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Monday, 12 February 2018

Earth’s Recipe Stemwater Cleanser

February 12, 2018 0
This is one of the latest addition to my ever expanding collection of face cleansers and I am so glad to try out this amazing cleanser.
 The Stemwater cleanser includes bamboo, cypress, and birch extracts, as well as soothing honey extract from Jeju Island, and leaves the skin moisturized and fresh after cleansing.
Earth's Recipe is not one of the main stream Korean skincare brands but they have some really great staple  , HG status worthy skincare products.
This is a very unique 2nd step cleanser. It has a Ph of 5.5 ( ideal Ph level ) and is paraben free
its described as a sticky cleanser
Standard squeeze tube packaging , I love the chic white tube it looks so classy. The lid is transparent and closes pretty well. A single tube contains 150 ml of product in it.
About the products:
This smells heavenly, its mild and very refreshing ( this is one scent I would love to use in the morning as its so crisp and clean)
The texture is sticky gel like. Its transparent in color but there are tiny white colored particles in the cleanser. I used a small amount of product on the palm of my hand and was surprised how much foam this cleanser created by just a little bit of massaging.

My skin feels visibly brighter and clean. This effectively removes all the sebum from the skin surface while maintaining hydration and retaining skin moisture. I am so surprised to see how soft my skin feels after every use.
I once used this to remove makeup and was shocked how well this cleared my skin of all the dust and makeup  
I am very impressed with this cleanser and skincare brand in general because the ingredient list is simple, the packaging is aesthetically pleasing, its parabens free and the PH is perfect.
this retails for 13$ at bemused korea website

Friday, 18 August 2017

[Review] Alive Lab Centella dressing foam

August 18, 2017 1
Alive lab is a Korea skincare brand popular for their ice cream skincare line. They have very unique skincare products with interesting ingredient list. One that particularly piked my curiosity was centella blemish powder. A product which can be mixed with any cream and applied directly onto the problematic areas of face They were kind enough to send me a few products to try out today I will be reviewing centella dressing foam a mild cleanser which effectively reduces oil from the face and calms down any skin irritation or redness. it also effective in reducing skin aging and acne

Here is what the brand has to say about this product
Centella Dressing Foam, which provides deep cleansing care without irritation.
1. You can use it without any concern about trouble, as it is formulated with Centella water.
2. A mild cleanser with soft and foamy bubbles.
3. You can feel fresh after usig it due to its natural detergent.
Packaging: Its a nice mint  green squeeze tube which looks simple and nice
Quantity: 120ml
About the product
This face cleanser smells of herbs some which I don't mind as the scent does not linger for longer duration and is mild

This cleanser is white in color and foams when massage onto the skin. The bubbles are mild nothing too crazy. Overall it feels nice on the skin. It does such a nice job in calming my skin and reducing redness. It does not dry out the skin nor does it makes it too oily. My skin feels soft and refreshed. I have been using this for two weeks and I am so happy to report that my skin looks so much better. This has helped with the acne flare ups that i experience during monsoon.
This is a nice cleanser which improves skin texture with regular use. Definitely one of the best face cleansers I have used in a while
Thankyou Alive lab for giving me the opportunity to try out this amazing product

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Haul post

May 30, 2017 0

I have been a smart shopper lately so every time I go out I think twice when purchasing something. And I am happy to report that for the past couple of months I haven't bought any makeup/skincare item on a whim.

Since I am a contact lens user I switched from optiplus contact lens cleaner to Renu contact lens cleaning solution lets see how this works for both my eyes and contact lens
After trying out the bioderma sensibio h2o micellar water I have been quite curious about the performance of garnier micellar water so I bought a small bottle of it to test out. I will post a detailed review on it soon also I might do a comparison post on the two.
Moving on I bought another cleanser from the skin maskeurade exhibition. First impressions: This smells so good . I also got some samples so lets see if I like them or not

I also purchased Maybelline baby lips lip balm a staple for every purse. And since summer is here I picked out a fun green colored nail enamel . And a pen eyeliner. Some nail enamel removing pads and the color changing lip oil. Rhinestone Bobby pins and a garnier sample size face wash that I got with a purchase of a hair dye .
That's all guys. Are you a smart shopper or do you purchase things on a whim. Do let me know in comments section down below
Virtual hugs

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My current skincare 2017

May 24, 2017 1
The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and I am so excited 😃. Even though it has been over a month since i got measles my skin has not come back to its normal pattern. So my there has been some major changes skincare routine to deal with the dry flaky skin.

Before I share the products with you guys here is a request. If you haven't got measles as of yet please get vaccinated because trust me adult measles are more severe than childhood measles. The disease is very exhausting and takes a very long time to recover. The sign and symptoms are severe and more pronounced. And the measles scar take a long time to disappear so just save your self from all the trouble and get vaccinated. As vaccination gives life long protection
Ok back to the original post. I will start of with cleanser first. My skin is normally oily. So I use cleanser which reduce oil production and combat acne but as my skin is now very dry I have switched to a hydrating cleanser by nature republic. Now this is basically a cleanser to remove makeup but honestly jt was not doing a good job at removing makeup so now I use this as a face wash. This aloe cleanser leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Moving on to makeup removers i like to switch between bioderma sensibio H2O micellar water and the Garnier micellar water. Both are gentle on the skin and remove makeup without much effort.
To achieve smooth, flake free skin I use a very mild and gentle green tea scrub by ST.Ives. This is has such fine round granules which are non abrasive and very gentle on the skin. Plus the exfoliate the skin quite thoroughly.
For moisturizer I like to use oriflame tea tree moisturizer during day time and at night I use some thing more hydrating so stelatopia cream by mustella is my choice. Both moisturize the skin well without leaving an oily film.

Even though my skin is dry I like to wear a mud mask once every week, currently i am using the one by freemans ( oatmeal and avocado version)
I like to spritz my face with rose water during the day. This makes my face look dewy and fresh.
Lastly I am enjoying the scent of Maybelline baby lips lip balm in berry crush. This unfortunately doesn't leave a tint on the lips but does keeps my lips soft and smooth
That's all for my current routine. Would you recommend any skincare product I should try out?

Friday, 4 March 2016

Duvi stockholm Green Tea Facewash with aloe extracts

March 04, 2016 25

With more awareness about growing environmental changes and damage caused by harsh chemicals people are now turning to natural organic skincare products,  in Pakistan organic and natural skin care products are hard to come by only handful of brands are available with a very limited range, ordering foreign brands via fb stores is the only option.  Duvi Stockholm a Swedish skincare brand recently launched its products in Pakistan; today I will be reviewing their   green tea face wash

Quantity: 150ml

Price 1150 pkr

A very sturdy, white squeeze tube which has a very secure cap so no chances of leakage 

About the product:
green tea face wash effectively removes  dirt and impurities without drying the skin. Enriched with a healthy blend of natural ingredients including green tea, aloe vera and olive vegetable extracts. These extracts are known for moisturizing and hydrating your skin as well as reducing the severity of breakouts. Purify your face to reveal a fresh and luminous complexion

My thoughts :
the facewash  has a very mild refreshing green tea scent to it which is not strong or overpowering it has a transparent green gel like texture which lathers well, my face has become a little dry due to winter so I was fearful that it might leave my skin over dry but to my surprise it didn’t. my skin did feel moisturized .
as a cleanser it does pretty well removing oil from t-zone, I haven’t experience any breakouts either
for the price it’s a good facewash as it contains a generous amount of 150 ml which is going to last you a really long time moreover its paraben free, Organic and natural

I would suggest to try out this facewash as it’s suitable to use for all skin types

Duvi Stockholm is currently stocked at  Organic Shop in DHA and Beautex Salon DHA and Pot Pourri DHA, it can also be ordered online via the duivistockholm pk website or from the
You can know more about the brand by visiting their facebook page Duvi stockholm

What do you think of this facewash???

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Press Release: Duvi Stockholm a new swedish skincare brand launching in pakistan

February 23, 2016 9

A lot of foreign makeup and skincare brands have been launching products in  Pakistan.
Duvi Stocklom  a Swedish skincare brand is the most recent one.

About the brand:

Du’Vi Stockholm is passionate about developing skin care products with a unique combination of natural and organic ingredients from different parts of the world to give your skin a treatment it truly deserves.

“Transform and nourish your skin with Du’Vi Stockholm”

Each of our product features a combination of active ingredients, with tested results, that caters to specific skin concerns.We follow a holistic and broad approach to solve skin care concerns. Our team thoroughly analyses all aspects of skin care concerns and the external factors that can affect your skin.

skincare range:

 they have a skin care products which cater to every skin type there is; mature skin, oily skin, combination skin etc. Currently they have introduced face wash, scrub, toner,night-cream and cleanser in Pakistan i am sure more products will be added to the range over time.


 packaging is very simple and sleek, looks very pleasing to the eyes

i personally think that price wise these look promising products to invest it, there are not many skincare brands that claim to be all natural and organic

you can know more about the brand at their official Fb page Duvi Stockholm
or visit their website at

duvi stockholm is currently available at

which product would you like to try let me know in the comments box below


Friday, 26 December 2014

December haul:

December 26, 2014 2

So I have been absent from the blogging world for over two months annual exams being the chief reason however today I have a very exciting post to share( exciting for me)

So here is what I got

Freemans peel off cucumber mask Pkr 270

Dial hand sanitizer Pkr 210

Skin fruits strawberry face wash Pkr 110

Malizia roll on deodorant Pkr 155

Vatika garlic hair shampoo Pkr 220

Pears clarifying care shampoo Pkr  230

Livon I love my hair hair potion Pkr 350

i bought all this stuff from dwatson f-6 and mediplus  islamabad  

what have you bought recently??? let me know in the comments section below


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