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[Review]: Khyber Namkeen Restaurant

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I love to try out new cuisines so when I was invited to try out the Pashtun/Afghan cuisine aka shinwari food by a new eatery called Khyber Namkeen Resturant I was excited about the whole experience.

Situated in F-11 markaz the Resturant is a cozy little place which has setting to house customers inside as well as outside( personal opinion: Shinwari is enjoyed best when sitting out breathing in the fresh air). The decor is nothing special to write about but its the food which is promising and great

According to the owner of the restaurant Mrs Tahir ( A lady of cheerful disposition) the Resturant has been functional since last december.  And all the Shinwari dishes are prepared by Pashtun cooks.
Afghan / Pashtun have a very carnivorous diet so meat (specially red meat) is chief ingredient of most of the dishes

We ( my fellow bloggers and I)  were served 4 dishes to try out
Here is my take on each dish

Chicken tikka

The chicken was juicy and tender. The spices were added in moderation. The taste seeped deep so every bite was delicious. they were served with raita

Lamb tikka

This was a bit salty for my my taste but this is how it should be. This was grilled over charcoal so it had the signature smoky barbeque flavour.
Moving on  there was mutton karhai served with naan. the  meat was soft and chewy and the curry tasted good too.

Saving the best for the last is Kabli Pulao. This is basically a jazzed up version of desi pulao haha just kidding, this is riced cooked in broth which is then mixed in with carrots, raisins and lamb giving it a very distinct sweet and salty taste ( that's like the best of the two worlds for your taste buds).the rice grains were separate and steamed to perfection the carrots very crunchy and the meat was shredded into long pieces

What I liked best about this Resturant was that all the ingredients used to prepare dishes were fresh.
This resturant also serves desi dishes (daal makhni a local favourite) and have the regular fast food listed in their menu as well. The dessert corner is a bit lacking but then who can say no to good old gajjar ka halwa or kheer ?

If you happen to visit Islamabad or live in Islamabad and are looking for something new to try I recommends you to pay a visit to Khyber Namkeen Resturant I promise you wont regret it. And if you are a lazy bum like me just pick up your phone and have the food delivered to your doorstep as they offer delivery service to many sectors in Islamabad. Plus they are also available at Foodpanda pakistan
Happy dining!!!!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Masarrat Misbah Makeup New MMSummerPop lipvarnish in Viola and Iconic Woman review

June 17, 2017 1

Nothing is more exciting than getting hold makeup the day it is launched. (These beautiful lipsticks which were sent to me courtesy Masarrat Misbah Makeup )

 The two vibrant and bold
Lip varnishes launched are MMOrange and Viola. From what I have heard the formula of these lipsticks is reformulated so its better Tha the previous one. I will be sharing my views on the new lip varnish Viola and the old lip varnish in shade  Iconic women

Price :750PKR
Quantity: whopping 5gms average lipsticks have 3.2-3.8 gms
These lipsticks are cased in such beautiful gold and matte black tube. The plastic packaging is sturdy and looks so luxurious Just like high end makeup
About the lip varnishes


Out of the two lipsticks Viola is my favourite. I don't own a shade like this in my lipstick collection. It is a beautiful cool toned purple lipstick with pink undertones. The shade looks flattering on both fair and dusky skin. In terms of pigmentation this gives  maximum color payoff on one swipe. The texture of lipvarnish is creamy and light. Even though its a matte lipstick it glides smoothly on the lips.most of the matte lipsticks I have tried out in the past dry out my lips like crazy but this kept my lips hydrated for some hours. Unlike the old formula these have very faint scent.

 Iconic woman

Iconic women is a lip varnish from the previous formulas. I have noticed that old version had fruity scent to it( B.t.w I like the fruity scent) and the formula is a bit sheer and drying . The color of this lipstick is quite unique. The shade Is midway between orange and red. This shade is vibrant too and suitable for summer

The staying power of these lip varnishes is good. These stay on the lips for some time and leave with a slight stain on the lips. They do transfer a little when eating or drinking. I think for the price these lipsticks have amazing quality and quantity too. It takes about four months of constant use to use up a 3.2 gms of lipstick imagine how long these 5gm lipsticks are going to last even if you used these everyday
You can order you lip varnish to make your summers and Eid extra special this year

Currently Viola is available for pre orders at Masarrat Misbah Makeup online while Iconic Woman can be purchased at the official store as well as Daraz , Masarrat Misbah makeup counters and Depilex

Massarat Misbah Makeup is a Halal Makeup brand owned by the beautiful beautician sans philanthropist Massarat Misbah

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Welcos Jeju Natural Aloe and Canola honey mask review

June 10, 2017 0
I received these masks on my mail a few days back and after trying them out I am posting my verdict. I decided to share one mask with my sister so she choose the aloe one while I went for the canola honey.
For reference my sister and I both have oily skin

Unlike most of the masks I have tried out in the past. The comes in a relatively small packaging. The packing is bright and cheerful
These masks contain 20ml of product which is less compared to other mask but that's ok as less serum means less mess. These make are not  scented. The scent is mild and refreshing. The fit of the mask is good not too big nor too small. These is also flap to cover the nose area

The Canola honey has nice scent the serum is not sticky . It absorbs easily into the skin. One thing which I notices using this was it sting slightly more like an itch . Which I weird because I haven't Experienced. anything  like this sort ever in my past. I let this mask sit on my face for 20 mins and then patted the left over serum onto my face. This made my skin soft and hydrated. The effect lasted for a couple of hours

As for the aloe. My sister enjoyed this a was her first Time trying out a sheet mask. She has a bit of redness and pimples going on her cheeks and chin so this mask did calmed her skin down and felt soothing. According to her, she noticed that there was less redness and her skin felt moisturized. Unlike the canola honey mask she didn't Experience itching
I thinks these masks are good for the value ser long-lasting results one must use them continuously for weeks to see results
These masks are available at skin18 fir purchase

Friday, 9 June 2017

Nature republic aloe cleansing gel cream

June 09, 2017 2
My skin has thankful gone back to normal and luckily the scars have reduced considerably. So I am now back to. Using cleansers which reduce oil production. One of the products which is still a part of my skincare routine is this gel cleanser by nature republic. If you look through my cabinet you might be very amused to see the number of cleansers/makeup removers I currently own Its insane .I think I don't have to buy another cleanser for next two years now 😊

Back to the review, I purchased this cleanser from the skinmaskaurade exhibition. I feel like kicking myself now for not purchasing more things from the exhibition( major regrets) this cleanser comes in a mint green squeezable tube which holds about 150ml of product inside. The nozzle was sealed when I purchased this. This has a green cap which does not close properly.( I think I got one with faulty lid)

Now onto the real deal which is inside the tube. Nature republic markets this product as a makeup remover which hydrates and moisturizes skin. When I removed the seal I was met with a very pleasant fresh scent of the cleanser. On squeezing the tube gel came out . The gel is clear and has a watery feel to it. It doesn't lather up at all and has a bitter taste to it. After using this the scent remained on my face for sometime.
 Now Nature republic recommends to massage this gel  onto the face to remove makeup and impurities and then wipe it off with a tissue and then follow it with a foam cleanser. I improvised on the instructions a bit and after massaging this on my face I removed it with water. Here's what I noticed this didn't completely remove my makeup. The base makeup was definitely gone but traces of eyeliner, mascara and liquid lipstick were still there for reference I use non water proof mascara.

Since makeup removing properties are not on par with my Garnier and Bioderma Micellar water I have decided to use this as a regular face wash and I am very pleased to tell you guys that this has helped my skin so much. It removes the oil from my face so well moreover my sebaceous glands have started behaving themselves. This does hydrate and moisture the skin unlike many of face washes I have tried in the past this does not leaves my skin overly dry and flaky.

As a makeup cleanser this product has some deficiencies but as a face wash / face cleanser I think this is a good product
This retails for 6$ on nature republic's official website and can be purchased in Pakistan for about 900 Pkr.
Have you tried anything by nature republic? Would you recommend any product by this brand to me??

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Latest Festive Collection 2017 Online

June 04, 2017 0
A vey happy Ramadan to you my readers. The Ramadan this year is the toughest I have ever experienced in my life. But each and every increase of 1C in temperature makes my faith more and more stronger Alhumdullilah. This year I shopped for my Eid dress and accessories a month ago,so I will be sharing some fashion and style pointers for the coming festivities.

There has been some major changes in the pakistani fashion this year. a lot of things have made a come back from the past for instance patiala Shalwars are back in fashion in full swing and so are the sharara's paired with short funky colored/ bohemian tops. With tailors demanding insane amount of money to stich dresses I think it would be best to shop for pre stitched dresses online, saves money, time and  parching heat. That's like killing two birds or perhaps three with one stone.
I have very frail looking wrists so I usually skip on wrist watches but for those of you who don't have sticks for arms, wrist watches are best option to consider as an accessory this year. Pair a thick strapped wrist watch with a simple monochrome dress for a statement.look or choose a delicate pattern for a
Chic look. Online stores these days carry hundred of ladies watches so the choice is unlimited and the collection is mind boggling.

those of you who Seldom take a bath/shower ( I am looking at you Leonardo de caprio) perfumes is perhaps a way to mask the odor. Just kidding??? How can one skip a bath is beyond my brain's rational thinking ability but one a serious note to smell fresh or turn heads you need a statement perfume. Some thing that reflects a part of you and your mood. The scent can be sweet (floral) it can be fresh( mint) or perhaps sensual (think musk or fruity). Thankful a lot of online stores have started to stock up on designer perfumes, there have event sorted them by men perfumes and ladies perfumes so you can just order then online and have the perfume delivered to your home.

And lastly the pakistani dresses I actually already mentioned some major fashion the beginning of the post but one thing which I left out was pakistani dresses now these can constitute of either chiffon dress, lawn dresses or Pret wear. Keeping in mind the temperature and weather which is going to befall us this Eid, lawn is definitely going to be the choice of fabric for the majority of pakistani women. has stocked up all of the major pakistani lawn brands so your perfect Eid dress is just a click away. If lawn fabric is just now your type fear not they have a lot options , ( there are chiffon dresses too) moreover you can also pick out tops and shirts for casual wear from the website.
I will be signing out for now.  Wishing you all a very blessed Ramadan


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