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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Essence The False Lashes Mascara Dramatic volume unlimited

May 02, 2017 0

I have been longing to try the innisfree microcara mascara for a very long time  but its not easy to find original Korean makeup products in Pakistan so while I am still searching around for a suitable online store which ships Korean makeup and skincare products to Pakistan with a pocket friendly shipping I bought this essence mascara on a whim and luckily it has a very slim long brush

The mascara tube is very colorful and long and has a secure black cap. The mascara wand has a slim conical brush which is tapered at one end

The mascara has dry dry formula so it makes the lashes thick on one swipe. The tapered conical shape helps to reach the lashes on the inner corner of the eye with ease. Also the brush reduces smudging.

I also noticed how incredibly easy it was to apply mascara to my bottom lashes with this mascara. This mascara is not waterproof which is what I like because waterproof  formulas can be such a pain to remove.

 this  mascara flaked slightly after 3hrs but it was not so noticeable or messy. I didnt experience any lash hair fall or irritation after using this. The formula is very gentle on the eyes and removes easily with soap and water.
It held the curl on my eyelashes well. This mascara is definitely buildable . I applied 3-4 coats on my eyelashes and they didn't clump or look spidery at all.

You can easily  have the false lash effect with this mascara as it gives tons of volume and length to the eye lashes

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Maybelline White Super Fresh in shade Natural

April 13, 2017 2

If my memory does not fails me I remember that the first post it posted on this blog was on a pressed powder by Maybelline. I was so excited to share my thoughts on a newly released powder back then. That's when I first plunged my feet into the world of cosmetics.

Funnily the post I am sharing today is on another Maybelline pressed powder in same packaging and price range, but with a different name. It is the Maybelline super white fresh powder. Why do most of Maybelline products have frightfully long names?

Price:550 pkr
Quantity: 9 gms

The powder is cased in the same sturdy rectangular slim compact with a small square sponge.the only change to the design I that the mirror in the compact I a lot bigger than the clear all in one powder.

The super white fresh range comes in five shades and only two of them are available in pakistan. The sale girl accidentally gave me the 2nd shade I.e natural which I was afraid would be dark for my complexion but luckily when I applied it to my face. It matched my skin color quite well

This powder has spf 34+ which is good.and also one of reasons I believe it gives brightening effect to the skin. Its not chalky nor does it oxidize to an unhealthy orange color
It has smooth texture. The powder is finely milled and provides light to medium coverage(depends on how much you apply it to your face) . This can be worn on its own or dusted over a foundation for a matte finish

One of the best thing about this compact is that it comes with an option of refills. I spotted refills at Daraz for400 pkr

I decided to post a picture of all the three Maybelline powders I own.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Jordana Matte Lipstick in shade Natural

April 05, 2017 2

I am always on a hunt for a nude/neutral everyday mlbb lipstick. Even though i do have a holy grail shade in my collection by makeup revolution called treat i am a bit disappointed by its staying power so my current goal is to find a lip product which matches my lip color and stays for 8+ hours

Matte formula tend to stay on the lips more than satin/hydrating lipsticks that's why I purchase this lipstick by Jordana in the shade natural

Price 1.5$ (in Pakistan from 250-400 Pkr)


 This is the most disappointing part because the packaging is absolutely fragile and cheap( my 1£ makeup revolution lipsticks have way more sturdier packaging). The plastic casing looks like its going to break easily. moreover some part  of the lipstick remains out of the tube so one has to be extra careful not to smash or injure the bullet when taking off the transparent cap

About the lipstick:

Onto the best part. Though the Casing was a bummer the product inside is amazing. The lipsticks is nude brown with a. Slight Peach/orange tinge. The texture is smooth and semi matte. I glides on the lips easily without accentuating dry spots or lines. As its not completely matte the formula does not dry out the lips. Lasting power is 5 hrs without eating anything.

I am comparing this lipstick with my favourite nude lipstick by makeup revolution

Jordana is an American drugstore cosmetics brand which has been making very  good quality affordable makeup, it was officially launched in Pakistan two years ago but for some unknown reasons they are priced exorbitantly so my advice is to either order them from a Facebook page or buy them for beautyjoint directly I will be purchasing a couple nor lipsticks from the same brand soon

Thursday, 16 March 2017


March 16, 2017 0

This concealer without any doubt ruled every makeup video posted on Instagram. The MUAs used this to highlight, color correct, contour, conceal dark circles and for spot treatment. The beauty /makeup bloggers around just sung praises on how amazing this product was. A lot of them featured this concealer in the monthly favorites post. For some it was a Holy Grail product. Being the over skeptic person that I am I watched all the reviews on the YouTube and read many blog posts with doubt as most of the raved products turn out to be trash at times. (a lot of popular you-tubers are paid to give a good review)

My dark circles got bad at the start of this year and my trusted makeup revolution concealer was not doing the job anymore (read review here) so I decided to purchase something new, after reading a lot of review I decided to try the la girl pro hd  concealer . I wanted to try the new concealer by essence and the Nars radiant creamy concealer dupe by Maybelline but then add this to my cart because it was on sale hehe.

Price: 450- 550 Pkr


 just a regular squeeze tube which has a brush for a applicator and a secure black cap on top. the packaging is travel friendly. I strongly suggest to close the cap immediately after to prevent the concealer from drying up

About the product:

This concealer comes in a vast variety of shades. They have concealer for the palest skin color to the tan color. They even have a pure white shade for highlighting and four shades for color correcting. I originally wanted to choose light ivory but it was out of stock so I ended up adding porcelain to my cart which is slightly lighter than my skin color.

This is a very heavy coverage concealer. It dries to an absolute matte finish so need to use powder over it to lock it in place. This didn’t crease or crumble at all. The beast part is the lasting power. Which is so good? It didn’t budge or fade away even after 8hrs , this also has my mother stamp of approval as it performed well on her mature skin.
I used this to cover up a few acne scar on my face and it just made my skin look flawless. The tube hold 8 ml of product which I think will last me for a long time because I use concealer sparingly only on areas of my face which require a bit more coverage.

The brush applicator is a little tricky to use. See sometimes a lot of product gets squeezed out of the tube which can be waste. And sometimes no product comes out when I squeeze the since its winter I can’t comment much on the consistency other than the fact that it can be a little drying , so hydrate your skin well before application, the formula is not to thick it has a water like texture which spreads easily so you have to act fast before it sets.  this concealer really lives up to all the hype.

 I Highly recommend this product

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Haul post: 1st haul of year 2017

January 25, 2017 3

despite the fact that i made a resolution to spend less money on cosmetics and other stuff i caved in to temptation and ended up buying a lot of stuff this month ,

so here it is the the very first haul of year 2017

i purchased  this amazing mascara by essence for 450 Pkr and the very hyped up la girl hd pro concealer in porcelain  for Pkr 550 so far so good i will be testing these products out for  a week to write down a final verdict on their performance

i bought another clazona matte lipgloss this time in the shade 514, its  a beautiful cool red looks absolutely gorgeous, i know i don't wear red lipstik but i intend to create a gradient lipcolor with this matte lipgloss. the shopkeeper charged me 250 Pkr for this matte lipgloss this time

the highlight of this post is definitely this beautiful choker i purchased from a stall. i really like the contrast of red and green beads paired with the sparkling rhinestone and gold details, now i have to wait for a event to wear it to , lol
despite the fact that i made a resolution to spend less money on cosmetics and other stuff i caved in to temptation and ended up buying a lot of stuff this month ,

so here it is the the very first haul of year 2017

i purchased  this amazing mascara by essence the very hyped up la girl hd pro conceale rin porcelain so far so good i will be testing these products out for  a week to write down a final verdict on their performance

i bought another clazona matte lipgloss this time in the shade 514, its  a beautiful cool red looks absolutely gorgeous, i know i don't wear red lipstick but i intend to create a gradient lipcolor with this matte lipgloss

the highlight of this post is definitely this beautiful choker i purchased from a stall. i really like the contrast of red and green beads paired with the sparkling rhinestone and gold details, now i have to wait for a event to wear it to , lol i paid Pkr 900 for this beauty

i bought this wispies type eyelashes from artimatic for Pkr 80 and they do look fluttery and feminine

also i purchased this garnier eye makeup remover and  round cotton makeup removing pads. i actually sent my brother to buy me the clear big bottle of garnier mi-cellar water but he accidentally bought this one for Pkr 300 and the makeup removing cotton pads for Pkr 100

did you guys bought any makeup/ beauty or fashion item so far ? let me know in the comment section below

virtual hugs


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Mua Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette

November 26, 2016 0

It's been so long since I last reviewed an eye shadow palette today I will be reviewing the third eye shadow palette I have in my collection its by mua and it's called heaven and earth.

This is my absolute favourite palette it has all the nude, earthy and taupe shades one can dream off plus the golds in this one are absolutely stunning . This palette is versatile to create looks both for day and night. For work and a night out. Though there aren't any matte shades in this palette but the shimmer is so finely milled so its very beautiful

The packaging of this palette is nothing fancy to write about. Plain rectangular shaped palette with a transparent see through lid and a sponge tip applicator ofcourse. The eye shadows are housed in circular pans just like a water paint box I used to have when I was a kid

The eye shadows are very pigmented,soft and buttery . They are easy to blend too .
For a drugstore this is a gem of a product


Saturday, 10 September 2016

MUA pro base eye primer

September 10, 2016 3

you just cant imagine the frustration i feel when my eye shadow just creases and vanishes off my eyelids after a hour or two , hello i just spend an our creating all that art work and now its gone leaving behind a undifferentiated mess of colors and oil

most of the times the elaborate art work which we have done on our eyes is lost due to reason that we dont use primer underneath our eyeshadows

i have been aware about the presences of primers for a long  time but didnt had enough money to purchase the ever popular urban decay primer potion but then Mua came to pakistan and all the wallet related issues were solved

Price: 490m pkr

Quantity : 7.5 ml

Packaging: classy silver tube have a doe foot applicator pretty much similar to a lipgloss

About the product: its a silicon based primer which has a creamy texture and a foundation like tint to it.  easy to apply and spread on the lids , dries within a few seconds

makes the eye shadows look more vibrant, helps them to adhere better to the lids, prevents creasing and smudging through out the day , didnt affect the blending process at all

i dont have any other primer to compare it with but i do own a jumbo pencil by jordana which i have been using as a base so i decided to compare it with that

i used an eye shadow from the makeup revolution palette for the swatch purpose

the first swatch shows the eye shadow applied o nits own the second swatch shows when eyeshadow is applied on the mua pro base primer and the tird swatch shows the eyesdow applied on the jordane pencil

as you can see the eye shadow looks quite vibrant on the second and third swatch as compared to the first one

in my opinion this eye shadow is steal for the price

which eye shadow primer do you use?

Monday, 6 June 2016

MUA Undress Me Too Palette

June 06, 2016 6

after purchasing the makeup revolution i heart palette in pure cult i was quite curious to try out more dupes of the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes

MUA is a very popular drugstore brand and they have a lot of great palettes to choose from so this particular palette the undress me to palette looked a dupe for  UD Naked 2 palette so i ordered this

Price : 750 PKR

Quanity: 9.5 grams


palette is made up of sturdy white plastic quite like water colors box i owned when when i was a kid
it has a double ended sponge tip applicator and a clear lid so you can see the eye shadows inside easily


this a cool toned eyeshadow palette which contains fair amount of neutral and basic eye shadows which you can use to create looks suitable for both day time and night time

there are a couple of shimmery eye shadows in the palette that you can use to create a foiled eye shadow look,

pigmentation is pretty good . just two shades a bit chalky, i usually use my MUA eyeshadow primer underneath or the Jordana jumbo eyeliner pencil a base as i have oily eyelids

all the eye shadows have their own individual names which are written at the back, sorry i forgot to take a picture of back of the palette

there are about 3 matte shades , two glittery shades and 7 shimmery shades

for maximum pigmentation i suggest suing the eye shadow brush wet

have you tried any eyeshadow palette by mua??

Monday, 28 March 2016

mua blush Bon Bon

March 28, 2016 15

this is going to be the shortest blog post i have ever written, the reason being that i am out of city for a while and i wrote and scheduled my posts in advance, so i wrote what i could in the little time i had and let the pictures do the talking 

i already own a few MUA blushes, Marshmallow being the most favorite out of them all(you can read the review here)

Bon Bon is another matte blush in my makeup collection 

Quantity: 2.4gm

Price: 210 pkr

available at website in pakistan and MUA store online 


rectangular pan with a very flimsy outer lid 

About the product:

matte in texture, very pigmented and a  beautiful orange-y pink color, for some odd reason it looks apricot in the picture

have you tried any blush by MUA??

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mua Intenses Kisses Lipgloss in lips are sealed

March 15, 2016 14

i previously owned one of Mua lipgloss from the intense kisses range in the shade pucker up (read review here) but it became all gross and smelled awful so i chucked it out ,

recently when looking up at swatches online i realized how beautiful this color looked so i ordered it immediately

Quantity: 5.1ml

Price 360 pkr




transparent square plastic tube with a doe foot applicator and a glitter kiss on the lid 

about the product:


it has good pigmentation for a lipgloss, the color is a very pretty pink perfect for spring or summer. feels very  hydrating on the lips. it has a faint sweet scent to it but no taste  

i am going to buy a couple of more shades from the range since they the pigmentation is so good for the price 

available at 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

MUA mascara shade 6

January 21, 2016 6

hello again,

today i will reviewing a very colorful mascara that is something i would rarely use since i wear more  of a neutral makeup but then it looked so vibrant that i just couldn't resist 

Quantity: 5ml

price:210 pkr


its a simple electric blue tube same as the  shade of mascara has a very long wand and an average brush 

this mascara has the most weirdest texture i have ever used. it has  cotton fibers like fibers in it for giving volume and length i suppose. the color of the mascara is a vibrant electric blue

i have found another way to use this mascara that is by applying a coat of black mascara on top of this mascara gives thick false eyelashes like effect which is so pretty

for the price i think this mascara is  a bargain 

available at and mua store online 


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