Tuesday, 22 August 2017

[Review] Alive Lab pocket cushion concealer

I love cushion foundations.the finish they provide is way more better than a regular foundation . So when I saw this cute pocket cushion concealer on the alive lab website I wanted to try this out

Packaging: This vial glass is fragile one must be very careful as a single fall is going to be fatal. The silver cap is very secure and prevents the product from leaking out . Unlike what the name suggests this does not have a cushion applicator in fact there is metallic roller ball applicator which distributes the concealer. This concealer is small and perfect to carry around but do mind the glass packaging


About the product

What the brand has to say about this product:
It adheres to the skin through the ball, and produces natural skin by blending with base makeup cosmetics.
 It is easy to cover the lines of your lips quickly and refresh your makeup.

My thoughts:
Firstly shake the vial before uses that way the concealer comes out homogenised.
This concealer is a pink toned  which has a very runny moisturizing texture. It blends so easily onto the skin and gives  sheer to slightly medium coverage. From what I have deduced this is designed to conceal lips for the gradient lip effect or for touch ups on the go. On its own when applied to bare skin this evens out skin tone.  This is definitely a good option to refresh makeup during the day. The cute little vial is very handy and easy to use. This just blurs out the scars and blemishes Slightly  so you do need a full coverage concealer to hide blemishes and scars

For my fair skin the color is a perfect match
I applied this on my lips for the gradient effect and loved how it slightly masked my natural lip color without settling into the fines lines. It didn't dry out my lips and made the lipstick application streak free
I really like the concept of this product and am so happy with the results

The product is provided by the brand for review purpose all the opinion stated is my own

Friday, 18 August 2017

[Review] Alive Lab Centella dressing foam

Alive lab is a Korea skincare brand popular for their ice cream skincare line. They have very unique skincare products with interesting ingredient list. One that particularly piked my curiosity was centella blemish powder. A product which can be mixed with any cream and applied directly onto the problematic areas of face They were kind enough to send me a few products to try out today I will be reviewing centella dressing foam a mild cleanser which effectively reduces oil from the face and calms down any skin irritation or redness. it also effective in reducing skin aging and acne

Here is what the brand has to say about this product
Centella Dressing Foam, which provides deep cleansing care without irritation.
1. You can use it without any concern about trouble, as it is formulated with Centella water.
2. A mild cleanser with soft and foamy bubbles.
3. You can feel fresh after usig it due to its natural detergent.
Packaging: Its a nice mint  green squeeze tube which looks simple and nice
Quantity: 120ml
About the product
This face cleanser smells of herbs some which I don't mind as the scent does not linger for longer duration and is mild

This cleanser is white in color and foams when massage onto the skin. The bubbles are mild nothing too crazy. Overall it feels nice on the skin. It does such a nice job in calming my skin and reducing redness. It does not dry out the skin nor does it makes it too oily. My skin feels soft and refreshed. I have been using this for two weeks and I am so happy to report that my skin looks so much better. This has helped with the acne flare ups that i experience during monsoon.
This is a nice cleanser which improves skin texture with regular use. Definitely one of the best face cleansers I have used in a while
Thankyou Alive lab for giving me the opportunity to try out this amazing product

Sunday, 13 August 2017

[Review] Fernberry skincare part II

As promised here is the part II of fernberry skincare products. Do you know fernberry is a cruelty free brand ?

Fernberry Replenishing Smoothie Conditioning Foot Cream

Our very first signature product is the Replenishing Smoothie Conditioning Foot Cream, a perfect cream for a relaxing and even an undisturbed night of restful sleep You’ll see how amazing our foot cream is at rejuvenating your feet! Look stunning in sandals, heels or barefoot after every use!
This product has a very faint lavender scent scent. It has white color. I used this cream two ways, first I tested it out on its own. I wore this before going to sleep and  After taking a shower the next morning. I noticed that me feet looked better. The heel looked less cracked less cracked after first application after one week of use the skin on my feet has smoothed out and now my feet look pink and pretty. I think I can totally Flaunt my feet in  sandals now they look like I have been going to fancy spas and getting  pedicures  every day. Hehe

I also applied this to my feet after exfoliating with the Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub and noticed that the two products when combined gave even better results.

Fernberry  Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub - a good day starts with this super-fine sea salt wonder that scrubs away dull skin and cleanses pores, leaving you with revitalized, healthy skin. This light, fluffy exfoliator is gentle enough for everyday use, you’re gonna glow — every day!
This is my first time using a sea salt scrub I have previously tried out tea scrub, apricot scrub and Sugar scrub . So in general  the main Ingredient of this product piqued my interest.
Since this contains salt the consistency is semi solid. It has a nice sweet berry scent. The salt granules are small and fine in texture. I first tried this on my Feet because very few scrubs can remove the stubborn dead skin from them and I was so pleased with the results
Here is how Fernberry recommends to use the scrub

To maximize the benefits of the Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub and make sure it exfoliates as well as the other brands, wet your skin a little and start scrubbing. Do not stand underneath the running water or a strong shower - the salt is ultra fine that it will wash away before you get to scrub your skin. Also a reminder that the salt scrub shouldn’t be used on an area where there’s an open wound. It is actually a daily body wash that works a bit stronger than a body wash because it removes dirt and exfoliates gently but too fine and super gentle than other scrubs because it can be used daily without harming your sensitive skin. Perfect for others who have sensitive skin and can’t use regular scrubs. Try it to believe!

applied this following the directions provided and liked how the exfoliator lathered up slightly.I rubbed the product onto my skin for few minutes until I felt that the salt granules were melting that's when I washed this of with water The dead dry crakes skin from my feet was gone and I could see the pink soft skin .
One good thing I noticed about this scrub was that it didn't left my skin feeling dry. Although I did followed up with a cream but my skin from exfoliation alone felt smooth and soft. I have been using this on my body too and noticed that this has helped a lot with the back acne I have got. Salt has antiseptic properties so It must have helped my skin that way I guess .my neck is slightly darker than my face and at times I feel so conscious about the difference. For the past one week i have been scrubbing my whole body with the Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub and I have noticed that my neck skin tone is beginning to match my face color more and more. Wow I didn't new it was dead skin build up which was causing difference. the ingrown hair on my legs have reduced too. I asked my mom to use this product and according to her  this made her skin look healthier.  Since the weather in Islamabad is humid I am sweating a lot and my skin gets so clammy and dull but after scrubbing my body with this I feel refreshed

Compared with other scrubs I have used this is gentle. The granules are not harsh or abrasive in nature so while using this product I wasn't afraid that this scrub will damage my skin. This exfoliates quite well without over exfoliating.  I am a bit hesitant to use this on my face because I am a clumsy person and i don't want salt to get in my eyes.

 product sent for review by the brand all the thoughts stated are my own 
you cam know more about the brand by checking out their official website

Fernberry Skincare

Saturday, 12 August 2017

[Review] Fernberry skincare

Today i will be reviewing Fernberry skincare products that were sent to me for review. I want to thank the Fernberry team sale executive Ms Japhet Abad for the opportunity( such a sweet person, she highlighted all the features regarding the products and guided me on how to use them correctly to see maximum results)
****disclaimer: even though the products were sent for review. The thoughts and views stated are purely my own , unbiased and honest ****

At Fernberry, we promise to deliver customer satisfaction through building long-term relationships, by providing carefully thought-out products. Let Fernberry spoil you and give you the skin-pampering you deserve.
All our products are made with love and a perfect way to share love and time with others too. Use Fernberry as a way to bond, pamper and give time to others and enjoy what it feels like to be touched and caress others with Fernberry's love.
Fernberry uses next generation moisture Ingredients from Japanese skincare and all the products are packed in white cardboard boxes with details on them

Firstly I will be reviewing Fernberry  Petals & Cream Softening Hand Cream

Quantity: 50ml

The design of this cream is very simple and pretty. I like skincare products which have white bottle/tube they look so sophisticated. The squeeze tube is very hygienic. The Cap is secure so its travel friendly and the size is good enough to keep it in my college bag

This smells like rose petals   since I have oily skin I usually tend to avoid creams which leave behind a sticky and oily residue because then all the dust and dirt just sticks to the grease and makes the hand dirty so I have to wash them up again but with this cream I didn't have any of these issues it just sank into the skin after a  few minutes and made my hands soft and moisturized.

I also asked by mom to try this out and she liked this even more. My mom has dry skin so her hands become flaky and rough. This cream made her hands soft and all the roughness was smooth and even. after she washed her hands the moisturizing effect of the cream was still there. So so pleased with the results.

Next up is the Fernberry Mochi Lips Nourishing Lip Conditioner -"a perfect lip treatment to add to your kit, it immediately softens & conditions lips with a  luscious blend of yuzu essential oil, tsubaki flower, sweet almond and sunflower seed"

Quantity :10ml

This comes in a lip gloss like tube which makes it handy and easy to apply throughout the day. The scent is one of the things i love about this product it literally smells like a floral garden and citrus so so sweet and refreshing
Japhet actually challenged me to try this out before applying my most drying/ matte lipstick and see the result so I applied this lip conditioner before applying my clazona matte liquid lipstick and wow my lips looked so much better and felt so soft and smooth throughout they day. They also went well with my lip stains.  I also asked my sister to try this lip conditioner because she is often chewing on her lips so they look dry and cracked. She applied this before going to bed and in the morning her lips looked better, the cracks very not completely healed but lips looked plump and smooth
Here is how fern berry recommends to use the lip treatment

please take note that the Mochi Lips should be dry and absorbed by the lips already before putting any lipstick on. Wait for at least 10min (30min for retro matte lipsticks) for it to set.

Part II of this post will be upload soon. Till then bye
You can purchase fernberry products
Fernberry Skincare


Monday, 7 August 2017

[Review] Cre8skin Salmon oil cream

Ever since I have dipped my toes into Korean makeup and skincare i have been enjoying some really unique ingredients ad the benefits that come with it like, snail secretion, bee venom, donkey milk

The cream that I am review today has a unique ingredient too and its salmon oil
Do you know that salmon oil is rich In omega 3 fatty acids, and anti oxidants like vitamin A and Vitamin E so that means it Slows down aging , cell damage , prevent wrinkles and moisturizes

Packaging: This comes in a cylindrical tin/ can and inside this a very chic looking gold container is placed which contains the cream and a transparent spatula.

Quantity: 80ml

As you can see how fancy the packaging is
I don't like fish, I just cant stand the smell of it so I was kind of afraid when I received this cream . I was sceptic if I would be able to stand the smell of fish on my face but to my utter surprise this smells so fresh and nice nothing close to a fish . Hehe
 the texture is very light in weight and easily absorbs into the skin without leaving sticky residue behind. I think this is suitable for all skin types as I applied this to my oily skin and my skin didn't break out.

I cant comment much on wrinkle reducing properties as one has to use this consistently for longer duration to see the effect but this cream definitely brightens the skin makes it plump and hydrated plus the scent is so soothing. I think I am going to swap my tea tree cream with the cre8skin salmon oil cream for now as I quite like the performance of this cream
I personally would recommend wearing this at night time so that one can get the maximum benefits over night and wake up with healthy glowy and plump looking skin in the morning