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Friday, 21 July 2017

Maybelline baby lips in berry crush

July 21, 2017 2
Lip balms are a staple in every women's purse  even if  you wear minimal makeup I am sure you own a lip balm. For me Lip balm remains a product that is constantly repurchased through out the year.

Not all Lip balms are made equal . Some provide hydration , some provide color , some have both hydration and pigment and then there are some meh lip balms that have fancy price tag and cute to look at packaging but the lip balm inside is something that makes you look more chapped and dry like dry prunes

Maybelline baby lip balm has been making popularity rounds in the beauty blogging world for some time now. It has been getting both rare-views and hate-views too.  So when I ran out of lip balm I decided to plunge into the deep waters and purchase this lip balm
The packaging is cute  2$ or 249 PKr


The packaging is cute and quite eye-catching I must admit. The tube is a small enough to be grown into a small clutch or purse. The cap is secure . This lip Balm has a twist up mechanism so this makes it hygienic. I absolutely hate those products where you have to dip your fingers in .

About the product:

This smells like berries, the scent is so delicious.Now as you can see this looks os vibrant and red in the tube but on application it imparts  a sheer wash of color which Is not too much buildable on multiple swipes. There are specks of gold glitter in this lip balm  but don't panic they are too small to be visible or feel gritty on the lips.  it  applies evenly on the lips and after hrs( without drinking and eating) it disappears leaving the lips smooth and moisturized. One of the best part in my opinion is that this Lipbalm has spf 20 so not does it makes the lips soft it also protects them form the damaging  rays

Beware guys there are a lot fakes circulating online and in the market so make sure you are safe from the counterfeit products as they can pose hazard to your skin

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

[Review]: Khyber Namkeen Restaurant

June 21, 2017 0
I love to try out new cuisines so when I was invited to try out the Pashtun/Afghan cuisine aka shinwari food by a new eatery called Khyber Namkeen Resturant I was excited about the whole experience.

Situated in F-11 markaz the Resturant is a cozy little place which has setting to house customers inside as well as outside( personal opinion: Shinwari is enjoyed best when sitting out breathing in the fresh air). The decor is nothing special to write about but its the food which is promising and great

According to the owner of the restaurant Mrs Tahir ( A lady of cheerful disposition) the Resturant has been functional since last december.  And all the Shinwari dishes are prepared by Pashtun cooks.
Afghan / Pashtun have a very carnivorous diet so meat (specially red meat) is chief ingredient of most of the dishes

We ( my fellow bloggers and I)  were served 4 dishes to try out
Here is my take on each dish

Chicken tikka

The chicken was juicy and tender. The spices were added in moderation. The taste seeped deep so every bite was delicious. they were served with raita

Lamb tikka

This was a bit salty for my my taste but this is how it should be. This was grilled over charcoal so it had the signature smoky barbeque flavour.
Moving on  there was mutton karhai served with naan. the  meat was soft and chewy and the curry tasted good too.

Saving the best for the last is Kabli Pulao. This is basically a jazzed up version of desi pulao haha just kidding, this is riced cooked in broth which is then mixed in with carrots, raisins and lamb giving it a very distinct sweet and salty taste ( that's like the best of the two worlds for your taste buds).the rice grains were separate and steamed to perfection the carrots very crunchy and the meat was shredded into long pieces

What I liked best about this Resturant was that all the ingredients used to prepare dishes were fresh.
This resturant also serves desi dishes (daal makhni a local favourite) and have the regular fast food listed in their menu as well. The dessert corner is a bit lacking but then who can say no to good old gajjar ka halwa or kheer ?

If you happen to visit Islamabad or live in Islamabad and are looking for something new to try I recommends you to pay a visit to Khyber Namkeen Resturant I promise you wont regret it. And if you are a lazy bum like me just pick up your phone and have the food delivered to your doorstep as they offer delivery service to many sectors in Islamabad. Plus they are also available at Foodpanda pakistan
Happy dining!!!!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The skin maskeurade exhibition

May 07, 2017 0


Its so hard to find original Korean/Japanese makeup and skin care in Pakistan. And even if you luckily do locate an online store the prices are exorbitant. Recently an online store called "The SkinMaskeurade" held an exhibition at Chaye Khana Islamabad to introduce the Korean and Japanese skincare to the masses.

When I arrived at Chaye Khana I was directed to a the exhibition room where I was greeted warmly by the organizers and the people working behind the online store. The place was decorated with a lots of flowers and fairy lights. All the skincare products where sorted out on the bases of skin types which made it super easy to locate the products. There weren't many makeup products to choose from but skincare section was well stocked. All the cult favourite and popular brands and products were there. The prices in my opinion were a bit high but then I think this can be justified if you add the custom duty, shipping cost and the profit.

  The owner Ms Faiza and her team were well prepared and had knowledge about all the products showcased at the exhibition. They guided everyone on choosing products. After looking around and taking a lot of pictures. I picked out an aloe cleanser by nature republic. Two free samples were added to my purchase
I had a lot of fun at the exhibition. Besides I got an idea about the products bottle size so that next time when I place an order I wont be disappointed.

I am so glad that Korean makeup and  skincare products have finally made it to the pakistani shores
Best of luck team "The SkinMaskeurade

Friday, 31 March 2017

BioDerma Pakistan Isloo Bloggers Meetup: A review

March 31, 2017 5

i have been blogging consistently  since 2014 but for some reasons i haven't meet any of the isloo bloggers during all this time , thanks to FourthArc and Bioderma Pakistan i got the chance to meet fellow bloggers and socialize with them as we shared our opinions on a common interest i.e makeup

Team BioDerma and fourthArc sent me a cute invitation to the event ( see how generous they are with the samples and the round makeup removing cotton pads ).

side note: i came all the way from abbottabad to attend this event.

the event kicked off at 5:00 pm ,  Tuscany courtyard Islamabad. when i came at the venue i was directed to the top floor where i was greeted by the sight of cute pink and white balloons  and of course  the seated bloggers. i must say that  arrangement and the decor was cute and feminine,  since this was my first time meeting everyone i was a bit shy and hesitant to strike a conversation with the other bloggers, but as the evening progressed i mustered up my courage and talked with a couple of bloggers, and believe me it was fun .

the organizer Mr omer hafiz from fourtharc gave a small introductory speech about the brand Bioderma, the  product range , and how the product is officially distributed at 82 countries around the world.

we were then briefed about the star product the 'Bioderma Sensibio H20 by mr siqqidue who held a interactive session with the bloggers, where he asked about the expectations one would have when using a makeup remover/cleanser. i tried to take part in it but sadly my tiny voice was lost somewhere between the sea of the other voices.

the bloggers then were asked to try out the amazing qualities of bioderma mi-cellar water themselves by wiping off the lipstick on the back off the hand.i was truly amazed how easily and effortlessly it removed the liquid lipstick from the back of the hand, moreover my skin felt smooth, soft and hydrated in a  non greasy way.

after the presentation we were served with delicious food . here take a look. (i am not much of eater so i just settled with a grilled sandwich /and a chocolate brownie i shared with sana makeupaholic)

what was special about this session was that team bioderma held a lucky draw, where one lucky participant got products worth 5000 pkr , cool right?!? and guess which lucky girl  got to take all the goodies  home?? khadija !!! from creative mind khadija blog . i was so lucky so sit with her and talk with her. i must say that khadija looks so so much younger then her age and she is such a humble down to earth person .  i look forward to meet you again khadija. Btw that's Ms Beenish marketing Manager of BioDerma Pakistan

i also had a very tiny conversation with  bioderma spoke person Justine who is actually french and works at the bioderma U.a.e headquarters . who  knew french can be so friendly, bubbly and out outgoing. and we took a selfie too. (sorry it came out so blurred )

the event wrapped up with a photography and video review session.  which i was a bit shy to participate in ( socially awkward person here!)

team bioderma were very generous and gave the bloggers a goodie bag which included a bottle of bioderma micellar water and samples of their other products from the range. and a very chic pen too

thank you once again FourthArc and team bioderma for inviting me over. i learned a lot from this event. gained some experience . made new friends and socialized with a lot of people.
 I must add that the event was extremely well managed and a very fun and educational experiance for me. Best wishes to team Bioderma Pakistan and Fourtharc.


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