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Thursday, 2 March 2017

February Haul post 2017

March 02, 2017 0

i have been feeling depressed lately and what i have observed is that i try to reduce the stress by retail therapy. so a recent trip to super market resulted in purchasing a lot of products but i am happy that i still managed too keep my head and bought useful products that i will be using this year

i purchased the Maybelline super white fresh powder as i am tired of seeing my old pink Maybelline compact so for a change this looked like it would be easy to carry in my college purse for touch ups 

originally planned to buy the Freeman black charcoal and sugar mask but the sale girl convinced me try out this instead so glad i listed to her

also for my oily skin this fresh smelling vaseline lotion seemed like a wise choice so it ended up in my shopping cart

i have been having an few pimples popping up so i went back to my trusty acne medicated soap bar. and i found a very cute rose shaped candle on a book store so it was impossible to resist this cutie,
the deodorant and vibrant blue nail enamel were totally bought on  a whim

thats all for the month of February will i be able to control my shopping habits next month ?

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Haul post for october

November 01, 2016 22
Hello girls. I am sharing my monthly buys for the month of October

the first most exciting thing I will be sharing are these two beauties I purchased from beauty joint. My first ever korean makeup products yaay

I have been desperately trying to find authentic korean makeup products and imagine my delight when a facebook page by the name of lush groom bargains agreed to order Korean makeup products for me

I ordered this dear darling tint by etude house and coton bb cream by holika holika. Look at the packaging its so cute 😊

Next i purchased rose  water by Saeed ghani which I plan to use as a makeup setting spray.

 I been using fa deodorant for past three years so decided to try out this lady speed stick deodorant for change.I also purchased a pair of makeup sponge because my old sponge got a little mouldy

I know its kind of silly but I just wanted to share a pic of this minions bed sheet I found, its cute right

Earlier this month I purchased this spoon makeup brush and a dupe for real techniques stippling brush

thats all the stuff i purchased in october

which one would you like to see reviewed first?

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant Review

January 23, 2016 14


pleasant fragrances can have a very positive on your daily routine and activity they can make you feel cheerful, some scents bring back memories while fragrances can give you confidence and of course mask the smell of your sweat (this part was obvious)

today i will be reviewing the three newly launched 24hr active deodorant fragrances by Olor 

these are 
1.vibrant violet
2.rosy raspberry 
3.glamorous gold 


these deodorants can have a very chic and slender designed spray can the caps fit quite well and have a nice nozzle which sprays the fragrances quite evenly. 

due to their vibrant design these bottles will look quite cute on the dressing table or in the purse 

About the product 

these deodorants are indeed quite long lasting, they dont smell overpowering but the scent is not feeble either. they come in a generous amount of 150ml. the best part they are ozone friendly. these  deodorants are manufactured in Norway 

and now i will describe each scent separate 

Olor Vibrant Violet

 Details: Iris and Black Current

top note : black current and iris blossoms 
base note: vanilla 

my thoughts:

this smells sweet and fruity also it sort of gives of cooling sensation 

Olor Rose Raspberry

 Details: Raspberry & Vanilla

top note blackcurrent ,raspberry
middle notes mandarin orange, carnation and cinnamon
 base notes  vanilla

My thoughts:

this fragrance despite the fact that it has raspberry does not have  a fruity scent at all but it smells quite pleasant. a bit masculine 

Glamorous Gold 

Details: lilac and amber 


top note: mandarin 
middle note: peach, lilac
base note; amber

my thoughts:

this has a regal scent if that is another way to describe the scent of betel nut( Mughal era???)

for the price these deodorants are quite a steal  as they are priced at about 200-250 pkr 

you can check out these and other deodorants from the range at the olor pakistan facebook page or visit for more details

out of all three deodorants which one would you like to try???

let me know in the comments section below !!

until next post bye 


*This post contains PR samples . however all the opinion expressed is honest and my own

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My summer essentials

July 02, 2015 14

Girls summer is on and the sun is blazing in its full glory. Summer is all about watermelon, peaches plum mangoes yummy!!  And of course the power outage which keep our sweat glands functional. And then can how can I forget the darling mosquitoes who sing sweet lullaby all night long and bite us to death

I thought about sharing my summer essentials for this year


It’s impossible for me to wear foundation in summer when I know all of my makeup is going to run down my face mixed with sweat
So I keep it simple by applying a thin layer of pressed powder the one I am using currently is by Maybelline read the review here

For lipstick I opt for a nude lip gloss or sometimes coral lipstick or a lip balm

For blusher: a coral blusher is my choice 

I like to use a pop of color on my lids colossal kajal by Maybelline in turquoise is what I use


I like to use this deodorant by fa. it has a very feminine scent and has a long lasting power also I does not stains the clothes

For skin care:

I like to use this peel off cucumber mask by freeman. So refreshing

For my nails

I find these nail paints quite bright and summer-y

That’s all!!  what are your summer essentials tell me in the comment box below

Friday, 26 December 2014

December haul:

December 26, 2014 2

So I have been absent from the blogging world for over two months annual exams being the chief reason however today I have a very exciting post to share( exciting for me)

So here is what I got

Freemans peel off cucumber mask Pkr 270

Dial hand sanitizer Pkr 210

Skin fruits strawberry face wash Pkr 110

Malizia roll on deodorant Pkr 155

Vatika garlic hair shampoo Pkr 220

Pears clarifying care shampoo Pkr  230

Livon I love my hair hair potion Pkr 350

i bought all this stuff from dwatson f-6 and mediplus  islamabad  

what have you bought recently??? let me know in the comments section below

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

FA deodrant and antiperspirant

February 19, 2014 0

when it comes to personal hygeine and smelling good deodrants can be your best friends, they mask all the body odor nicely and give a refreshing feel too. THIS ALSO BOOSTS YOUR CONFIDENCE :)

as student i prefer deodrants over body sprays because they last long. the scents are not too over powering  

i  bought two deodrants . now you most certainly might be wondering why did a bought a deodrants which says for men. the thing is i was in such a hurry so i just grbbed it from the shelf and added it to my cart and when i was home unloading all the stuff i just saw the mistake i have made. i asked my brother if he would like to wear it but he said no so i though why not give it a shot :)

about the packaging:

clear glass bottles which have a roll on property and a nice cap. the fluid inside is not sticky. it looks oily in the bottle but one applied to the skin it quickly dries up the company claims that these deodrant will last 48 hours but in my opinion it lasts 6 hours average


 pkr 120 for exotic gargen and 150 pkr for energy zone deodrant

quantity 50 ml


alcohol denat aluminum chlorohydrate, ceteareth 30,cetareth 12, parfum,hydroxyethylcellulose, citronellol, tocoppheryl acetate, limonene, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, citral, benzyl alcohol, linalool, phenoxy ethanol, CL 47005,Cl17200

fa exotic garden deodrant

this name fits it perfectly it has a very nice fruity smell and is quite feminine too.its skin friendly and doesnot leaves a stain on the clothes so its a plus point. the scent stays on for five hours which is pretty good in my opinion. 

fa men deodrant energy zone deodrant

as the name suggests this is good for sporty people or people who engage in lot of exercise etc. its a deodrant and antiperspirant too. this one actually lasts longer than the fa exotic garden deodrant i.e like 7 hours and it does prevents perspiration. this one is a bit stickier and leaves a white stain on the clothes

these deodrant are great for college and can be worn to work too. the bottles are good enough to be carried in your purse or college bag. definately a must have

you might like it

if you dont want to invest too much on deodrant                                                                                    

you want a work friendly scent
a scent which last during college or work time 

i seriously cant find any thing negative except that the energy zone deodrant leaves a stain on dark shirts but the white stain in washable so no worries :)

my rating: 5 out of 5


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