green tea has the quality of hydrating lightening and detoxifying skin so this mask is perfect for all kind of skin types

After washing my face with a cleanser I applied this sheet mask to my face and left it on for 30 mins. I wanted my skin to absorb all the goodness this mask was offering hehe 😊

The sheet mask has a soft texture and is very gentle on the skin I was a bit large for my face but that's not too problematic. On removal I massaged the left over product on my face and neck
My skin felt soft and supple for two days which is so good since the weather is getting cold lately and my skin is acting quite weird

I have oily skin so creams and lotions using clog up my pores and make my skin break out but I am pleased to report that I didn't experience any breakouts after using this mask
I am so much interested to try out other variants from this line of sheet masks

That's all for now review of other products coming up soon

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Haul post for october

November 01, 2016 22
Hello girls. I am sharing my monthly buys for the month of October

the first most exciting thing I will be sharing are these two beauties I purchased from beauty joint. My first ever korean makeup products yaay

I have been desperately trying to find authentic korean makeup products and imagine my delight when a facebook page by the name of lush groom bargains agreed to order Korean makeup products for me

I ordered this dear darling tint by etude house and coton bb cream by holika holika. Look at the packaging its so cute 😊

Next i purchased rose  water by Saeed ghani which I plan to use as a makeup setting spray.

 I been using fa deodorant for past three years so decided to try out this lady speed stick deodorant for change.I also purchased a pair of makeup sponge because my old sponge got a little mouldy

I know its kind of silly but I just wanted to share a pic of this minions bed sheet I found, its cute right

Earlier this month I purchased this spoon makeup brush and a dupe for real techniques stippling brush

thats all the stuff i purchased in october

which one would you like to see reviewed first?


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