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Friday, 10 November 2017

Leegeeham HOPE 5 α- Control cream

November 10, 2017 1
I was sent this cream courtesy Leegeeham by Ms Aileen for review purpose

 A moisturizing cream specially designed for oily skin I was very curious because it contains 5 alpha hydroxy acid a chemical compound used to inhibit the action of 5 α reductase the main culprit of excess oil/sebum production and Hirsutism ( excess hair growth) in females
Just like the Hyal B5 cream this is cased in a very sturdy travel friendly container. There is a protective lid to keep the product from spilling and maintain its freshness
This cream has a faint propolis like scent which is good because I was afraid it might smell have that chemistry lab like scent 😳
The texture of this cream is a somewhat like a lotion its viscous and feels like a emulsion/ lotion.

Now I have been using my favourite green tea cream for 2 yrs straight because it absorbs immediately into the skin giving a matte finish so I had the same concept of matte akin in my mind but I was quite surprised when I applied this onto my skin
Instead of absorbing immediately this took about 5 minutes and instead of leaving that matte/ dry skin . It made my skin feel so and satin like. Moreover my makeup went on so much smoothly afterwards. What I have deduced after using this for almost a month is that this cream restores the moisture which an oily skin needs ( something which many of us oily skin people are guilty of) so this in return regulates sebum product and the skin does not feels the need to produce more oil

My experience with heavy creams have not been pleasant in the past but this one is definitely a product made after a lot of research. This does not clog up pores, cause breakout more exacerbate pimples.
The ingredient list and instructions are printed both in English and Hangul (Korean) on the box
Since the cream is on pricier side I suggest you to use a spatula to scoop out cream so that no extra bacteria is introduces in the cream( hygiene comes first)
I searched for skincare products containing 5 α-Hydroxy acids and I didn't found many so this is a one of its kind product which controls excess sebum production.
Do you know leegeeham has more product in this range. You can know more  by clicking here

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Welcos Jeju Natural Aloe and Canola honey mask review

June 10, 2017 0
I received these masks on my mail a few days back and after trying them out I am posting my verdict. I decided to share one mask with my sister so she choose the aloe one while I went for the canola honey.
For reference my sister and I both have oily skin

Unlike most of the masks I have tried out in the past. The comes in a relatively small packaging. The packing is bright and cheerful
These masks contain 20ml of product which is less compared to other mask but that's ok as less serum means less mess. These make are not  scented. The scent is mild and refreshing. The fit of the mask is good not too big nor too small. These is also flap to cover the nose area

The Canola honey has nice scent the serum is not sticky . It absorbs easily into the skin. One thing which I notices using this was it sting slightly more like an itch . Which I weird because I haven't Experienced. anything  like this sort ever in my past. I let this mask sit on my face for 20 mins and then patted the left over serum onto my face. This made my skin soft and hydrated. The effect lasted for a couple of hours

As for the aloe. My sister enjoyed this a was her first Time trying out a sheet mask. She has a bit of redness and pimples going on her cheeks and chin so this mask did calmed her skin down and felt soothing. According to her, she noticed that there was less redness and her skin felt moisturized. Unlike the canola honey mask she didn't Experience itching
I thinks these masks are good for the value ser long-lasting results one must use them continuously for weeks to see results
These masks are available at skin18 fir purchase

Thursday, 6 October 2016

skin 18 reviewer package : an overview

October 06, 2016 1


today i am sharing a quick review on products i received in my mail  by skin 18  an online skincare store which sells genuine korean skincare  products at very affordable prices .the shipping is very secure and quick and the customer care service is very good too

my parcel came a little squished but nothing was damaged inside thankfully, they double wrapped all the masks in a box so all the masks were safe

inside the box i received 7  products in total , which constituted of an assortment of facemask, modelling cup maks and nose strips

they even sent a thank you note for the freebies :)

these are the masks i received 

 Luke Essence Mask hyaluron

 Cracare 3 step Mask anti aging

 Mirum Fresh Fruit Real Nature Mask green tea

  Inoface Modeling cup mask in peppermint 

  Luke Eye Patch for wrinkle

  Luke Nose Patch mugwort

  PUREDERM Wash Off Mask in grapes

thats all 

i will be sharing a very detailed post  and my experience regarding all these masks  very soon so tuned for that 

until next  post  


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Oriflame Love Nauture Purifying Tea Tree lotion for oily skin

July 03, 2016 1

if i be  honest with you guys the idea of slathering on lotion or cream on my face scares me primarly because i have oily skin and, creams having oily texture tend to block my pore and give me cystic acne plus blackheads

i do use coconut oil on my skin occasionally, trust me it works wonders but to use it under my foundation is difficult.i originally intended to try out clean & clear moisturizer but then my experience with the brand is not so good so i let that one pass

Oriflame is a Swedish brand  they have a very vast range of makeup and skincare products for every skin type so i decided to buy one for my self from the tea tree range

Price: around PKR 700 i think

Quantity: 50 ml

Packaging : its a small transparent plastic tub , i preffer tubes as they are more hygienic

the jar was sealed so i got the satisfaction of knowing that one has dipped their fingers in the lotion before me and the lotion is uncontaminated

About the product:

the lotion is pale green in color when applied on the skin it does not impart any color,
this lotion smells amazing and refreshing, i absorbs quickly once its applid and does not leaves any oily residue on my skin
i have been using this for almost a month and i am please to tell you guys that my skin didnt break out even once so yay for me

i wouldnt recommend this product to dry skin people as its not too moisturizing or hydrating
the hydration level is perfect for oily skin beauties

i am seriously impressed with this, despite the fact that this tiny lotion jar i expensive i am definitely going to repurchase this once again as this my holy grail skin care product

which cream or lotion do you use ?



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