Sunday, 28 August 2016

Essence stay all day 16hr foundation in 03 soft porcelain

August 28, 2016 4

hello girls how do you do?

after a use of an year and a half i finally ran out of my makeup revolution matte effect foundation so i purchased this foundation by essence on a whim from

the stay all day 16hr foundation range has been around for a fairly long time but unfortunately none of the shades in the range matched my skin color they all very too dark and orang-y so when they introduced a new shade to the range i was hopeful that it might match my skin color this time
 but to when i opened my order and swatched it on the back of my hand it was a little darkk and pink for my skin

in the beginning i was very disappointed but on a suggestion of a friend i decided to mix it with a lighter foundation and  now i love it

Quantity ; 30 ml

Price 690 Pkr

Packaging : sturdy plastic  bottle with a dispenser, vert hygienic and travel friendly, cap is secure whole packaging is not bulky

about the product;

this is not a matte foundation . it has a moisturizing formula which is like creamy easy to apply and blends quite well too, in trem of coverage it provides medium coverage, my acne scars a still visible after application the shade 03 porcelain leans on the pink-ier side .
its long lasting but now upto 16hrs . starts to fade after 8hrs
it doesz not controls oil and and neither claims to do so

if you have dry or normal skin this foundation is for you or if you wear a different foundation in winter then you should definitely check this out


Friday, 19 August 2016

Chiffon Dresses To Give You Trendy Look

August 19, 2016 1

preparing for a wedding or some other event which requires you to dress desi , well today i am sharing some pointers on how you can dress trendy for the next big event wearing a chiffon dress 

 For us asian girls chiffon dresses are probably the most sought after fabric when buying a dress because its comfortable to wear , flouncy and breezy and has the magical quality to make any body shape look flattering , what i really love about chiffon dresses is that how it drapes around the body and add the feminine touch to the whole outfit, the flow-y texture of dress and the embroidery or the rhinestone embellishment really make a simple suit look really elegant  and chic 

there are a lot choices when buying  a  dress ranging from two toned dresses to the ever popular tie and dye combo, like some thing sparkly try one which has pleats and bead for embellishment 

Pakistani weddings are a very elaborate affair, this three day event is no joke keeping in mind the current trends Pakistani wedding dresses are considered one of the most beautiful wedding attires around the world, with every one competing to look their best  it’s quite a quest to find a beautiful dress which looks different and stunning from everyone’s else dress even the bride ha ha   just kidding !!! 

One of things which are very attractive about Pakistani wedding dresses  is that there is a lot of variety when choosing a dress, A line frocks, anarkali dress, etc. a single suit/ dress has extensive embroidery , a lot of  different fabrics used in it . you can find a lot of online shops selling beautiful dresses these days

avid online shopper like me?? allow me to introduce you to a shop which sells beautiful stitched and non stitched Pakistani Clothes Online, there a huge variety of fabrics designs and colors, the prices are very affordable. tops, lawn suits, chiffon dresses,pants, churidar and leggings etc you name it , they have it . moreover they have both designer and non designer clothes in stock
the whole procedure or ordering clothes is easy and they deliver your goods right at your doorstep, the whole procedure is money and time saving

i enjoyed writing this post i hope you had a good time reading it

until next post


Clazona 24 hr matte lipgloss

August 19, 2016 5

Every one has been going crazy over the launch of Kylie Jenner lip kits,  i have seen so many rave views that now i am also curious to try out the product and see what the hype is all about but firstly my financial conditions do not allow me to dish out so many dollars for the lipstick secondly its so hard to get a authentic makeup product in Pakistan . i have seen a lot of shady Facebook pages popping up lately claiming that they sell original branded makeup 

so to ease the empty feeling in my heart i decided to order color pop but before i could place my order i discovered this gem of a product manufactured by a local Pakistani brand,

Clazona a pakistani makeup brand is bringing out quality makeup products in the market for a long time and these matte lipgloss are no exceptions

they do exactly what it says on the tube, stay on the lips for 24+ hrs
disclaimer i didnt wear this lip product for that long but one of my friend did went to sleep with this on and it was still on her lips in the morning , no smudging , minimal flaking

Quantity: 6 g

Price: 150- 200 Pkr

Packaging :

just a like an ordinary lipgloss with a doe foot application , tube closes securely so no leakage

About the product: 

its a opaque lipgloss which  drys to a matte finish, has a faint chemical scent, does not budge or smudge , totally water proof , not drying or uncomfortable on the lips , a very thin layer is suitable for flawless applications
drys off quite fast so you have to be very quick when applying it which also means that its very hard to correct mistakes 

do  exfoliate your lips befire applying else its going to look like like your lips are flaking off

survives after meals , very long lasting 

i have this lipgloss in two shade
one in shade # 504 qnd the other in shade #507

Shade #504 is a dusty nude shade looks beautiful and natural on the lips
Shade # 507 is orange brown shade

Tip: to remove it from the lips use a lotion on a cotton ball or tissue 

 here is a pic of the clazona stand I saw

Sunday, 14 August 2016

klenspop T.Top Natural II circle lens in grey

August 14, 2016 10

i am finally writing down a post on these super soft and extremely thin circle lens by klenspop ,
they are from the brand T Top i have previously tried ice blue circle lens from this brand and man they are most worn favorite pair of circle lens

you can check out the review on the lens here

klenspop T Top lens in ice flower blue

these lens arrived to me lens than 7 days which is awesome since these lens came all the way from  South Korea
the packaging was very secure no damage to the vials or lens , my lens case came with a pair of free lens case and  a soft tweezers , so generous of you klenspop thank you


Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25, -0.75 -5.25 -5.75 
T.Top Contact
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

the outer most ring is black but its not a solid black line, its more like circle made out of lines so it gives a very natural look to the eye

it has a very subtle grey tint whic hgives a hazy mysterious look to eyes

the diameter is good enough for the purpose of eye enlargement and daily wear

here is how they look on me

what do you guys think?

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Citro Pakistan Fruitien azadi day campaign " Baba ki Trumpet ''

August 11, 2016 0

14th of August is 3 days away i am super excited it is one of the most awaited day of the year after all its the independence day of Pakistan !!!

while scrolling through my Facebook feed a day back i came across this beautiful video which really melted my heart and increased the love for my homeland.

its by Citro Pakistan the company responsible for Fruitien , the video pays tribute to Pakistan by sharing a story of a boy who reflects on the beautiful past memories he had of his father

this  short 2 minute clip shows a very patriotic father who was part of a band which played the Pakistani national anthem for the first time always had a wish to visit Minar-e- Pakistan with his son

the whole video beautiful captures the patriotism,love and national pride  that every single Pakistani has in his heart

i dont want to ruin the surprise of this video so click on the link below and watch the whole video your self and let me know in the comments section below what do you guys think of it ?

a big hand of applause for the team who worked hard to creat this video and capture the true emotions of azadi

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Revlon colorsilk hairdye in shade deep burgundy

August 10, 2016 1

i dyed my hair for the first time this year, i was unsure which brand to try so after alot of reseach andr reading a lot of reviews i decided to purchase Revlon color silk hair dye in two different shades,

 50 Light ash brown
and  34 Deep Burgundy

 read on to know more about my experience

the box come with a developer bottle which has nozzle, another bottle which contains dye , a sheet of instructions, a pair of gloves and a sachet of conditioner 

the instructions are very easy to follow

hair should be clean but not freshly washed
they should be dry not wet
no hair product or conditions should be in the hair

According to the instructions i mixed the contents in the ratio 1:1 in a plastic bowl and applied to my hair using a brush
according to the instructions dye should be left on for 25-30 minutes but i left it on my head for about 40 minutes

then i washed my hair thoroughly with a little amount of shampoo until water ran clear
then i applied the conditioner provided in the box and let me just say it this condition is amazing, it made my hair so shiny and soft

firstly i dyed my hair with light ash brown shade to lighten my hair color . i have fine dark brown hair so this dye turned my hair light brown, saved me from the damaging effects using bleach on my hair

P.s: sorry i cant find the picture of my light brown hair

after a break of 3 months i dyed my hair again this time using the deep burgundy shade .
sadly it didnt turned out to be the shade i wanted which was a deep purple reddish hue as featured on the model on the box but some how i like this shade too

i took these photographs in daylight

red dye tend to wash  off quite fast and bleed a lot too, my hair dont look like this any more because they color has lightened  a lot

have you ever dyed your hair, would you recommend me any hair dye?

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Makeup pencils review by Sweet Touch, Manhattan , Christine

August 02, 2016 1

i had a lot of pencils in makeup stash that i felt were good enough to be reviewed  so here it is a picture heavy makeup pencils review

sorry for not wiping my pencils before taking pictures, but hey i was trying to add reality to the blog post. lets be honest , our makeup pencils do look like this after use? right ? yes ?no?

i have three lip/eyeliner pencils from Christine local brand one from Manhattan , one lipliner from sweet touch and black eyeliner also from Sweet touch

the first one is a pink liner by Sweet touch  its called mars i believe, the shade is a everyday pink color, very pigmented only negative point is that the pencil is a bit hard and sometimes drags on the lips, i apply it underneath my lipstick to make the lipstick last longer

the second pencil is by Manhattan cosmetics i use this to liner the lower rim of my eyes, it makes me look awake and gives a larger appearance to the eyes, the color of this eyeliner is a nude  gray, very pigmented and very soft , does not irritated the eyes at all , moreover it does not has any scent

the third pencil is an eyeliner by sweet touch, i really love this eyeliner, its very soft and gentle on the yes and very pigmented, i didnt tried it on my water line as i dont like to wear dark colors on my lower lash line
it is water proof so once its set , it does not smudge through out the day

these pencils are by christine, these are very soft and pigmented but they dont stay for  long on  water line or the lid, smudge easily and disappear after 2hrs, i like to use these a base underneath my eyeshadow

priced at about 20-60 pkr these are great for trying out various makeup looks 


Thats all



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